Lacson eager to entrap corrupt govt officials


I totally agree with senator lacson. An independent department from the executive branch is a good idea. It has to be free from political influences and operates independently from the the police force. I would like to see this department starts with politicians that are very corrupt and everything will fall into place. I will even donate funding if this plan will go thru.
Lendry Obana

Ping Lacson’s draft Executive Order is a test for the Aquino Regime. We will know from PNOY if, indeed, he is serious in his “matuwid na daan” by pushing the greenlight of Lacson’s proposal.
Manny Lumanao

I agree with Ping Lacson. That is a very good idea. The the government should also start building prisons for white collar crimes or non violent crimes so they will not be mixed with violent criminal prisoners. and these non violent criminals maybe asked to work for free in a factory or farms run by the government. This will be additional revenues for the government. The food farms can also be used to feed them prisoners and excess will be sold to public. In many countries they already are doing this like in US, Italy, China just to name a few.
Tom De Leon

this is a welcome and very important task ahead of you sir! if given that chance do you have some names in your line up which you feel would be your priority. for sure ‘vindictiveness” is completely out of your agenda. but just a theoretical question would you care to dip your finger and test the water to try your nemesis the formidable lady senator from iloilo merriam santiago? i think that would help in boosting your good reputation as the “iron man” in head to head confrontation be in wits and action with anybody who is seemingly formidable.
Wedin Apemsten

I am impressed by Lacson‘s urgency to expose, gather evidence for corrupt politicians, leaders, govt officials and private citizens…But, I wonder if he can/shall do it to his former friends at the Senate…Enrile, Estrada and Revilla…He was always ready to defend Enrile while they were at the Senate….Hope, Lacson can probe..he meant business..trully and sincerely doing his job! Let us see and wait….
Emily Moller


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