Lalamove’s women break logistics tradition


There’s a common misconception that there’s always a man behind the wheel of a delivery van. People wouldn’t think twice to guess on that one. But over the past few years, more people are getting it wrong.

Meet Lynneil Gaspar (in photo). She’s a partner-driver of Lalamove, and one of the best drivers the company has for its fleet. Gaspar signed up to be partners with Lalamove when she decided to be financially independent. She worked with traditional couriers before but thought that she can earn more with her time.

“I love to travel. In 2014, I was already driving a truck. And I was able to perform the job of delivering products with trucks,” she said in Filipino.

Now what makes her special? The answer: Her driving skills are on point and she treats the packages she delivers like her own.

Coming from a family of fish dealers, she grew up riding with her father early in the morning to bring in fresh goods to the market. Talking, haggling, and nagging vendors made her a master of interpersonal communication at a young age.

With the rise of digital applications and its application in the logistics industry, Gaspar saw the opportunity to put her driving skills to good use and joined Lalamove.

“She might look small to you, but it turns out the respect she gets from her clients is what makes her a big woman. This 2018, it’s easy to say that women are playing a major part in the industries and breaking traditions,” Lalamove said in a statement.

Lalamove, originally known as EasyVan, is an on-demand logistics company in Asia that matches users and drivers to provide same day delivery and courier services. Founded in 2013, Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries faster and simpler is achieved with innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services, and a driver rating system. Not only does the service help fulfil customers’ business needs, it also makes cities greener by leveraging the sharing economy to help drivers optimize their time and fleet usage, ultimately resulting in fewer vehicles on the road.

As of 2017, the Lalamove delivery platform is in use in over 100 cities across Southeast Asia.


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