• Ladies, love – and pamper – yourselves!


    Ladies, hold your heads high and wear your heels with pride because this month is yours for the taking!

    Whether you’re single, recently married, or maintaining a household, being a woman means showing the world that life is beautiful, despite the many challenges of juggling home and career.  As they say, between the two sexes, only females can multi-task—and look good while doing it.  So never let anyone tell you that taking care of yourself—your looks and your health—is self-indulgent.  Doing so should also be a priority what with the endless demands of being a woman.

    With March being International Women’s Month, now, more than ever, is the best time to celebrate your femininity. Pampering your fabulous self with the latest beauty tools and health options, which The Manila Times have gathered to celebrate you.

    Perfect your complexion
    According to Benefit Cosmetics, “Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it.” Guided by this unique motto, the San Francisco, California-based company creates beauty products that enhance a woman’s features in a very natural way.


    From pretty to perfect. The evident change in the complexion after using Benefit’s Big Easy

    This first quarter, Benefit has innovated a new make-up that perfects the skin’s complexion.

    “It’s called Big Easy and it is not a liquid foundation, a BB cream, or even CC and DD creams. [The product] is bigger than all these,” promised Miakka Lim, the new trainer, a.k.a. “POREfessor Pretty,” at the product’s media launch.

    According to Lim, Big Easy is a “multi-balancing complexion perfector” that does four amazing things to the skin.  No. 1. It “balances” or hydrates skin while controlling oil; No. 2. It “self-adjusts” or blends into one’s natural skin tone; No. 3. It “perfects” or smoothens and evens out the complexion by setting into a powder finish; and No 4. It “protects” the skin with broad spectrum SPF 35 that blocks UVA & UVB rays.

    Formulated as a “liquid-to-powder formula,” some of Big Easy’s wonder ingredients are botanical extracts derived from licorice plant and zinc gluconate.

    Big Easy comes in six shades. It hits Benefit boutiques in April.

    Juice to a sexier you
    Going natural is not just a fad but a way of life. Instead of taking in harmful pills and going on crash diets, one way to get fit and cleanse your body at the same time is through juicing.


    From pretty to perfect. The evident change in the complexion after using Benefit’s Big Easy

    Sexy Detox is another juicing brand created by lawyer Reginald Tayag and nursing graduate Jessica Arsolon. The two initially went into juicing two years ago for personal reasons. Tayag, who suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol, had to make drastic changes to keep his levels down. Arsolon, on the other hand, wanted to keep the pounds off. Inspired by positive effects, the two felt the need to share their healthy secret with their community further scouring the best juicing recipes they can find and easily produce with available fruits and vegetables in the market.

    The result was Sexy Detox, an online store, which went up in November 2013.  Within four short months, the site already has 4,0 00 followers juicing along with them.

    “Instead of drinking carbonated drinks and taking in processed products in the market, we should go back to the basics of fresh fruits and vegetables. When I did my Sexy Detox program, I lost almost 10 lbs in two weeks. I took the juice whenever I felt hungry, I only ate salads and worked out almost every day,” said Arsolon, who has flawless and glowing skin to match her hourglass figure.

    Aware that juicing tends to be expensive the brand promises the lowest price points in for ladies who seek to achieve “holistic beauty.”

    Get those luscious legs

    The new ambassador of Antistax, Tweetie De Leon shows off her legs with pride

    The new ambassador of Antistax, Tweetie De Leon shows off her legs with pride

    From pretty to perfect. The evident change in the complexion after using Benefit’s Big Easy

    There’s no point in walking through life feeling conscious about those red marks on your legs. They’re meant to get you places so be proud and strut your God-given stems, especially with a new solution to varicose veins.

    Strenuous activities, improper diet and prolonged neglect are often the cause of these unwanted leg veins. Logically, eating a balanced diet, exercising and gentle leg massages may help prevent them from becoming permanent features of your legs.

    Recent studies also show that the occasional glass or two of red wine and refraining from crossing legs for lengthy periods can prevent these spider veins from creeping up your legs.

    Trying out natural supplements or leg creams will neither hurt, such as the new Antistax leg vein supplement, which helps alleviate Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

    CVI leaves most women with tired and heavy legs, cramping, pain and swelling, and finally the formation of varicose veins. The leg-vein supplement addresses these with the active ingredient Red Vine Leaf.

    According to model and Anistax brand ambassador Tweetie de Leon, the product is her go to solution so she can continue wearing her “comfort fashion”—a pair of shorts—confidently every time.

    Care for your crowning glory

    Sarah Geronimo keeps her locks looking beautiful—whether she wears it long or short

    Sarah Geronimo keeps her locks looking beautiful—whether she wears it long or short

    Simple, everyday adventures with girlfriends are what most high-spirited and outgoing women live for. Especially now that summer is just around the corner, out-of-town adventures and outdoor activities with family and friends is something to look forward to.

    However, being out in the sun all-day or swimming on harsh salt or chlorine water can damage the hair. Not only do these activities make your crowning glory fragile, but the hair also becomes harder to manage. That is why it is important to invest on hair products that best suit your natural, shiny black hair.

    Avoid using hair gels or creams while out in the sun. Instead, shampoo and condition using your trusted products.

    Take it from Pop Princess and hair care endorser Sarah Geronimo, who manages to look great no matter where she goes or what she does.  “It’s important for me to look my best, especially with my job. That’s why I make it a point to stick to one product that I trust for my hair—Sunsilk.”

    A winning beauty

    A winning beauty

    Be a beautiful winner
    Shopping for beauty products won’t just make you look good this Women’s Month but it can also turn you into a literal winner.  Until March 31, Watsons and The SM Store Beauty Section’s “Triple Treats” promotion will entitle every P500-worth of purchase to special discounts from top brands; triple SM advantage, SM prestige or BDO Rewards points on qualifying products; and a raffle ticket to win 50  iPad mini, iPhone 5s, and Watsons GCs every two weeks. More than that, a brand new BMW 116i will be given in the grand draw.

    Participating brands are listed at all store counters.


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