Lakay fighters eye strong comeback


Team Lakay fighter Roldan Sangcha-an said that he is still proud to bear the nation’s colors in the first event of the UFC in Manila despite the loss to Guamanian Jon Delos Reyes after two rounds of their bout.

Sangcha-an stressed that although he did not achieve the feat he laid his eyes on, he is still proud to be part of the historic debut of the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

“I’m disappointed but it’s part of the game. I accept this defeat and learn from it because champions who don’t accept defeats will never be champions. It was great fighting here tonight. I am proud to represent the Philippines,” said the Baguio City native.

The Filipino Wushu Sanda specialist, who still is on the run to claim his first UFC win, welcomed Delos Reyes to the Philippines with immediate strikes in the first round of their meeting but the latter’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mastery was the shining light of the fight as the Guamanian took their affair down to the ground.

“The Heat” Delos Reyes’ first attempt on a rear-naked choke did not connect but his second try was a whole different story as he locked Sangcha-an, forcing the Filipino fighter to tap out of the contest.

Meanwhile, another Team Lakay member Mark Eddiva affirmed that the fight was a great opportunity for the MMA scene here in the country and added that he will get back to the training ground to improve his game.

“It’s great that they finally went here. I think they will repeat this again,” he stated.

Eddiva, who was originally slated to fight Alex White but was replaced in the last minute due to an injury, hailed to Levan Makashvili via a split decision after three rounds of their featherweight bout inside the octagon.

He emphasized that he was overwhelmed with the fighting style of Makashivili as he already geared his game plan to take on his initial foe.

“I did not have enough time to prepare to fight a wrestler [like Makashvili]because I really prepared for a striking fighter like Alex White. I was initially overwhelmed because I did not expect that he will use that much wrestling against me,”

The two fighters vow to come back to reclaim their honor and bring home wins for the country.


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