• Lapping it up: Swimming pool found in inmate’s ‘cell’


    They’ve seized sex toys, an exotic pet, high-powered firearms and drugs but this one takes the cake.

    Officials at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) were once again surprised when they discovered a jacuzzi-like pool at the roof deck of the quarters of convicted kidnap-for-ransom gang leader Jerry Pepino.

    Pepino, commander of Batang Mananalo (Batman Gang), is also facing attempted murder charges for his involvement in a 2012 grenade explosion at the maximum security compound that left several inmates injured.

    Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Director General Ricardo Rainier Cruz 3rd said Pepino requested that he be allowed to set up a tank for the storage of water when there was a shortage at the NBP months ago.

    Without the knowledge of prison officials, however, the water tank was “transformed” into a pool that was secretly enjoyed by select prisoners.

    Cruz immediately ordered the dismantling of the pool as well as Pepino’s quarters.

    The shakedown also yielded several firearms, drug paraphernalia, sachets of suspected shabu, appliances, communication gadgets and P142,000 cash.

    Jason Ivler was found possessing a cellular phone.

    Ivler was recently convicted by a Quezon City court for the murder of Renato Ebarle Jr. in a road rage incident in 2009.

    He is serving a prison term of up to 40 years.

    NBP Supt. Richard Schwarzkopf Jr. said five more jail guards are under fire for allegedly conniving with some inmates to smuggle contraband.

    Charges are already being prepared against the erring jail guards who were already sacked from their posts.

    Justice Undersecretary Emmanuel Caparas lauded Cruz for initiating “Oplan Galugad” under which 13 raids have been conducted since November last year.

    In earlier raids, officials discovered sex toys, a civet cat, drugs and dozens of guns and knives.

    Caparas ordered the Bucor to continue with the cleansing of the state penitentiary.


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    1. wala bang investigate reporter sa pinas na busisiin ang mga tunay na sitwasyon
      sa mga bilibid?
      ang tv at radyo network din naman ay mukhang nababayaran din.

    2. The street leading to the main gate of the New Bilibid Prisons must be renamed DAANG MATUWID.

    3. Put scanner similar to NAIA that can detect bullets. NBP scanners are not able to detect a swimming pool, firearms and other large size materials.

    4. If you have a leader who is straight and upright, these officials wouldn’t dare to violate the law and prison strict policies…. but the “Pakitang Tao leader” in malacanang is seen as the number one violator..so the mentality goes… “eh Si amo nga sigeng KURAKOT big time kami pa Na pabarya-barya Lang”….. “.and Hindi nya kami gagalawin at mawawala share nya Sa Kita dito” ………

    5. They should change the name to New Bilibid Spa and Resort. If this is punishment, I’d want to know what reward is.

    6. opinionated na noypi on

      From the highest position of BuCor and all the way down to the lowest ranking jail guards have all shares of the pie, provided by the prisoners that have money, and most of them are drug lords. The BuCor officials were surprised kuno, to find out all these illegal things and practices by prisoners serving life sentences. 99% of adult Filipinos, to include those not well educated like me, can see that MONEY is a very powerful element that can change a lot of things in mysterious ways. Most of us, little people, are no longer surprise about those illegal and evil activities of our elected officials to include those that were politically appointed.