Lacson also has list of mayors linked to drugs


SENATOR Panfilo Lacson on Wednesday disclosed that he knows the names of some local government officials involved in illegal drug operations and that he is willing to provide the information to President Rodrigo Duterte.

“I will submit it to the President if the names I have are not included on his list,” Lacson said. He added that included in his list are five mayors who are suspected as drug lords or protectors.

The senator however refused to identify the mayors but he hinted that all of them are outside Metro Manila and some are incumbents.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) earlier said that at least 23 local chief executives are involved in illegal drugs.

The President had said he will identify these officials after naming five police generals suspected to be involved in the illegal drug trade — Marcelo Garbo Jr., Bernardo Diaz and Vicente Loot, who is now the Mayor of Daanbantayan; Joel Pagdilao and Edgardo Tinio.

Lacson said Tinio visited him early this week to explain his side.

“He told me a lot of stories that I find believable,” he said without elaborating.

Lacson said Tinio cited one incident where he arrested a big time drug lord and the judge who handled the case offered him P5 million for him to cooperate so that the case can be dismissed.

Tinio, Lacson said, rejected the offer and planned an entrapment operation against the judge but it did not materialize. The judge was later dismissed.


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  1. Matino na Pinoy on

    Those 5 PNP Generals that DU30 named publicly denied the allegations, but the public must understand about our uniqueness, as Filipinos, that we can tell lies and still maintain straight faces. We can tell all the lies until we are proven to be telling lies. This is the mentality of the people suspected to be involved in drug trade, suspect until proven guilty in the court of law. It is getting more difficult for DU30 as he goes up the ladder, because the higher the person’s position, more difficult to get adjudication or conviction. The lists of DU30 and Sen. Lacson are 101% accurate. The methods and equipment used in gathering intelligence / evidence are very accurate because of the technology. Trust me, I know … never mind.

    Kahit maliwanag na guilty ang sinabi ni Judge, humingi pa sila ng motion for reconsideration or appeal, at kung guilty pa rin ang sabi ng judge, takbo naman sila sa SC at magsumbong doon na si Judge abused his/her power. This will prolong the process and there is always possibilities that the government will never get any convictions at all, because of so many reasons, and money is one of them.

  2. Senator Lacson should named this judge that he said tried to bribe Gen Tinio. On the other hand, Gen Tinio should also divulge to the public what happened to all the illegal drugs that were confiscated during his tenure as QCPD Director.