• Lascañas forced to lie under oath


    FORMER Police officer Arturo Lascañas admitted on Monday that he was forced to lie when he first testified before the Senate justice and human rights committee regarding the existence of the Davao death squad (DDS).

    He apologized for lying under oath, saying that he did it because he feared for the lives of his loved ones.

    According to him, former Senior Police Officer 4 Sonny Buenventura told him to deny everything about the DDS and the allegations of confessed hitman Edgar Matobato.

    “The reason why I made my public confession last week was because of my desire to tell the truth not only because of my spiritual renewal and my fear of God but also I wanted to clear my conscience,” he said.

    Lascañas claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the killing of suspected criminals and other individuals when he was the mayor of Davao City. JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA


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    1. Can you forced the devil to lie? Is it not lying the native language of the devil? How can anyone forced the devil to lie when in his constitution , lying is simply a routine. When a liar or otherwise known as a devil speaks , he speaks his native tongue.

      There is definitely no compulsion for the devil. He does lying as simple as one casually drinks water. Even The Lord cannot force him to lie , because a devil is a lie in himself.

      Now you who are dull of understanding and still believe in the devil—you must equipped yourselves with correct knowledge so that you will have an easy time recognizing a devil if you hear and see one.

      The Devil is a god of duplicity , he is good and evil at the same time. He has two options which are opposites. He uses these two options to built his lies in order to deceive the weak and the unbeliever.

      Mr. Lascañas has two options , and these are definitely opposites. This provide him the basic pivot needed to make a turnaround.
      If he has failed the first time , he is hoping to succeed the second time because he has two conflicting options like Satan , the Devil who is the father of lies and liars.
      You see , this is the mark of a liar , a devil who practices duplicity for he is a god of duplicity , of double-mindedness , and master of changing shadows.

      Whereas , the truth has no other options. He is fixed and invariable. What he says the first time , he will also be saying the same the second time. There is no turning around for the truth. When he speaks , he also speaks his own native tongue—the truth and nothing but the truth.
      No changing of shadows , no double-mindedness , entertaining no doubts and fearing nothing. This is the person of the truth.

      Aid with this knowledge , you will be able to easily decode a devil or a liar.

      Mind you , mr.Lascañas , “spiritual renewal” applies only to the truth. It is never applicable to lies.
      The truth is a Yes and Yes combination , never a Yes and No combo just like what you did! You are a demon!
      Remind yourself of the Serpent in genesis. He is a good and evil god—a temple of two opposites , a Yes and No demon!

    2. Yes. Testimony against self-interest interest is the most credible legal testimony there is. Lascanas is putting himself in jeopardy of life in prison or death by execution of EJK.

      On the other hand, the type of testimony accusing DeLima is the LEAST credible. Convicted imprisoned drug lords with every incentive to lie for powerful people in exchange for their get out of jail card (plus a lot of money).

    3. Lascanas was under oath the first time about DDS.. Now under oath again the second time… What’s the difference? If he lied the first time, will somebody believe him the second time?