Lacson wants death for habitual plunderers


Senator Panfilo Lacson will push amendments to the country’s anti-plunder law to enable the imposition of the death penalty on public officials found habitually stealing from government coffers.

Lacson, who was recently proclaimed as senator, also wants the prosecution of suspected habitual plunderers even if the amount involved is less than P50 million.

Republic Act (RA) 7080 or the Anti-Plunder Law states that plunder is committed when “a public officer who, by himself or in connivance with members of his family, relatives by affinity or consanguinity, business associates, subordinates or other persons, amasses, accumulates or acquires ill-gotten wealth through a combination or series of overt or criminal acts in the aggregate amount of P50 million.”

Lacson said the law should bear down hard on those who habitually steal public funds.

The amount stolen by a public official, according to him, is no longer important when the government official involved is a recidivist.

He said if the death penalty were to be reimposed in plunder cases, those found guilty of habitually stealing public money should be subject to this penalty.

Lacson noted that the severe punishment he is seeking for habitual plunderers is justified owing to the resulting sorry state of the people deprived of government resources stolen by crooked government officials.

The veteran lawmaker had been pushing for the reimposition of the death penalty during his previous stints as senator, also noting that it would help lessen crime in the country.

But he wants the reimposition of the capital punishment to apply not only to those guilty of committing heinous crimes, but also to big-time drug traffickers and plunderers.


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  1. Only one will be left, Ping Lacson, everybody including the president will be hanged not once, not twice but three times till their heads separates from their body. It is not my words but Dutertes words.

  2. Agree. Check the Actors, Actresses, Public Officials, Chinese businessmen like Kim Wong, Tan, Wang, etc. We need to put in place a system to monitor transactions of these individuals. There are many means to take money out of the country and our AMLC and government should know these by now. We have many airports, sea ports to control. People close to DU30 should not take advantage of his weaknesses but rather support him by being efficient on their jobs or post.
    We can now forget about the past administrations and people should stop making this as an excuse that DU30 has not achieve his goals. Lumang tugtugin na po ito. Blame game. Every individual in government are accountable and there needs to be check and balance. We have to watch carefully the imbalance trade between China and Philippines. I think we need to stop buying items which can be produce in our country. This is my one cent of advise.

  3. Never have I agreed with the ideas and comments publicly aired in the past by re-elected Senator Lacson. This time, however, I am affirmatively inclined to his proposals towards amendments to the Anti-Plunder Law. I am though apprehensive if any other legislator would allign themselves on the matter of “capital punishment to habitual plunderers”. The reasons being so obvious!

    It would be a political spectacle though if Senator Lacson could take lead aimed at the conviction of the masterminds of the so called P 10 pork barrel scam. An alleged lady mastermind was sent to prison on mere illegal detention chargers. She might just find ways to get released soon pending appeals. How about the “big fishes” who created this monstrous scam? I believe that fingers had been long pointed to President Pnoy Aquino and Budget Secretary Abad.

  4. That Proposal will target habitual plunderer like the Estrada’s Father & Son, GMA, Binay & Family, Bong Revilla, Enrile and those on the lower ranks, from Senators to Mayors with DYNASTIES.

  5. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Excellent plan Sen. Lacson! Might as well reduce the P50 Million to P5 Million of ill-gotten wealth. It shouldn’t be a habitual but a second offense would qualify that public official to be sent and meet his/her maker. Capital punishment should not only apply to those guilty of committing heinous crimes such as drug traffickers but should also apply to law enforcement and public officials or politicians protecting these criminals. There are few Congress people and couple of Senators involved in illegal drug activities. If this plan materialize, I can see Sen. Escudero will be walking in a fine line and he will be very extra careful on his moves.

  6. Tama ka, Ping. These people can no longer be rehabilitated. They must go 6ft below.
    They are curse to humanity, can no longer contribute for the good of all..
    Even at the cell level APOPTOSIS is necessary. Ailing cells or group of cells must be
    eliminated after quarantine & rehabs have fail. That insures humanity’s progress.

  7. Good ideas but in the end won’t mean much since the Ombudsman and Dept of Justice are subservient to the President. During Aquino’s term the Ombudsman Morales and De Lima protected the allies of of Aquino never charging any of them for giving their pork barrel gifts to Napoles. The Ombudsman refused to investigate the 150 billion unconstitutional DAP fund even after being ordered to by the Supreme Court.

    What good is any law if the Ombudsman and the Dept of Justice are useless puppets of the President ? For jailing 3 opposition senators out of 20 who gave Napoles their pork barrel millions De Lima was rewarded with election to the senate.

    The Philippines laws are for show, the law is applied only to the opposition of the ruling party, The law makers and enforcers are only interested in protecting their own interests and advancing their political careers.