• Lacson: No proof of ‘state-sponsored’ drug killings


    SENATOR Panfilo Lacson on Friday said he saw no reason to conclude or even suspect that extrajudicial “killings happening in the country were state-sponsored,” but maintained that investigations must continue.

    Lacson said the Senate inquiry into the spate of extrajudicial killings of drug suspects, or what the police call “deaths under investigation,” must continue because of the clamor for it in the country and abroad.

    “Killings are really happening and we really have to find out if these were extrajudicial or not,” Lacson said in a radio interview.

    There is also a need to find out if the killings were state-sponsored, although Lacson said there was no reason to conclude that such was the case.

    In fact, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is investigating vigilante killings and has so far solved 197 cases out of the 1,971 deaths.

    Lacson, citing PNP records, said a total of 311 cases of killings by unknown assailants have been filed and 197 of these cases have been solved, meaning suspects were arrested.

    Police have cleared 114 cases, in which the PNP had filed the complaint but the suspects were at large.

    “This would translate to about 15.8-percent solution efficiency,” said Lacson who was PNP chief during the term of President Joseph Estrada.

    Lacson said the solution efficiency numbers were good because it showed that the PNP was doing something about vigilante killings despite its all-out war against illegal drugs.

    “So for me at this point I’m not convinced that the state is allowing these killings perpetuated by [motorcycle-riding men] or vigilantes,” he added.

    The senator also noted that while there was a 12-percent spike in murder and homicide incidents nationwide, there was also a 45-percent drop in the number of index crimes like robbery, theft, physical injury and crimes against persons and property.

    Next probe

    The Senate justice committee will resume its probe into alleged summary killings in the government’s anti-drug war on September 28.

    It has invited alleged members of the “Davao Death Squad” named by confessed hit man Edgar Matobato during the previous hearing on Thursday.

    Senator Leila de Lima, who was stripped of the justice committee chairmanship for bringing out Matobato to testify that President Rodrigo Duterte was behind summary executions in Davao City, argues that the pattern of the Davao Death Squad killings from 1988 to 2013 is being repeated on a national scale.

    Lacson on Friday also maintained that he found the testimony of Matobato to be inconsistent, and lauded Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao for grilling the witness.

    “He exposed a lying witness — one who can’t remember the details of his previous testimony,” Lacson said.
    He noted how Matobato would noticeably look toward the direction of Senators de Lima and Antonio Trillanes 4th when cross-examined.


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    1. EJK is the most over used phrase in the Philippines. I bet every adult Filipino is getting sick of hearing these words over and over again. So really these EJK should just be dropped now from all news articles. Better do a survey to find out whether Duterte and his actions are still supported by majority of Filipinos. And I can assure you that over 90% of Filipinos still support and has confidence in Duterte’s governance.

      • You’re saying over 90% of Filipinos support killing innocent people.

        You’re saying over 90% of Filipinos don’t support the laws of the country or the constitution.

        If you have ignorant citizens, You’re going to get ignorant leaders.

        You can’t keep dancing with the devil and wondering why you’re still living in hell.

        The people get the government they deserve


    2. False in one is false in all. that is the alleged testimony of Matobato, a grade one who comes to the Senate with a prepared English document typed by someone;no read no write grade one witness of Senator De Lima.

    3. Lets make this simple so even the member of Congress can understand.

      Suspects are presumed and declared innocent according to Philippines Constitution

      You are not a criminal until you have been convicted as such by trial in a court of law.

      How then are unarmed people being shot to death in the street who’s only crime is being a suspect.

      Why is the President of the Philippines asking citizens to kill suspected drug users since that is a violation of the constitution of the Philippines.

      Why is the Chief of Police asking drug users to kill suspected drug dealers and burn down their houses.

      Asking citizens to kill innocent people is insane.

      is it possible for an entire nation to be insane ?

    4. Wag masyado magpapaniwala dyan kay matobato baka trojan horse rin yan. after this, sasabihin na ilang beses na yang dds na yan inimbestigahan. ano magagawa nyo gusto ng mga tao dun na sa kanila na bumulagta mga walang kwentang tao, mahirap na nga karamihan involve pa sa droga. dapat pag dukha, magsumikap, magdasal ng madalas, magsipag, umasa, makinig sa sermon ni pader. imbis ipambili ng shabu, ibili ng bigas at ulam, yong tirang pera itaya sa last 2 o kaya sa lotto hahahaha. tang na men tinutupad lang ni digong election promise nya, 100,000 nga dapat yang lulutang sa manila bay. ilan pa lang patay? 2% less pa sa target.