• Las Piñas mayor orders more police visibility


    Mayor Imelda Aguilar of Las Piñas City over the weekend ordered the city’s police chief Marion Balong­long to increase police visi­bility to curb crime.

    Aguilar’s directive came following the recent raid of the National Bureau of Investigation on an alleged drug den in Barangay Manuyo Uno, which is notorious for being the site of robberies and petty crimes.

    She likewise ordered village officials to deploy village watchers (barangay tanod), in coordination with the police, to monitor their areas.

    Aguilar said police presence is key in preventing crime.

    “Police visibility and accessibility on the streets and communities through police patrols, especially fixed and foot patrols, are the best options because the bedrock of proactive policing patrols is to deter and prevent the crimes from happening rather than waiting for it to occur,” she said.

    She also directed police officials to come up with more plans for crime prevention and increase their crime detection rates.

    Aguilar also appealed to homeowners associations to coordinate closely with their respective barangay (villages) to deter any suspicious elements in their areas.

    “Neighborhood safety is a shared responsibility, in which both citizens and police have important roles. Small steps are often the best way to start building a community, which could involve such simple things as alerting neighbors,” she said.

    In a related development, Las Piñas City Police Chief Marion Balonglong reported the reshuffling of PCP (Police Community Precinct) commanders. PCP2 (Zapote and Pulanglupa) and PCP7 (Almanza Uno and Pilar) were reshuffled to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Las Piñas City Police Station.


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