Large firms to help MSEs via Kapatid Project


Large and medium sized companies are now encouraged to help micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in including them in the industry value chain through the use of inclusive business models.

On Friday, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Inc. or Go Negosyo signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to formalize the Kapatid Project.

The Kapatid Project aims to push big and medium business —endearingly called as “Big Brothers”—into including the MSEs or “Small Brothers” into their companies’ value chains either as clients and consumers of their products and services, or as suppliers of raw materials, producers, or employees.

Under the MOA, the project will develop programs that will partner MSEs with medium and large enterprises as part of the value chain.

One component of the Kapatid Project is the Mentor Me Program, which is a flagship capacity building program that will allow MSEs to be equipped with the necessary capability and linkages to financing and marketing.

The Mentor Me Program will enable the Small Brothers to supply goods and services that meet the required standards of the Big Brothers and to eventually sustain their enterprise on their own.

This will be done through a series of sessions on key areas of entrepreneurship, lectured and mentored by entrepreneurs and business mentors initially pilot tested in selected Negosyo Centers.

The DTI said these interlinked enterprises of big, medium, small and micro businesses will make up the industry clusters under the Kapatid Project, and will contribute to industry sustainability, inclusive growth, poverty reduction and employment generation.


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