• At last, somebody stands up to bullies


    The bullies are Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th and Alan Cayetano, as well as the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee itself. It should be more appropriately named the Yellow Ribbon Committee, since under this Administration, it has acted merely as President Aquino’ demolition crew.

    That ‘somebody’ is Vice President Jejomar Binay, who had refused to let himself be humiliated by a modern version of the Spanish Inquisition, where one is presumed guilty, and where there is even no clear procedure for proving one’s innocence.

    Binay correctly refused to be fooled by the argument that he must prove his innocence by following the Senate’s order for him to appear at the hearings. Do that in a kangaroo court?

    And as the public has gone tired of the hearings, getting sick of a heavily-indebted gambler’s accusations, and irritated at the arrogance of the two brash senators, the Committee appears to have blinked, with its chairman, Teofisto Guingona 3rd, saying two days ago that he would no longer “invite” the Vice President to the hearing.

    An Ernesto Mercado, who has admitted stealing hundreds of millions of pesos when he was Makati vice-mayor, hurls accusations against the vice president who had stopped dead the ex-vice mayor’s political career because of his graft, and there is no procedure for cross-examining him by the accused representatives? Huge video screens are used to label the Vice President a thief, and this is called a hearing “in aid of legislation?”

    Who blinked? Vice President Binay; Senators Trillanes and Cayetano

    Who blinked? Vice President Binay; Senators Trillanes and Cayetano

    We should be grateful, though, that Trillanes and Cayetano demonstrated so amateurishly their vitriolic bias against Binay and showed too transparently that their motive was not in “aid of legislation,” but to get rid of the vice president as a contender in the 2016 presidential election.

    Because of their arrogance and total disregard of fair play in the hearings on Binay, Trillanes and Cayetano have unwittingly torn down the Senate Blue Ribbon’s disguise as a body of the legislative branch undertaking investigations in order to assist the entire Senate in making laws.

    All of the Blue Ribbon Committee’s investigations since its reincarnation after Marcos’ fall in 1986 have not resulted in any piece of legislation, contrary to its raison d’etre. In a few instances, it did prod the Ombudsman to investigate and file charges over an anomaly that had been the subject of the Committee’s hearings. None of these, though, has led to convictions.

    Few cases filed
    There are a few cases after Committee hearings that were filed at the Sandiganbayan, the prime example for which is the infamous pork-barrel scam. However, it wasn’t the Blue Ribbon Committee that unearthed this elaborate graft scheme, but the Commission on Audit and one of the criminals turned whistle-blower. The Aquino government merely used the Blue Ribbon Committee to convict the accused (mainly Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla) in the public mind through trial by publicity in order to defang them.

    It wasn’t the Blue Ribbon Committee that unearthed the alleged high-level corruption at the Armed Forces of the Philippines, especially in its comptrollership. It was the defense department and the Ombudsman during President Arroyo’s Administration, starting in 2003 after the sons of Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia, deputy chief of staff for comptrollership, were caught by US Customs carrying undeclared cash of $100,000.

    Look at the history of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee after the restoration of democracy in 1986, and it has really often been a political weapon. The difference is that past Blue Ribbon Committee members were not as crass as the two bullies now. Two examples:

    • In order to advance the accusation that the Corazon Aquino regime didn’t really stand on high moral ground, but was merely a “Kamag-anak, Inc.” Administration, then Senator Juan Ponce Enrile asked the Blue Ribbon Committee in 1988 to investigate the alleged takeover by Cory’s cousin Ricardo Lopa of 36 companies held by Marcos brother-in-law Kokoy Romualdez.

    • Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who believed Fidel Ramos cheated her in the 1992 presidential election, asked the Blue Ribbon Committee to investigate Ramos for graft involving the 1998 Centennial Celebration funds.

    What happened to these cases, and the many probes by the Committee?

    Nothing. After the media lost interest in the cases, the issues faded from the public mind. I don’t think you, dear reader, even knew there were such Blue Ribbon investigations.

    Every time some controversy emerges, the Senate Blue Ribbon committee chairman salivates at the prospects of media exposure and calls for an investigation – from the alleged sexual harassment by a consular officer of Filipinas in the Middle East, to Roberto Ongpin’s alleged behest loan from a government bank and SUVs donated to bishops needing them in the boondocks. Again I emphasize, nothing has really come out of such Blue Ribbon probes, unless the investigations were already well under way as carried out by law enforcement bodies. How could anything come out of these probes when not a single evidence presented in these hearings stood the legal requirements?

    Shameful behavior
    I haven’t heard of a Blue Ribbon Committee in any other country with a similar role—and shameful behavior—as our Blue Ribbon Committee. What our Blue Ribbon Committee has been doing —the kind of investigations as that on Binay’s alleged hidden wealth is an outright violation of the republican principle of separation of powers among the three branches of government.

    As the Supreme Court pointed out in the Lopa case, citing a US decision that ended such activities by a US Congress body: “Congress is not a law enforcement or trial agency. These are functions of the executive and judicial departments of government. No inquiry is an end in itself; it must be related to and in furtherance of a legitimate task of Congress. Investigations conducted solely for the personal aggrandizement of the investigators or to ‘punish’ those investigated are indefensible.”

    My colleague Yen Makabenta, in a recent column, drew attention to US history in which the only woman senator then, Margaret Chase Smith, boldly started to stop what was the equivalent of our Blue Ribbon Committee hearings at that time in America – the McCarthyist frenzy accusing hundreds of patriotic Americans of being communists.

    Smith’s now classic speech against McCarthyism was titled: “Declaration of Conscience,” and she might have well been referring to our Blue Ribbon Committee hearings on Binay’s alleged wealth:

    “I don’t like the way the Senate has been made a rendezvous for vilification, for selfish political gain at the sacrifice of individual reputations and national unity. I am not proud of the way we smear outsiders from the Floor of the Senate and hide behind the cloak of congressional immunity and still place ourselves beyond criticism on the Floor of the Senate.”

    Binay, of course, was just defending himself by wisely refusing to be grilled by Trillanes and Cayetano. Yet, by defying the Blue aka Yellow Ribbon Committee, he could have been inadvertently playing the role of Sen. Smith, boldly standing up to those punks, the bullies in the Senate.

    The Blue Ribbon Committee has been just a waster of time and taxpayers’ money. As San Beda College Graduate School of Law dean Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan quipped: “Investigating ill-gotten wealth, graft and corruption, plunder, is not what we elect legislators for.” “If this is the job they want to do, they should apply to be prosecutors of [the Department of Justice], not senators or congressmen!”

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    1. i would like to comment on San Beda College Graduate School of Law dean Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan. one of the duties of a senator is to fulfill committee duty they are in. and one of the committee is “The Committee on Accountability of Public Officers” also known as blue ribbon committee. Dean Ranhilio, better read first, your statement is a shame to your students

    2. Ulitin n lng natin sa simula, there are complains and investigated by the Senate of a govt. official who happens to be VP Binay. Na madaming evidence against him. Natural lng n dapat magpaliwanag sya. So bakit ayaw nya? Un ang nasa utak ng ordinaryong mamamayan.

    3. A Chicken cannot be expected to stand up against bullies. Definitely Mr. Boy Scout is not one who has the guts to stand up and fight his accusers. A person of stronger stuff, he is not… NOT A BATANGUENO this Binay is

    4. SO, nasaan na ang BATAS para matigil ang pagnanakaw sa Gobyerno? HALATA naman ang Mga SENADOR na POLITIKO lang ang PAKAY! Yung SISTEMA ng Gobyerno ang Nagtutulak na magnakaw ang MGA BINOBOTO ng mamamayan. BAKIT Hindi ang BULOK na Sistema ng PAmahalaan ang UPAKAN NYO at hindi ang mga NAIBOTO, NA? MAMAMATAY KAYONG MGA POLITIKO KAYO, PERO DAHIL SA SISTEMANG NANANATILI, PAPALITAN LANG KAYO NG MGA BAGONG POLITIKONG ITUTULAK DING MAGNAKAW! ASAN NA BATAS NYO MGA MAGNANAKAW DIN SENADOR??

      • >>> Tama. Nararapat lang BAGUHIN ANG SISTEMA AT MGA BATAS NG BANSA. BAGUHIN ANG BILANG NG MGA REPRESENTATIVES NA IHAHALAL AT KUNG MATALO O MATAPOS ANG TERMINO, HINDI KA KAILANGAN BUMALIK PA at kumandidat sa dati o sa bagong position. Bigyan ng pag-asa ang ibang may kakayahan ( if any) makapaglingkod sa bayan. Gawin minsan lang ang paghalal sa mga congressman at sapat na ang 1 o 2 Representatives sa bawat lalawigan at municipality at sa metro manila. Sa senado gawin 12 lamang ang ihalal . I daos ang halalan sabay sa position Pangulo at VP every 6 years.

    5. Mr.Tiglao, sa tingin ko si binay nga ang bully dito, kahit kung sino sino nalang ang pinapadala sa senado,wala namang saysay at walang matibay na ebidensiya para sa amo nila, sa totoo lang damage control nalang yang mga ginagawa nyo.kung responsableng lider yung amo mo e dapat sagutin nya yung akusasyon at si mercado ang harapin nya sa blue ribbon committee. Binigyan siya ng pagkakataong ipaglaban yong sarili nya ba’t hindi nya ginawa.Bakit nasa labas magsalita at di nga rin sinasagot ang mga issue puro nalang nagpapaawa sa mga tao.Wala na pong immune sa atin,lahat ng tao pag inakusahan dapat mananagot at sasagutin ang akusasyon.We live in a democratic country even a criminal has the right to defend himself.

      • Did you notice the supposed table of VP Binay run by the three Monkey Committee. It says “Vice President….FORMER MAYOR OF MAKATI..this caption alone is very DISRESPECTFUL..how can you trust…any invitation…

    6. Mr Tiglao, i think ginagawa lang ng mga senators yung dapat nilang gawin.. be thankful pa nga kasi nagiging eye opener pa sila sa katiwalian na ginagawa ng vice president…

      kung walang lumalaban sa mga corrupt lulubog ang bansang pilipinas!

      • Kung talagang seryoso ang blue/yellow ribbon committee ng senado, dapat lahat ng mayor imbestigahan na rin nila at wag sanang maging selective sila…..at para makita ng ordinaryong filipino kung paano nilulustay ng mga politiko ang pera ng bayan…eh lahat naman yan sila niyakap ang lumang sistema simula noong silay maging politiko…

    7. OH PLEASE, CUT THE CRAP!!! Binay is plain corrupt and dirty! He does not deserve any minute longer to stay in the government. Of course, he will not face the Blue Ribbon Committee because he knows that he’s dirty as hell. Nagdadamage control na lang ang hinayupak na yan. God forbid he becomes the next president. The country is surely going to the dogs when that happens.

    8. To be honest, I did not vote for VP Binay, but I was dismayed of how they treated and made him as the ” LAUGHING STOCK ” by calling names {like NOGNOG ,etc.}by many people.They should have shown respect as our VP.
      These ACCUSATIONS should be brought to court to prove whether the ACCUSED is guilty or not. He is already TRIED by PUBLICITY.

      He is insulted, treated abusively, ill-treated }
      What they did was .VERBAL BULLYING.

      • Wala naman segurong bully kung walang magpabully,dapat sagutin nya yung akusasyon.bakit sa labas siya daldal ng daldal at di nga sumasagot sa issue kung may nagtanong e puro lang paawa sa mga tao.At dapat harapin nya si Mercado at sasagutin nya ang issue point by point.

      • paano naman haharapin ni vp binay c merkado kng walang formal n case filed in court? blue ribbon is not the proper forum for vp binay to answer the allegations of merkado..

    9. this people in the yellow ribbon committee is only jealous with VP Binay that’s why they are trying to pull him down with charges on Parking bldg then picking some other stones to throw against the VP. They forget that gov’t projects could not be built on spoken words only. All should conform on gov’t projects procedure involving the supervising office with proper review on bill of quantities, estimated cost which would be the basis by BAC. the go signal by COA and approval by BAC after the review. this 3 senators just want a show of their concern with an agenda to demolish the VP for the purpose of promoting the favored candidate of Mr. Noynoy.Now they pick-up another issues which in turn makes VP Binay very popular and people made their own analysis that favors the vice president. Hoping that they will stop, as they are wasting time and taxpayers money.

    10. What is so pathetic in all these investigations by this Senate is that even the so called informed public has forgotten or perhaps is not even aware, that the principle to be observed, always is presumption of innocence. Let the accusers prove their allegations. But this requires a process which belongs to the judicial system in order to establish the truth and protect the innocent. Nasira na ang mga institusyon, tumiwarik pa ang pagtingin ng mga nagmamalinis na hustisya ang kanilang isinusulong.

    11. Clearly, the 3 Self-righteous Stooges want a Free Publicity
      via TV coverage, they’re also
      trying to divert the issue of
      DAP anomaly in which they are
      involved in bribery to oust CJ

    12. The problem is that the Senate is not qualified nor empowered to ascertain if what these people are saying is truth. Its the job of the courts to determine that.

      Worst. These senators are themselves presenting evidence and making statement they already claim as true. Its like having a court judge present evidence and testify for the prosecution on the case he is handling.

      How could anyone expect them to be fair and accept evidence contrary to their claims? For these senators to do so, it would require that they admit they were wrong.

    13. Sen Trillanes is no statesman at all, on the way he actuates and bullies the invited resource people. Remember how he lambasted Sec Reyes when the later was invited to a senate hearing? Trillanes was so arrogant, rude and disrespectful to his former superior officer in the AFP. While defending his honor Reyes said he can’t accept the malicious imputation on him because he has honor to protect to which Sen Trillanes blatantly said to Reyes that he has no honor to protect! With the encounter at the senate, Reyes lost his face and after few weeks he committed suicide. A graduate of PMA Trillanes should been more subtle if he wants to attack. He acts as if he’s not a gentleman unlike other PMA graduates who’d became politicians that were circumspect and discreet in their manners. He is more of a thug in the senate. As Sen Enrile said of Trillanes is a fraud.

    14. Binay not only built his cash empire but empire of voters and sympathizers. He is very smart like Marcos. He campaigned for president since he became mayor by inviting all Barangay captains in all corner of all the Islands in the Philippines and made so many sister cities to ensure his victory on his presidential candidacy.

      Setting aside all comments and purpose. There are questions to be answered. What is the truth? Was the Makati building overpriced? Where and how did he get his wealth? Let us know the truth. Makati has big income from big businesses. Let the truth come out.

      • Comparing Marcos to Binay is ridiculous. Corrupt he may be but he proved his worth as president. Admit it or not, Marcos put the country on pedestal. If innocence from being corrupt (as what almost all government officials claim about themselves) is a reason for country’s backwardness then they should corrupt the way Marcos did, hoping that Filipinos will feel the glory of being a progressive country…..There is nothing wrong about probing on Binay’s wealth. The problem in there is, why only him? I have strong conviction that all officials are corrupt. I do not think that those who stay in power for long period are there for public service. They are there because they can get much more. Only fool would spend almost a billion to be appointed into office
        in exchange of true public service with lowly compensation. Almost all our officials are corrupt! They must be investigated without bias.

      • These allegations against the second highest official of this country will never produce any results that would help our legislators in establishing a law that would prevent or eliminate corruption. At the onset and during the hearings, the presiding senators lost tact in the way they were trying to extract information from the resource persons. Rather they were building up a case as they go along and create a scenario which was too obvious of their intentions. Are these personalities really senators???These tactics can be seen a mile away by any right thinking educated Filipino. These types of hearings should have limited or not televised at all. They are trying to undermine the audiences of these hearings by stating and introducing fabulous vocabulary that sounds and means incredible with an implication to make it sound conclusive of any allegations. Senators/ legislators are the think-tanks of this nation in keeping it in order. Let’s ask ourselves, are these kinds of hearings in the Senate uniting us or dividing us? Well, i can only describe these Senators/legislators hearing the case of the VP as similar to the “tambays” of our society whose happiness and daily chore is to listen, entertain, and aggravate stories of their “Kapitbahays” and influencing sympathy to destroy one, all, or either of the parties involved in these “chismises” without care for whatever consequences it will result to. The sub-committee members used the media to get re-assurance from the already disappointed public that what they are doing is ideaI. They will never be “matinee idols” or “bidas.” Eventually, they will end up as “contra bidas” in this zarzuela if they continued on..Well, i can only say that we Filipinos are very conscientious and we use our common sense when it needs be. The truth is within us. Let’s focus.

    15. It’s pretty obvious that these Senators are trying to divert our countrymen’s attention. What happened to Purisima’s case, Janet Lim Napoles’s, Alan Peter Cayetano’s and other more important issues the country is facing? They decided to hit VP BInay, instead. I mean, why now? Because of the upcoming election? Did you notice that tey are attacking the opposition? Isn’t it obvious? Oh, c’mon! Please Senators, get your hankies and wipe the dirt on your faces. You got them, too. Y’all ain’t perfect. You also have your issues, most especially PNoy. Hey, how about Hacienda Luisita?

      • why now? e kailan pa tayo gigising,you should be thankful to those senators,they are the new breed of politicians,it means nobody’s untouchable in the philippine whether you are pres or vice pres. ,it’s up to binay to defend himself,If they (binay) camp find some anomalies to cayetano,trillanes,and pimentel they can do senate investigations too they have the means and capacity to do that.

    16. If Jejomar Binay is quilty as assumned by Senator Trillanes,, Senator Alan cayetano and Ernesto Mercado, why not bring their witnesses, evidence to a court of Justice and render the proper justice. Can the Blue Ribbon Committee impose the proper judgement if they can prove that vice President Binay is guilty? I am starting to believe that this is really a Kangaroo court.

      • Francisco Sevilla on

        Bringing the case of Jojo Binay to a court iof justice is like the line in the Mona Lisa song: “It will lie there and it will die there.”

      • It is very difficult, impossible almost, to indict a senior politician in the Philippines. Especially someone like Binay who is being groomed by his political party to be the standard bearer in the 2016 presidential elections. Prime example of indicting a renowned personality like Binay is the case of the Marcos’es. All Filipinos know the Marcos family IS guilty of plundering the people’s money throughout their martial law regime. But not ONE of the surviving thieves has ever been indicted much less imprisoned. On the contrary, as if to emphasize just how dense a number of Filipinos are mentally, they even managed to get elected in all levels of government. What’s worse, the namesake of the most corrupt president the Philippines ever had, none other than the one and only Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is even contemplating gunning for the presidency!!!! Will we ever learn????

      • If he is not guilty, he will face his accusers ok? And he will command his financial consiglieri Limlingan and Mkti City Hall supplier Gregorio who allegedly owns Hacienda Binay to come home from whatever hole they are hiding to tell the accusers to their faces that they are lying. But of course this Makati mafia godfather will not do that because he already demonstrated to the world that he does not think character is essential to his quest for the presidency. What else can you expect from a forked-tongued lawyer?

      • Victor Cadelina on

        Nah !!! Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and their cohorts are just SALIVATING FOR MEDIA EXPOSURE !!! Solely for the upcoming 2016 ELECTION !!! READ and UNDERSTAND what has been explained from this post . Use your logic !!!

    17. Charge Binay in court. There, he can defend himself and answer all the charges. Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel must immediately stop using the floor of the Senate in demolishing Binay. Remember they are using the taxpayers’s monies for doing the Courts’s job . If Binay is guilty as they say he is , the Court is legally responsible to ascertain this, and to pronounce whatever verdict it would have arrived at . Through the verdict of the Court, Filipino people will still know the guilt or innocence of Binay even without the grandstanding of Trillanes, Cayetano, and Pimentel, with the support and connivance of Senate President Drilon, and the rest of the remaining ” honorable ” senators .

    18. Another means of cementing the image of Binay as “among the api”, thus gaining more support from the pa-api-apihan.

    19. Ang lahat ng ito kasalanan ng mga majority na mahihirap na botante na madaling pag uutuin. At ito ang sinasamantala ng mag politiko – itong mga mahihirap na karamihan utuhin!!! Itong mga utuhin na ito ang may control ng destiny ng bayan.

      Tama na SOBRA NA. Ibagsak ang pwesa ng mga utuhin botante na karamihan mga poor!!!

      Prankahan na tayo para umasenso bayan!!!!

    20. Blue Ribbon Committee should now be called “Bullying Ribbon Committee” with Trillanes as the Chair and Cayetano as vice chair.

    21. Don’t divert the issues.just let jejomar binay defend himself from the overpriced makati parking 2 and the ownership of Rosario Batangas allegation against him.
      .its that very simple

      • John Dimaculangan on

        There are venues for him to defend himself. They are called courts of law. Why do it in a kangaroo court?

      • One question please Mr. San Luis. Why is it that during the help of Gloria Arroyo or even earlier when Binay, Trillanes and Cayetano belong to opposition and when Trillanes and Cayetano has no idea yet that Binay can be a president they did nothing about the ALLEGED CORRUPTION OF BINAY? Bakit ngayon alam nila kakandidato para presidente bigla na lang magnanakaw pala? Puede pala!

      • You are right… but it has to be in court. And its taking too much time…why not let the accusers file it in court.. why doesn’t senate guide the accusers on what to do, rather than talk about it. Is there real concrete evidence of the allegations against the VP. I think there are already laws that may qualify whether an issue is worthy to be heard in court. So, what’s going on, really???

    22. One thing common about bullying and sexual harrassment is that the Bully and the Maniac are powerfull than their supposed victims. My question to the author Mr. Tiglao then is: “are senators more powerfull than the vice president?

      One thing is certain, though, THE TRUTH is powerfull than anything else. Let’s see the truth then. God Himself thought us to seek the truth, isn’t it Mr. Tiglao?

      • Yes, senators are more powerful than the vice-president as long as the President is alive. If the president does not give the vp any cabinet job, the vp just waits for the president to become incapacitated. Then he becomes president and more powerful than senators.

    23. In a way Mr. Tiglao is correct in so far as universal standards on morals and equity are concerned, however, we should remember that we are filipinos and there is always that famous phrase about “only in the Philippines”. Yes right now VP Binay is really being harrassed by these two bully senators (actions and words are openly displayed which will give you this conclusion), BUT MY GOD if there is truth in what these people are saying, can you imagine the consequence for treading the path of morals and equity?
      As far as these two senators and the blue ribbon committee, by the natural order of things, they too will face their own KARMA. So for the sake of 90 million filipinos its still best for VP Binay to really answer the issue in the most categorical manner he can supported by convincing evidences!!!

      • Just out of curiosity, how does one legally prove that he/she is not the owner of a certain property? Is there such a document that tells so? Isn’t it the accuser’s job to show evidence that Binay owns the questioned property? As far as I can see, all the ‘yellow’ ribbon sub-committee was able to prove was that Tiu does not have the TCT for the property because he still wasn’t fully paid to Gregorio. I’m not saying that Binay is not guilty but if he really is, then he should be tried at the proper venue, namely, the Ombudsman. We should not be overcome by our emotions but rather uphold the rule of law. If not, then we might as well tear down our constitution and go into anarchy.

    24. Who can trust Mercado and Baligod? Mercado has admitted he also gained from the Makati Bldg. project and other deals when he was Vice Mayor. He was used by the Inquisitors because he has an axed to grind vs the VP who reneged on his promise to support him in his lusting dream to be mayor. Baligod also lost in the election and is touted to be a heavy gambler and wallowing in gambling debts. The Blue Ribbon Comm. aka Yellow Ribbon is just being used as a forum for grandstanding and a demolition tool to discredit the VP and effectively thwart his presidential ambition in 2016. If they have the goods on the VP, why not bring the case to the Sandigan Bayan or the Ombudsman?

    25. The blue ribbon, this is just another hohum moment, politicians pretending to prosecute the corrupt while their left hands are hiding behind their backs money they also took from the government. What was worrisome was, for senator Santiago to push binay to appear before the 2 kangaroos. I wasn’t happy about that, it would look like she wanted binay to look guilty to give her an advantage if she runs for president. Tsk tsk tsk, ang iba suabe lang kunyari magdala pero parepareho lang, cant claim to be honest when inside there are also ambitions that cant materialize if they don’t do something to put down the person who could stop your rise to power. She should have known that these 2 kangaroos are just there to dance, why encourage binay to dance with them? any thoughts?

    26. mr tiglao, it looks like the inquisition in the sub-com of the yellow ribbon com is not getting the results that it was intended to do. notice that cayetanoy is now saying that the binay presidency would be worse than the arroyo presidency. (and i saw the pdi article saying that one bishop listening to biNOY during his talk with the cbcp was shocked with what biNoy was saying. i do not know how the author got the idea. was a bishop who leaked it? it looks like that cayetaNoy is now raising the arroyo card in his quest to topple biNoy. bumenta na itong gimmick na ito nung si villar, cayetaNoy’s boss in 2010 election, ay tinawag na villaroyo.

    27. reynaldo castaneda on

      Every Politicians and Journalists always refer to EDSA as the “Time we regain our Democracy”. Do you believed in that? That we regain a true Democracy? All it did was remove one SOB and taken over by a bunch of them SOB’s. Up until now! Journalist love EDSA because they want their POWER back! Don’t you think they are doing their job for the love of this country? This Journalist enjoyed GMA. Others enjoyed someone who could served their interest. Now, whatever motive these so called bullies, the main thing is one got rich in high places and he should face the inquiry. He may be injured after the fight, but if the truth proves he is innocent, then He deserves to be the leader of the land. Maybe this Journalist is positioning himself. wants to be back where the golden Goose is.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        I agree… Democracy is for the majority ‘kumain-dili’ during the Marcos Era… Now “democracy” is for the minority greedy rich & conscript media under the Yellow Era… Bangon, Inang Bayan, ala Bonifacio ba o ala Rizal? ITABOY bang tuluyan ang mapang-aping buktot na pamahalaan o REPORMA lang ang kailangan sa gobyernong TATAK Yellow Aquino?

    28. Baka naman mas maraming pilipino ang hindi nagrereklamo sa mga ginagawa ng dalawang senador. Kapangyarihan laban sa may kapangyarihan, iyan lang ang ipinakikita ng dalawang senador.

    29. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Mr. Mercado, in his testimony, said that the VP was already a millionaire since 1986 and showed bundles of receipts of deposits which showed nothing because they were just proof that the VP was engaged in stock buying and selling. The bullies should have noted that and probably would go into why these were not reflected in the SALN. Such a roller coaster investigation just because of greed and ambition. God bless the Philippines.

    30. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The investigation of the so-called Expo scam by Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, then headed – coincidentally by former Sen. Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. – was so extensive that the volume of documents submitted to and reviewed by the committee could have filled one warehouse. But the Pimentel committee could only proposed the enactment of one law – amendment to P. D. No. 1594 – the law on public bidding of government contracts.

      The Pimentel commitee, however, succeeded only in maligning the reputation of the late VP Doy Laurel by claiming that Laurel violated the anti-graft and corrupt practices act when he, as chairman of the Expo corporation, awarded the contract for the construction of the Freedom Ring to construction company without public bidding. The Pimentel committee – and later the so-called Ad Hoc Independent Citizen’s Committee created by former Pres. Estrada and headed by former Senator Rene Saguisag – adopted the recommendation of the Pimentel committee. Both committees disregarded Laurel’s argument that Expocorp was a private corporation and, therefore, not legally-bound to conduct a public bidding.

      In 2011, the Supreme Court, in People v. Morales (649 SCRA 182), ruled that Expocorp was a private corporation and, therefore, and not a government-owned or controlled corporation.

      The media lost interest in the so-called Expo scam, hence nothing was reported afterwards on the dismissal of all cases filed arising out of the alleged scam.

    31. But he must answer his accusers–and your next door columist Kit Tatad has given excellent suggestions on how VP Binay must answer the three stooges. The method I prefer to see ios for Senaor Nancy Binay to give privileged speech. My family and milllions of others, but of course that will not include you, Mr. Tiglao, will be preying for her to succeed in demolishing these three bullies.

    32. That’s a great piece and I hope that the said Blue Ribbon committee will understand their duties as an elected senators. That creating legislations.

    33. I am just an ordinary citizen, a reader of your column. I never had an interest about politics, now I am learning functions of the three branches of Government, independent from each other. I thought the Senators are Prosecutors…not a legislators then what are the three monkeys doing. Go back to work.

    34. Very well explained!!! Salamat at naliwanagan haka haka ko re the blue ribbon’s function.. Indeed their actions were bias.. Unfair practices in favor for their agendas.. They arqe abusing their powers as a member of the yellow ribbon!!!!

    35. I hope they are telling the truth or else they can be liable for damages and this will be costly for them.

    36. Ano ba naman kasi ang aasahan mo sa tatlong itlog na yan? Tandaan na binoto lang yan dahil sa name-recall at hindi dahil sa husay nila sa pagsasagawa ng batas o sa pagiisip ng tamang suhestiyon o polisiya para sa bayan. Ang isa ay naka upo lamang dahil sa awa sa kanya – naawa dahil ipinaubaya ang pwesto na pwede naman hawakan din lang ng pangmatagalan. Syempre, maawa ka lalo pag may tae sa ulo ang tao. Yun isa nga ay duwag din sa totoo at hindi naman pala kayang magpaputok kung tunay na labanan na ang paguusapan. Puro drama at pa pogi lamang pala ang ginawa sa isang hotel na akala ay sapat na yun sa trabaho ng senador. Kung bakit naman kasi naiboto boto pa mga ganyang klase ng imbestigador.

    37. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      Mukhang napasubo na ‘yang dalawang “Kenkoy” sa senado; no more turning back despite the questionable sincerity of their investigations. It’s quite obvious, they are doing it “in aid of Aquino’s affiliations” . It’s sad, young and ambitious as they are, they have become the “tutas” of this “hoity-toity” president’s administration.

      They may be successful in bringing down VP Binay, who has to do a lot of explanations, too, and their end may justify their means. By the same token, their end, as senators, will also be jusfified by their means. .

    38. We, Filipinos, are now paying the price by having tolerated the culture of corruption in our government for a very long time now. We have seen/lived with its negative impact year after year and yet justice is so slow as it has been. Maybe in 2015, when the TPPP and/or the ASEAN integration takes effect and we see the Philippines being taken over by more powerful countries and economies, then the real awakening happens that we need to pursue governance reforms without corruption and create an equitable distribution of wealth and care for human and natural resources. Until genuine reforms are made, the elites, the corrupt in all levels/sectors, the big business groups and other influential groups control the purse strings, influence decision making and enjoy their “happy” days. While this lifestyle is going on, we continue to see extreme poverty of the lower class and decline of moral values creeps and creates problems for everybody.

    39. Beg to disagree Sir, Mercado is Chavit Singson to Joseph Estrada and Luy to Napoles – closed friends and insiders turned witnesses, can’t deny that.

      • agree! who else but old ex partners in crime would be able to shed light on shenanigans committed? mercado is a believable witness because he exposed wrongdoings that also implicates him – statements against one’s own interest. this is an exception to the hearsay rule. kaya nga may tinatawag na whistleblowers, eh!