Lamudi PH to ‘try new things’ in 2017


    TOP property listing site Lamudi Philippines is welcoming the new year with a fresh set of ideas and plans to launch new products, the firm’s new managing director said.

    The firm is looking to launch new products and try doing new things this year, Lamudi Philippines’ new Managing Director Bhavna Suresh told The Manila Times in an interview on Tuesday.

    “We’re going to try establishing ourselves as the authority in online real estate, because we think in the last three years, we’ve had enough data, we’ve had enough experience,” Suresh said.

    Suresh, who took leadership of the Lamudi Group in the Philippines late last month, said the online company is use the data and experience it has gathered from its three years of operations in the Philippines to pursue “new things” this year.

    FRESH IDEAS Lamudi Philippines’ Managing Director Bhavna Suresh

    FRESH IDEAS Lamudi Philippines’ Managing Director Bhavna Suresh

    “Now we’re going to take all of that and try new things, so we could be the one stop solution to everything real estate. I think that’s what we’re going to try doing,” Suresh said.

    Among the new initiatives Lamudi plans to pursue this year is a number of specialized events focusing on various sectors of the property market.

    The Lamudi Group held a number of real estate events last year, such as a three-day housing fair last November and a Virtual Reality Expo last September.

    “I think it was our first steps into the thing and it worked very well for us,” Suresh said “So I think 2017 and onwards, events will be a very strong focus for Lamudi.”

    Last November, former Lamudi Philippines managing director Jacqueline van den Ende disclosed the plans of the firm to launch a luxury housing fair this year, which is targeted at Asean investors.

    “I think Philippines is a very interesting destination for international investors,” van den Ende earlier said. “With this event, we really want to highlight Philippine luxury properties from the Asean perspective.”

    Suresh confirmed that Lamudi is exploring the idea of holding a luxury housing fair, but noted that the firm is also looking at events catering to the affordable housing segment.

    “So there’s luxury on one end, which is investor-related, but there’s also affordability, which is—you know from an economic point of view, the Philippines is focusing on affordability housing,” the managing director said.

    She added that the beauty of the Lamudi platform is that it is completely agnostic, meaning it aims to cater to all market segments.

    “These [luxury and affordable housing segments]are separate topics, but we think we have the flexibility to talk to both kind of audience,” Suresh said.

    Apart from holding specialized events, the online real estate platform is also looking to launch a roadmap, a market analysis that utilizes the data collected by the company.

    “Over the last three years, we’ve had millions of searches on our sites, millions of pieces of data we can use. We don’t have to rely on anybody for any information. Now we can draw our own conclusions,” Suresh said.

    “We can help our clients and help the market understand using our data. So that could definitely be a product,” added the managing director.

    Prior to joining the Lamudi team, Suresh co-founded an online fashion rental platform based in India called StyleBank.


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