• Lapena adds requirement for promotion at Customs


    CUSTOMS Commissioner Isidro Lapena said employees seeking promotions must memorize and internalize the agency’s creed or their applications will be rejected.

    “That will be part of promotion requirements, recite it. All officers for that matter have to memorize also this Frontliners’ Commitment to Service. How can you do this if you don’t know this by heart. Read and understand it as well,” Lapena said at a press briefing.

    Lapena said the order was “effective immediately.”

    The Frontliners’ Commitment to Service details the duties and responsibilities of a Customs employee as a public servant.

    He stressed that each custom employee was required to bring back the good image of the Bureau of Customs.

    “Memorize and verbatimly recite it.  For an applicant eyeing a promotion, that will be a requirement. If you can’t recite [it], [you]won’t be promoted. That is effective immediately,” he said.

    Lapena admitted that he couldn’t also memorize the creed but promised he would do so in one to two months.

    The Frontliners’ Commitment to Service is recited by all Customs officials and employees after the flag raising ceremony every Monday.

    It states:

    I am a Customs officer and frontliner, I am sworn to serve the public with utmost care, fidelity and promptness.

    I will perform my duty with excellence to the best of my ability.

    As a public servant, I will uphold the time-honored principle that pubic office is a public trust.

    I will discharge my duties with the highest degree of Professionalism, Integrity and Competence.

    I will serve with courtesy, act with fairness and sincerity and provide efficient service to everyone.

    I will not discriminate against anyone regardless of race, creed or political affiliation.

    As a Frontliner of the Bureau of Customs, I will service with honor and dignity.

    So help me God. WILLIAM B. DEPASUPIL



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