• Lacson calls for support to elderly parents


    LOOKING after the elderly is one of the traits Filipinos are best known for, and Sen. Panfilo Lacson wants to make sure that such practice is not forgotten by making abandonment of parents a criminal act.

    Lacson, in filing Senate Bill (SB) 257 or the “Parents Welfare Act of 2016,” said while Filipinos are known to have a moral and natural obligation to care for their parents, cases of elderly, sick and incapacitated parents being abandoned by their own children have been increasing.

    In his measure, Lacson wants to penalize those who abandon or fail to support their elderly parents, especially those who can no longer fend for themselves.

    Under his bill, elderly parents may file a petition for support before a court.

    The court may order the payment of a lump sum, a monthly allowance or periodical payment.

    If approved, children who fail to give support for three consecutive months without justifiable cause could face imprisonment of one to six months, or a fine of P100,000.

    Those who leave parents with the intention of wholly abandoning them face imprisonment of six to 10 years and a fine of at least P300,000.

    Lacson also wants to establish homes for the elderly, sick or otherwise incapacitated parents in every province and highly urbanized city.



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    1. My father left us and our sick mother for another woman whom he recently had a child with during that time (1997). Two years later our mother died and he did not even bothered to visit the wake. Even his family. A few years later he and my siblings sold our property. He took half of it for his new family and left my mother’s share to be divided among me and my 2 brothers. What Im trying to say here is that we did not get anything from his share. A few years later his mistress left him with their first born and took with her their second child because he has been sick and without money. That was the time he started reminding us of our responsibilities to him. Nanunumbat pa sya. How would this bill deal with this kind of situation?

    2. My father left us and our sick mother for another woman and their child. two years later my mother died and he did not even bother to come to the wake. The same with his family. When we sold our property after our mother died, he took half of it for his new family. Now his mistress left him with their first born without any support. Now he remembers us and has repeatedly reminded us of our responsibility to him when he himself abandoned his responsibilities to us and our sick mother. How is this bill going to address that? I have heard of this a few years back and there was mention of “the parent who abandons his/her children will have no claim via this bill”. Where is it now?

    3. This is an extremely BAD BAD idea! children have absolutely no say in how their parents spend their money… My neighbor is a mean violent drunkard who drinks up his paycheck and leaves no money for the support of his family. One by one when his children reached the age where they could escape this horrible person, they made a run for it. After they established themselves they took in their long suffering mother and left the evil abusive drunkard on his own. Now why on earth would Senator Ping want to force those people to pay a single centavo to that monster??
      Or what of the people who give all their money to their so-called religious leaders..Why should their children be made to pay when they had no say in how their parents squandered their money??

      • Jose Samilin on

        Get lost Jose Pidal!! The proposed law does not include those type of parents.