Lacson links Lascañas handlers to destab plot


SENATOR Panfilo Lacson believes that people handling former police officer Arturo Lascañas, including Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, are trying to destabilize the Duterte administration.

Lacson, who chairs the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drug, on Sunday said that he sees no other reason why handlers of Lascañas, a self-confessed member of the so-called Davao death squad (DDS), have to go around to have the latter interviewed by different media outfits.

“I wasn’t born yesterday for me not to be able to read their moves. Obviously there is an effort to destabilize the government using Lascañas,” Lacson said in a radio interview.

The senator noted that Trillanes admitted last week that the hearing is for the benefit not only of the Senate but also of the people outside the chamber.

While Trillanes did not mention the particular audience they are targetting, Lacson said it is obvious that the former was referring not only to Filipinos but also to the international bodies like the Human Rights Watch, a group that is critical of the Duterte administration.

Lacson also took notice of the unusual presence of foreign media every time the Senate conducts inquiry into issues concerning extra-judicial killing (EJKs), DDS, and the anti-illegal drug operation of the government.

He added that there is really an effort to have these issues covered by foreign media because those who want to destabilize the administration want to have a bigger audience.

“Obviously there’s an effort to bring these issues out to the international community through the foreign media,” Lacson added.

The senator pointed out that there are other venues where Lascañas can take his case such as the Commission on Human Rights and International Criminal Court, although there is no assurance that the latter will listen to the former police officer’s allegations.

Lascañas had claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the killing of criminals and other people when he was the mayor of Davao City. He said that he and members of the DDS were paid by Duterte every time they completed their mission.

During a Senate public order committee hearing last week, Lascañas said confessed assassin Edgar Matobato was telling the truth about the existence of the DDS.

Lascañas also admitted that he lied under oath last year when he denied the existence of the DDS as well as Duterte’s involvement in the killing of suspected criminals.

Lacson has terminated the hearing on Lascañas’ allegations about the existence of DDS but Trillanes had asked the committee to consider reopening the inquiry because he has other witnesses to present.

Lascañas had claimed that four of his former colleagues in the DDS have signified their intention to come out and testify.

But Lacson said he has no intention to reopen the inquiry unless it is approved by the majority.

“But if the decision of the plenary is not to open the inquiry I will not open it even if they have more than 100 more witnesses,” the senator said.


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  1. Jose Mobo R. on

    What is happening in the Philippines is a proxy war between the Soros-led globalists against DU30( Putin with Trump taking fence sitter stance) who is trying to strenthen the State after being raped and looted by private business interests.

  2. I said it before and I will say it again – TRILLANES IS A CERTIFIED TRAITOR TO THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES! Don’t understand how PMA grads fail to see this and do something to neutralize one of their own.

  3. This administration has barely warmed its seat. Why not give it a chance to prove itself?. People have spoken. Do not rue too much about the power you have lost and be so eager to claim it back. Your recklessness may betray you and you may end up losing everything compketely.

  4. Trillanes is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His only goal in life is to bring down DU30 so that the yellows will reign once again and abuse the Filipino people. But he cannot fool us. We know his true color and those of his ilks in the senate. If I become a senator someday, I will introduce a law that will prohibit the use of the word “Honorable” before the name of a congressman or a senator.

  5. US government must not plot to oust Duterte, or else there might be a civil war this time. Don’t destroy the Philippines by meddling, or it will become another Syria.

    • Why blame the US again? This is between a senator creating chaos “Trillanes” against Duterte

  6. Everybody has the right to hear what the other DDS members aside from Lascanas and Matobato will reveal..we can’t just ignore the facts that there is some truth on what these DDS members are saying but Lacson and Gordon and the rest of Duterte lapdogs are so busy keeping their lofty and beneficial positions that they forgot they are supposed to serve the Filipino people instead of their selfish selves..

    • yes maam you are right….but haven’t you noticed how many times did lascanas mentioned these words…”kung hindi ako nagkamali” & sometimes “if i’m not mistaken” in his replies?…i lost count but i can assume there are plenty, so i could say that he is not only a “NOT A CREDIBLE WITNESS BUT ALSO AN INCREDIBLE ONE”…..

  7. Is it true that Trillaness went to DUTERTE to be his running mate as vice president and was rejected by him?

    • Yes, that’s true, they had a photo op too, it seems that Trillanes wanted Duterte to be his President, and he will run as VP.

      He was turned down by Duterte because Duterte Frankly said to him that he’s not “clean”.

      You can watch an interview of Trillanes about his “Positive” thoughts on Duterte before election on YouTube.

      As far as I can tell, Trillanes acts like he’s suffering from a damaged ego and willing to do anything else to get even with Duterte. He’s a charlatan that convinces us that he’s fighting for what is right but, he’s just fighting for his own gain.

    • Yes. Check it out on Google using those keywords and you’ll see. This Trillanes is a depressed senator who once staged a coup but failed. He’s a traitor and soon to be punished for treason.

    • YES MS.

      But DU30 rejected him for his selfish ambitions. And now, he willingly sacrificed himself to be the attack dog of those who wants to destabilize the DU30 administration.

    It has become the country’s entertainment unlike Reality TV. The PROTAGONISTS are GORDON, LACSON and ZUBIRI. ANTAGONISTS ARE LED BY TRILLANES, DE LIMA, PANGILINAN and DRILON. The rest of the Senators are mere Costars.

    In vain attempts to justify their actions as “IN AID OF LEGISLATION”, the people still has to see the Laws they have created or modified after such lengthy deliberations on camera.

    • Dont forget the Joker in Manny Pacquiao. What will the senate be without him.Porbida uy.