Lacson considering resigning as rehab czar


Former senator Panfilo Lacson and now Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery (PARR) has admitted that he is thinking of resigning because of his frustrations with the limited power granted him as rehab czar.

He described himself as “a superman without power” in his role as post-Yolanda rehabilitation czar.

“I don’t have implementation authority. I don’t have a budget, three consultants under government payroll, no capital outlay, no MOOE (maintenance and other operating expenses), and probably the only czar of its kind. A superman, if you will, without power,” the former senator said.

Lacson, who attended the turnover on Tuesday of 229 classrooms and day-care centers to four Yolanda-hit towns in northern Cebu, said his “frustrations” keep on building up while handling the role as rehabilitation czar.

He added that his limited mandate hinders him from performing better.

“I must now confess. This is the only job I ever had that every single day of my life, I am thinking of resigning,” Lacson said.

He is the overall manager and coordinator of rehabilitation, recovery and reconstruction efforts of government departments, agencies, and instrumentalities in the areas affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda on November 8 last year.

“God knows I want to do better and accomplish more and I am certain that I could have done better and accomplished more,” Lacson said.

“We still do with whatever limitations and restrictions. My main existence is just on coordinating with the national government agencies but you know we must learn how to improvise.”

The Department of Budget has released P50 billion for the rehabilitation efforts for the affected areas.

Lacson said P39 billion has been front-loaded to different national agencies while another P11 billion was released just last Monday to the National Housing Authority for its housing project.

But according to him, full rehabilitation could not yet be achieved due to lack of funds considering that it would still need around P120 billion.

Cebu province still needs around P7 billion for its P12.6-billion rehabilitation and recovery plan.


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  1. Mr. Lacson aKKKino made you czarrot and not a czar. Just to keep your mouth shut. tsk tsk tsk such stupidity on your part for not being able to read the outcome of being a czarrot like your president.

  2. Layuan mo na yang mga Pesteng yan hanggat maaga. Wala kang mapala sa mga taong yan. Manggagamit lang yang tropa ni aquino. O baka naman napangakuan kang gagawin ka nilang kandidato bilang senador?

  3. aquino and company make you as rehap czar so that they can have a scapegoat to be blame later when everything fail. get out in the kitchen if you can’t bear the heat.

  4. if ever yuo want to fulfill your dream and plan to be someday to totally serve the our loving PH i will support you sir. our loving PH na at present ay kasalukuyang niyuyurakan ng pinoy admin sana pagdating ng araw na kau nang nandyan magbago po sana ang pagtingin sa ating bansang PH. go ahead sir continue youve seen the motive in the first hand maybe in your analysis hes good but paano po ung mga nakapaligid sa kanya na kaliwat kanan kurakutan, na mas mahalaga sa kanya. Ngayon at itong Pinoy admin din lang po na ang desisyon ng Korte Suprema ay winawalang halaga i mean ayaw sundin. If ever Sir Gud luck

  5. You have already done your part Mr. Lacson. You have known beforehand your role being the formulation of the rehabilitation plan and not as implementor. Being ex police officer, you could have read the minds and motives of Roxas, Aquino, Soliman and Abad. They, especially Roxas and Abad, have their own political agenda come 2016 and they relish and thirst for all the credit your plan may get. There might be special reasons your plan is still hanging. One is that they themselves, being implementors, will make substantial revisions whether you resign in frustration or continue your service. For this, they will claim all the credit. Another reason might be that the right time for full scale implementation is the second half of 2015, which is coming into the election year and the height of election fever. I’m sure, the puppet congress will make a resolution for their rehab projects’ exemption from Comelec’s election ban. With your resignation, your name will only be a faint memory to the voters and again, they, and the LP, will claim all the credit. You have therefore no choice, whether you resign or not. Though clever you are, you have been outfoxed.

  6. Oh my God Mr, Lacson alam ko matalino ka wag kang pagamit, ninanakaw nila ang pera para sa darating na election. No power No Money what you can do…help us to monitor what our government is doing and we will salute you for the rest of our life:
    A) E-Power – Gusto ng ating presidente to have this power why because of the Billion Malampaya Funds. He will have the to authority to Have another “DAP” Scheme. A-BAD money na naman.
    B) Maguindanao Patayan – Justice
    C) Tourism – Airport ang Init buti pa noong panahon ni Marcos Maganda, malinis, walang traffic – Palawan is voted the beautiful place in the world pero ano ang first impression pag bumaba ka ng airport,
    D) Safety
    E) Senador – Talak ng talak hindi magtrabaho
    F) DAF – Unconstitutional walang action
    G) Pork Barrel – Walang Action
    H) Transportation – Puro pangungutong kaya bagsak – Buti na lang nandyan si Mr. Tolentino kahit hirap na hirap na tuloy pa rin ang pagtulong nya,
    I) Custom – Corrupt
    J) Comelec,Ombudsman, ay naku pare pareho walang results
    K) Binay accusation – Just look Makati today and the benefits of the residence kung may percentage siya okey lang basta may results parang commission lang sa development and improvement of makati.
    L) Philippines is beautiful nakakapagod na ang mga pagnanakaw ng DAP and Pork Barrel
    M) Sana matulungan ang Yolanda Victim – nasaan ang mga donation, DAP, PDAP or
    Unpaid Custom Goods donate to Typhoon victims.

    Salamat po sana paguwi po namin maganda na ang arrival and departure area natin.

  7. For Former Senator P. Lacson

    Some time in the recent past, we we were together at the DILG. You were with the Interior Sector being the Chief PNP. I was with the Local Government Sector.

    I have a feeling that you were assigned to your current post where you are destined to fail. You appear to be out of the loop.

    Just resign and get out of that sinkhole.

  8. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Frustrations! Only now that Mr. Lacson discovered how inept he would be as rehabilitation czar without power. But the fact that he went on without it right from the start would mean that he too had been playing the fools game. God bless the Philippines.

  9. Edgar G. Festin on

    So why is he such a Hamlet about resigning? The fact is that Mr. Panfilo Lacson was never qualified to be the Post-Haiyan/Yolanda Rehabilitation Czar. Another fact is that he has defective judgment — as shown by his decision to lend his prestige as a nonPorkBarrel senator to our country’s most corrupt users of the Pork Barrel, President Aquino and Sec. Florencio Abad.

  10. Eh ano pang hinihintay mo ping hwag ka ng mag patumpik tumpik pa..sinasabi mo na nga na superman without power..hindi na pinag iisipan ang mag it don’t just say it…para ka tuloy hindi naging cheap PNP!

  11. iwas pusoy na si Lacson kasi parating na si Pope at makikita nya na hanggang ngayon WALA pa rin ginagawa ang gobyerno para matulungan ang Yolanda victims!

  12. Lacson must resign. His resignation will cause a “domino effect” on the rest of PNoy’s cabinet.

  13. Juan de la cruz on

    Buti pa nga magbitiw ka na sa trabaho mo mr. Lacson pabayaan mo na lang sila. Huwag kang mag paka hero sa bansa na puro mandurugas. Masyadong polluted na ang utak ng politicians sa ating bansa. Pabayaan mo na lang sila na magkagulo dyan ginawa mo na lahat ang dapat mong gawin. Mag relax ka na lang at panoorin mo na lang sila tv patrol. Lesson na ito sa iyo huwag ka nang magpagamit sa kanila sapagkat credit ay kanila at hindi sa iyo. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Lacson and god bless.