• Last Poem for Avvy


    Have I told you before that your eyes got the unflustered look of your cat’s?
    Those brown stubborn eyes—they question without asking,
    They tell without a word unfettered from your lips Leave.

    My feet trembles in every inch farther away from your once loving arms,
    Image of a shadow shattered in a distance.
    I didn’t know sadness until I was alone in every street and city
    Populated with your voices and unfinished sentences
    On an aimless wander for my great loss
    When man has to live drowned with remorse and weight of abandonment

    The earth sighs, engulfing your memories—swallowing every plea, murmurs and voices
    We are not but a dying echo and all the words spoken from your lips to mine
    Steadily dissolving at the rage of the sun

    All that there is, is an inconsolable silence.


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