• Lahat APEC-tado by summit that could be Aquino’s grossest failure


    LET’S make one thing perfectly clear: Our criticism of the APEC summit – the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, to use its proper name – is in no way directed at the organization or the concept of APEC itself. The 21-nation collective linking both sides of the Pacific Ocean is a valuable forum for sharing ideas and advancing regional and global initiatives that benefit some citizens in the member countries, which are nearly half the world’s population. In a world too often filled with conflict and tension, frameworks for cooperation like APEC are worthy endeavors that deserve our support, and we in The Times give it unreservedly.

    Our appreciation for the APEC, however, in no way whatsoever is extended to the manner President BS Aquino 3rd and his Administration have managed the hosting of the main summit this week in Metro Manila. One can choose any disruptive event in memory – the EDSA revolutions, any of the handful of terrorist attacks that have occurred throughout the years, other large-scale visits by world leaders such as Pope Francis earlier this year or Pope John Paul II years earlier, or any one of dozens of typhoons or other natural disasters that have affected the metropolis – and one would be very hard put indeed to recall any that have caused such catastrophic upheaval as the one we are suffering through now.

    It is all the more insulting because the current nightmare is entirely manmade, directed by an evident nincompoop whose willfully misanthropic disconnection from the reality of everyday life for his 100-plus million subjects is so crass and destructive it could probably make Satan himself weep in sheer frustration at its excess.

    By mid-morning Monday, it became quite clear that the Aquino Administration’s hosting of APEC was a completely appalling, unmitigated disaster. We will not say “the Philippines’ hosting” because we are quite certain no one outside the thickly-insulated cocoon of PNoy’s Palace would approve of doing things so grossly incompetently, thoughtlessly and insensitively as Aquino has. The social media and the mainstream press alike quickly overflowed with horror stories from commuters, most of whom simply do not have the financial freedom and leisure time to follow the authorities’ suggestion to just abandon their work for four or five days.

    Motorists were trapped for hours on completely paralyzed roads. Commuters who rely on public transportation – who, the callous apparatchiks of the Aquino regime need to be reminded, make up 65 to 70 percent of the population – suffered even greater hardships, with thousands being forced to walk for kilometers in the hot sun to reach their destinations. A story that was widely circulated Monday afternoon and evening told of one unfortunate young lady who was forced to give birth on the sidewalk outside City of Dreams in Pasay, unable to reach the hospital in time or have any medical help reach her location.

    The situation seemed to grow even worse on Monday evening and into Tuesday, as rain showers (despite forecasts of clear skies throughout the week) added to the misery of thousands who, having gone to extraordinary lengths to reach the city in the morning, found themselves trapped, with no guidance being available from police or MMDA
    personnel as to how they might find their way home.

    The situation is intolerable, unacceptable, and dangerous, and all the more distressing because it could have been completely avoided. While we are pleased that the Philippines is hosting the APEC, and look forward to the outcomes of the talks, we cannot help but think the sacrifices imposed on the Filipino people are not worth it.

    The APEC leaders should rest assured, however, that the only one among them we hold responsible for this is the one who has been here all along, and not any of our esteemed guests.


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    1. By now it must be crystal clear to everyone what lies in store for the Philippines and the Filipino people (especially for the honest and hard-working Filipino people whose only wish in life is to provide for their families and loved ones) with a Roxas presidency after the May 2016 elections. A Roxas presidency is nothing more than a clone of the Aquino presidency – incompetent, ineffective, ill-equipped, self-serving and uncaring. Surrounded by a cabal of people equally incompetent, ineffective, ill-equipped and uncaring whose only interest is to promote their own selfish interests. A vote for Roxas is an affirmation and acceptance of the status quo. The sad thing is, among the crop of declared presidential candidates, is there a better choice for the Filipino people. The choice really comes down to choosing between the “Devil you know and the Devil you know nothing about”.


    3. The government did not see the gross effect of this to ordinary people. Forget about the traffic, the long walk. We can survive it. Ang Hindi nakita ng pamahalaan, na sa isang araw na Walang trabajo ang ating mangagawa wala Rin silang pagkain na mahihihain sa hapag kainanan. We need to understand the reality of uneven development of philippine society. For the rich and the poor have different needs. Kailangan kumayod ang sambayang Pilipino araw araw to survive ang mayayaman they have the source to survive. But then we have to realized our society need to continue daily industry and commerce to booze its economy. business shutdown means economic lost. Saan Nila na babawiin ang lost Nila? Sa taong Bayan. Increase prices. That is my fear after APEC. One thing that we should have done while the world leader is here. Pray for all of them, ask the Lord to be there to protect our leaders, be with them to guide them the right path, wisdom to do God’s will. To serve our the world is their role and not master of this world. Open their eye to see your will Lord. Lastly pray as we thank them for their help during Yolanda.

    4. It just happened so recently the occasion at APEC summit, in the most serious sacrifices of Filipino People due to incompetence of the administration. There were more in the past of the many incompetence of this administration even more serious than this like the SAF44 the horrible massacre of the 44 police officers, tanim bala (bullet-planting) etc., etc., etc. I believed the root cause of these negligence by President Aquino is everyday he is overwhelm with the large amount of money of almost half of the National budget every year of about one trillion pesos being available for political patronage, for bribe and extravagant spending that earned him the image as a financial dictator. So he doesn’t care about the needs of poor people og his country and only he cares about himself and what he can make himself happy at the expense of grear sacrifices of the people, sacrifices unto death.

    5. If we have hosted the APEC before, why host it again now? Are there that much benefit of hosting that we have to dislodge the other 20 members from hosting it in their country? Do we have the infrastructures such as mass transport and new airport yet that we can brandish by hosting APEC again? Without APEC the ordinary worker is already suffering from the failures of many administrations including this one of Pnoy to improve mass transportation. They should have waited when we have already efficient train and bus networks like those in Hong Kong and Singapore before hosting this APEC.

    6. “It is all the more insulting because the current nightmare is entirely manmade, directed by an evident nincompoop whose willfully misanthropic disconnection from the reality of everyday life for his 100-plus million subjects is so crass and destructive it could probably make Satan himself weep in sheer frustration at its excess.”

      On the contrary, Satan would be very happy, jumping in glee, his object succeeded in making the people suffer more. Excuse me, it certainly Jesus who weeps upon seeing his people suffering more. He also weeps for Pnoy and to all those surrounding him, because they are unable to recognize the Lord, instead follow and continue to follow what Satan has propagated in this part of the world.

    7. i am just curious, what will be the impact of this meeting to the lives of pinoys after 10 years?

      • Like the 1996 APEC summit:

        NOTHING for us

        But more pocketing of funds for those involved in the preparation

    8. aren’t you proud that Philippines is hosting APEC, ? We have been hosting that APEC long time ago Why so many complaints?

      • yes, it’s true that we have hosted APEC before but the venue is not the overpopulated and congested Manila – the last time was in Subic: check your history. the writer made it clear at his opening statement, which reads “LET’S make one thing perfectly clear: Our criticism of the APEC summit – the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, to use its proper name – is in no way directed at the organization or the concept of APEC itself . . . ” did you see the point here?

      • We are proud that our country is hosting APEC this year…the problem is how our leaders prepared for it.

      • I particularly am proud that we hosted it. But the current implications of us hosting it is impossible to ignore. I know of the good things that may come from this meet, or the growths our country may achieve, but you wonder: to what lengths? It is poignant that the people suffered to achieve this. And the facade is appalling too. Have you read a news article about a delegate disallowed from running on Baywalk? When I heard that, I thought, “you are not allowed because it is a hazard. Don’t be caught unaware, all you see now in our country is fake–fake festivity, fake peace in the Metro, and fake absence of lower-tiered hoi polloi. Again, I dare repeat, to what lengths?

    9. trAPEC pa more! for a country that has 7,100+ islands, why in the world would someone hold a conference of such magnitude in the Gates of Hell(Manila)? totally shutting it down for all he cares!!!

    10. Hindi sana nangyari ang trahedyang malaYOLANDANG senaryo kung nasunod sana ang TIMETABLE na OCTOBER 2015 COMPLETION ng NAIA EXPRESSWAY Project 4–lane elevated expressway, starting NAIA 1, 2, 3, 4 …

      TRAHEDYA…walang dahilan upang hindi dapat panagutan ng Contractor DMCI – DPWH ang DELAYED completion ng projects…..ayon sa balita, MAY 2017 na matatapos ang NAIA EXPRESSWAY..one ywae delayed…TRAHEDYA.

    11. Imagine closing Roxas Blvd, Macapagal Terminal 1 Sukat, part of EDSA, how stupid can you be? You are cutting the life line of this country.

    12. The Chinese considered the 2014 summit in Beijing “Golden Week”.
      Filipinos considered this 2015 summit in Manila “Hell Week”

    13. jun villacorta on

      We have enough choppers whose owners would have been willing to lend these for the world leaders and their senior officials. That would have prevented the suffering of the people of NCR arising from traffic gridlocks due to road closures

    14. At this time when our country tries its best to host an international economic event a little patriotism is not bad for your health and pocket. Just so this nation must be free our ancestors endured not small sacrifices. They offered their blood. Think of them whenever you encounter traffic because of APEC.

      • With 10 Billion at it’s disposal for this event, Planning should be “inclusive”. It has to consider the plight of ordinary citizens that will be affected by this event.

    15. sanamagan! he did it again. paralyzed the whole ‘hoi polloi’. people who have to go home to attend their loved one’s funeral have to transfer to CP flights from US to cebu and take any kind of transportation from there to their place. that;s a thousand times better than having to walk your way all over metromanila stucked in a non moving traffic! they’ll quote statistics again, ha ha! buhay ka pa naman, what a mess!!!

    16. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      Congratulationbs, Manila Times for this really great editorial–and also the Editorial Cartoon!
      You describe exactly what I feel about the callousness of the Aquino admonoistration toweard us Filipinos cit5izens.
      I know whay Aquino and his people are like this–they are actually citizens of other countries also. To them we are just a bunch of monkeys who can be treaterd the way cruel cacique treat their peasants.

    17. Who else but one who lacks the brains would choose traffic-jammed Metro Manila as site of the APEC meet? This conference of 21 nations should been held in Clark/Subic so as not to inconvenience the millions of residents of Metro Manila.

      Now, the residents of Metro Manila are fuming mad over the jammed traffic, closed businesses, closed public offices and schools to give way for this expensive P10 billion extravaganza.

    18. Sana si BS Aquino ay manganak din ng taeh sa kalsada. Hayop na sira ulong gungong Aquino. Lintek lang ang walang ganti. Tigokin si Roxas at lahat ng LP.