Lapses will not happen again, Andanar assures


Lapses in information in government publications will not happen again, according to Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar.

During a hearing on the proposed PCOO budget of P1.255 billion for 2017, Andanar on Tuesday said he was upset when the Official Gazette was recently scored by netizens for “revisionism.”

“I have accepted full responsibility for that and we have also had a lapse in a very big way [with the]blunder that happened a few days ago when the operators of the Official Gazette placed [a caption about]martial law, omitted it and then placed it back,” Andanar told lawmakers.

“We’ve had lapses in our operations and these lapses happened because of overzealousness of our staff at the Presidential News Desk, even announcing seating arrangement of Asean leaders [that]we are not supposed to be announced because these matters are supposed to be exclusive,” he said.

The Official Gazette last Sunday posted that then-President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law “to suppress communist insurgency and secessionism in Mindanao, and stepped down in 1986 to avoid bloodshed during an uprising later known as People Power.”

The post was taken down after drawing flak from netizens, who accused administrators of the page of historical revisionism.

The reaction prompted the administrators to omit “to avoid bloodshed” in the caption.

“Ferdinand Marcos started his political career in 1949 as a representative of the second district of Ilocos Norte.

Ten years thereafter, Marcos was able to secure a seat as a member of the Philippine Senate in 1959 and was elected Senate president in 1963. Ferdinand Marcos became the 10th president of Philippines in 1965. He was the longest-serving president of the country for almost 21 years,” the new post read.

In its official Facebook page, the Official Gazette belied revising history.

“We only convey what is documented in the official records. We continually update materials to keep them as historically accurate as possible. The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is devoid of any political color and affiliations,” the post read.


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  1. Why bow to this rubbish minorities. These so-called netizens are paid trolls/hack. The official gazette should show the truth not the slanted garbage historical facts that these so called netizens want. We are a witness to history. We know precisely that Joma Sison and his CPP/NPA together with his front organization NDF ARE ALREADY POISED TO TAKE OVER THE GOVERNMENT In fact, they have attacked Malacanang Palace and burn one of the buildings. Some of the then government officials and military has already collaborated with them. President Marcos has to save the Republican State which is his first duty as a President. He did not violate the Constitution when he decleared Martial Law. Is the state still not at war with these CPP/NPA? how come these so-called netizens deny the fact that this war with this group which was very strong then (both militarily and politically) was the root cause of the declaration of Martial Law.

    Likewise, that the then Pres Marcos avoided bloodshed and a full-blown civil war by stepping down with several civilians could have perished. We witness Pres Marcos ordering Gen Ver not to fire as the artillery and the reinforcement from the northern and southern command has already ring Manila. It’s an outright distortion of history that the Filipinos wants Cory at a replacement and this is evidenced by several coup-de-etat that took place under her regime and without the US support she could have been ousted faster than when she was installed.

    Paalala lang kay Andanar, magpakalalaki ka. Huwag mong dungisan ang dangal ng mga Pilipino sa pagsang-ayon dito sa kunwa’y netizen nguni’t ang nasa likod nito ay ang dambuhalang Oligarch na karamihan ay nagma-mayari ng Media. Panay kasinungalingan na kasaysayan ang pina-iiral ng mga ito. Ang isa dito ay may kompanyang may utang na US600M na past due at hindi ma-restruture. Pero ang laking himala, ng ma-upo si Pnoy, ura-uradang na re-structure. Tanong lang- Binigyan ba ng Guarantee ng Gobieryno ito? Dapat busisiin ito.

  2. If the history we know is manipulated to favor the victors (in our case, the yellows), doesn’t it need revisions (corrections)?