• Lacson ‘smells’ EJK; VACC seeks probe


    SENATOR Panfilo Lacson suspects that Albuera, Leyte mayor Rolando Espinosa may have been summarily executed along with another inmate in their jail cells, and joined various quarters in calling for an investigation into the brazen killing.

    Lacson said it was possible Espinosa, who was suspected of trafficking in illegal drugs with his son Kerwin in Eastern Visayas, was silenced to “cover up for certain personalities,” given that the town mayor’s lawyer was also killed in August.

    “Offhand, I can smell EJK (extra-judicial killing), and I base my conclusion on the circumstances that surround the killing,” said Lacson, a former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief who himself had faced rubout charges.

    “I can’t understand for the life of me: 1) how a prisoner inside a prison cell could even think of fighting back against police officers serving a warrant for his arrest; 2) why the CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) officers and not the court personnel, say, just the sheriff served the warrant, since he (Espinosa) was detained anyway; 3) why there was a need to serve the warrant personally on Mayor Espinosa when they could simply coordinate with the warden; 4) The only other prisoner inside the same cell was also killed, therefore no witness could testify,” Lacson said in a statement.

    Lacson said he would discuss the resumption of a Senate justice committee probe into extrajudicial killings, focusing on the Espinosa killing, with the panel chairman, Sen. Richard Gordon on Monday.

    “I think that incident is the biggest challenge to the credibility of the PNP that could affect even the other operations involving drug suspects killed under similarly suspicious circumstances,” he said.

    Gordon said he was puzzled by the killing of Espinosa inside the Baybay City, Leyte sub-provincial jail, and called on the police to investigate.

    “This is a dagger in the heart of the criminal justice system as it appears that even those who are in the custody of the law are no longer safe,” the senator said in a statement.

    VACC wants probe
    The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) on Saturday condemned Espinosa’s killing and urged President Rodrigo Duterte to “conduct a deeper investigation on how firearms are continuously entering various jails in the country.”

    On Friday, VACC founding chairman Dante Jimenez made an urgent appeal to Duterte to quickly address the rising death toll in the face of the government’s war against illegal drugs.

    House probe shot down
    Ifugao Rep. Teodoro Baguilat, an opposition lawmaker, said he would ask the House of Representatives to conduct an inquiry.

    “PNP says the mayor was killed inside prison while fighting back with a gun as he was about to be served a warrant. Sino niloko n’yo [Who are you trying to fool here]?” he said.

    “Serving a warrant at 4 a.m. to someone in prison already then saying he fought back with a gun and got killed in prison. So many irregularities in that story,” he added.

    Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez of Davao del Norte however quickly shot down Baguilat’s proposal.

    “That is not our job. That is the concern of the DOJ (Department of Justice), NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) or the police,” Alvarez said in a text message.

    The Commission on Human Rights vowed to conduct its own probe into the killing.

    Espinosa’s death “raises serious questions on the responsibility of the State to protect persons deprived of liberty, especially in relation to the primordial right to life of every human being.”


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    1. What are the names of the police who murdered the 2 inmates in the jail ?

      Have they been charged or relieved of their guns yet ?


      A thorough investigation is really in order. In a drug war , anything can happen. Its dog eat dog. Drug lord vs drug pusher/trafficker vs user/pusher vs financier vs drug protector police vs narcopol vs drug lord and cartel vs cartel vice versa. Its a vicious cycle.

    3. Dapat lang na ituloy at imbestigahan about EJK sapagkat nawala na ang bigat ng salaysay na nilagdaan ni Mayor Espinosa laban sa mga High Ranking officials na involve sa Droga particularly si Leila De Lima…

      Mayor Espinosa is a Credible Witnesses ng Duterte administration…

      Si De Lima ay hayup! alam niya na siya ang una sa listahan ni Espinosa kaya gumawa talaga ng paraan ang “Mother of all Drug Lords”

    4. The policemen who served warrant and pull the triggers should be sacked right away for there is very strong prima facie evidence of wrong doing. Full and thorough investigation is necessary to build up the case against them, including forensics. Enough for Congress, they can not even indict these policemen, they were merely limited to the in aid for legislation, we have enough laws, just a waste of taxpayer’s money. Now we want to see how serious and forceful PRRD when he said to authorities that abuse of the law is a hell to pay. Let us all cry out laud if this will not happen here.

    5. Senator Ping Lacson is the best man to lead the investigation of these inside the jailhouse killings, from start to finish. The truth will prevail. Every law abiding Filipino needs the truth to trust the current Philippine administration. If this crime is not clearly solved in a short time frame, no succeeding similar killings will stop. The Filipino people will be he losers. Everyone will be scared to death. How could the foreigners trust the Philippines? Losing American travelers alone to the Philippines means losses for the dollar revenues for the Philippines, and foremost goodwill. How about other peace loving people from other countries? The doubts will be in their minds. For sure, they will make a second thought visiting the Philippines. No Filipino would like to lose the image of the Philippines. Read the world news and you will find how people of the world are looking about the Philippines now.

    6. that trick still works maybe. not so long time ago a very famous guy was killed in broad day light in front of the world to see in the hand of the men in uniform. after that the whole broke loose, and the other famous guy would lost his grip in power…the winners are now telling all tales….rest is history.

      fast forward, different story and different actors, but the tricks still the same. the target, the head on top, maybe….at present the story is still going on and yet to be told and shall remain to be seen….sophisticated trick using crude move is proven to be effective in ph setting…..the loser – juan dela cruz as always!

    7. Serving a warrant of arrest in the early morning is a big joke. Nakakulong na ung tao huhulihin mo pa. And besides why did the warden allowed this kind of action. He has a lot of explaining to do.

    8. Druglord killed who cares…. as PRES. DUTERTE said he will get rid of drugs till his last term, I and million others who vote for Digong supported him and all of us abroad by thousands( professionals, skilled workers, OFW) had supported him.

      When we come home we just want a crime free Phils. , and ordinary folks to work and provide for their families with no hassle from criminals and corrupt govt. workers/officials.

      To those who leave in house of glasses, yellow tards/hypocrits, self righteous , supporters of your stooges losser candiidates buzzed off and political has been go ahead make a scene will remember you…

    9. Mata-talino man (sa akala nila) ang “MGA MATSING” na may kaga-gawaan nito , balang araw mahuhuli rin sila sa akto !!!

      Disperado na talaga ang mga hina-habul ni Presidente Rodrigo R. Duterte, hindi na sila nakaka-isip ng magandang paraan upang iligpit ang testigo laban sa kanila !!!


    10. There is no problem that Congress does not want to get into, right? Right. But is there any problem that it really wants to solve? None. It has been like that ever since Adam and Eve(an exaggeration of course). No surprise there. Because it does not get solved, it only produces publicity and free air time for congress. So for the rest of us, why do we tolerate it, what is it that we expect? Entertainment. That’s it. So then, if the rest of us in the population wants entertainment as well by all means let’s have congress handle a probem like this. But isn’t there a proper govt body to handle probs like thes? Of course there are, so let them do their job and they can’t let’s demand people concerned be replaced or then maybe let congress enter. But then the entertainment and publicity value will have passed away and no one, let alone in congress is interested.

    11. That is the problem, when police were given the power to who is the person lives or who is the person that dies without the rule of law. The law controls these scenarios not the police. The purpose is to eradicate drugs but now the purpose of the police is to kill those persons that will incriminate them to the crime. It got so mixed up that people gets confused what is the purpose. President Duterte has the right purpose to eliminate drugs but this is used by police to commit murder. The moral of the story is one cannot solve a mistake by committing another mistake which is worse than the first mistake. Behold the sanctity of life.

    12. DUTERTE AND BATO …. its plain stupidity…having this incident. Your guys are becoming bolder because they know they are protected and license to kill. Any cops who were investigated and sentenced due to EJK ? NIL.
      LACSON GORDON VACC – all moro moro lang ang gawin niyo…

    13. lacson and VACC ….SHUT UP !@ gusto niyo publicity stint na naman. You are supportive of this admin from the start…

    14. “Serving a warrant at 4 a.m. to someone in prison already then saying he fought back with a gun and got killed in prison.

      Anybody seriously believe that story ?

      Let me guess another senate investigation and no results, Seen this senate clown show before.

    15. While I will not outright agree that this is EJK, I will agree for a need to do an independent probe on the matter. The circumstances surrounding the death of the detained Espinosa leaves a really bad taste. Letting the matter hang will not help in PRRD’s effort in his fight against crime and illegal drugs.