Lacson vs. ‘Yolanda,’ Reformer vs. Smugglers


(By Ricardo Saludo, Opinion, December 6, 2013)

Bakit di si Lacson ang nilagay BOC Chief para magamit nya ang experienced bilang dating MISG, PNP Chief at makagamit sya ng kamay na bakal sa mga smugglers na meron PATUTUNGUHAN ang mga ito, kundi sa KULUNGAN ay sa LIBINGAN O SA ILALIM NG DAGAT. Sayang ginawa sya ni pnoy rehabilitation czar.
Apolonio Reyes,

Yes, yes, yes! Parayno. Make him BOC chief, and Uvero his No. 1 deputy. But also bring back Danilo Lim as deputy for intelligence. What a trio that would make.
Juliet A. H. S. Arciwal,


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  1. I and most Filipinos trust Mr. Ping Lacson without question, yes I also agree that he is one, that is resistant to bribery, untainted with the PDAF corruption, he is tough and a no nonsense guy. He is the kind of person to pursue a criminal without let up until conviction. The country needs a person with Lacson’s caliber and attribute to run after these corrupt people, to recoup most of the stolen money from the country’s coffer and put all these thieves in Prison for years without parole or pardon, in hard labor. Those politicians who are afraid of this man in power will try to smear him and accuse him of any thing that will taint his reputation, but the people knows better. He must be careful as a Rehab. CZAR, because his enemies and other zealous individual in Liberal Party might try to ruin him, to prevent him from accomplishing his work as rehab. CZAR, thus making him the unlikely choice as the Presidential candidate in 2016. He said he is not interested in running for President in 2016, but if he is successful in his job, the people will draft him even perhaps as an independent candidate. I will be watching how he does with his job as a rehab. CZAR. May God have mercy on us all.

  2. Most likely Lacson after the rehab. of Tacloban will end up as BOC chief if the one replacing Mr. Biazon does not work well.