Las Piñas officials choose Bongbong


Officials of Las Piñas City(Metro Manila) led by Rep. Mark Villar and Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar pledged their support for the vice presidential bid of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. on Thursday.

Marcos paid a courtesy call on Aguilar when the senator’s “Unity Caravan” rolled into the city.

Aguilar asked the city officials present, including all the chairmen of the city’s 20 barangay (village), 12 city councilors and 114 other village officials to take an oath to pledge their support for Marcos.

“I promise not only to vote for Bongbong Marcos, but I will also get 30 others to vote for him. I will call and text all my friends. I will call my relatives to vote for Bongbong,” Aguilar said in leading the oath.

The mayor lauded Marcos’ call for unity, saying it was the same formula he followed to usher in progress to the city.

He said that after winning as mayor in 1995, he reached out to his former political foes and forgot all insults and tirades he had received from them.

Meanwhile, Villar said Marcos was among the few friends who remained at their side when his father, former Senate President Manuel Villar, ran for president.

“That is the one thing we could never forget. Senator Bongbong, thank you very much and of course you can always count on our support not just as a party mate but also as an extended family. Senator, we welcome you here in Las Piñas,” he added.

“You’re not just a friend but a member of the family. We will always be here for you as you have been here for us,” Villar said.

Marcos thanked the Las Piñas officials.

“I am overwhelmed by your warm welcome and expression of support. Thank you very much,” he said, noting the huge crowd that mobbed him when he arrived at city hall.

Bingbong also for Bongbong
In Quezon City, three-term congressman and two-term councilor Vincent “Bingbong” Crisologo also endorsed Marcos.

Crisologo’s son Onyx, number one Quezon City councilor who is seeking reelection, Von Yalong, also running for councilor, and former congressman Chuck Mathay also expressed support for the senator.

Crisologo is again running for congressman in the First District.

“[I had a survey conducted, 300 were surveyed in each barangay and in the 37 villages in District 1, Marcos was the winner],” he said.

Mathay said he and his family will support the bid of Marcos.


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  1. Las Pinas is pro Marcos.. Hindi pa ako dito nakatira, since early 80s, loyal na sila Kay Marcos. Aguilar at Villar lang naman ang humawak dito, unless may ibang naupo na hindi ko Alam prior to 2004.

  2. For better Philippines, vote Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. for Vice President! Tunay na may malasakit sa bayan at hindi puro salita tulad ng iba diyan!

  3. Just an addition, much had been said against Martial law. However, from Cory Aquino’s administration up to present (PNOY) the Philippines became more in total disarray. Look at what kind of Congress do we have now. Corruptions became more widespread. Business cronies became more bold and rampant.

    • Diego Blanco on

      Well it is so true. poverty, corruption, low morality, broken system, weak state and weak rule of law. This is the Philippines now.

  4. Among the vice presidentiables, Bong Bong Marcos appears to be more credible, sensible and trustworthy. Escudero is just a rider to any issue. He forgot that his father was also part of the Marcos regime, being an Agriculture Secretary, hence, a co-conspirator of Martial law. In deeper analysis, however, Martial law was really a creation of Ninoy Aquino because the latter wanted to grab the power from the Pres. Marcos. On the other hand, Robredo is just riding the popularity of her husband’s death and no other. Her ability to lead the peoples remains to be seen and proven. Needless to discuss the other vice presidentiables.

  5. Kayong mga taga Las Pinas wala kayong kadala-dala. Ano ang ginawa nang mga magulang ni gong-gong Marcos sa mga Pilipino at sa bansa. Ang bunga ay hindi kaiiba sa puno Just a little reminder: si Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos ang pinaka marahas na kawatan sa estoria na Pilipinas. Inobos ang yaman nang bayan marami pang pinapatay na pinoy.Bibigyan mo ba pa nang poder ang anak ni Hitler? Mag isip kayo.

    • Mas kadaladala ang panunungkulan ng mga Aquino, walang malasakit sa bayan. Mag-isip ka!

    • Diego Blanco on

      You are right.. But the oligarch wants all of the profit for them. They will put down Marcos and they are already starting. The businessmen behind ABS,GMA7,AksyonTV,Inquirer, Philstar, Maynilad, Meralco..etc.