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    STRAIGHT FROM his “board work” at the MTRCB office, Luke Mejares made his way to Cristy Ferminute on Radyo Singko, which Vignettes co-hosts, to promote his latest album aptly titled Blackbird.

    On the CD’s cover appears a bearded image of Luke beneath the wings of a black bird, and apparently, there’s a story behind the design.

    “Actually, it all started as a joke. ‘Di ba, I’m an ‘egoy’ (colloquial term for “negro”)? So my friends coined a moniker for me, hence, Blackbird. I thought it was cool. Kung merong Asia’s Songbird (Regine Velasquez) at merong Asia’s Nightingale (Lani Misalucha), ako naman si Blackbird.”

    So, how is Asia’s Blackbird able to juggle his time between warbling and sitting as one of the newly appointed board members of the MTRCB? “We’re only required to report eight days a month plus attend the board meetings. Ang ginagawa ko, I exceed the required attendance. At first, I thought it was an easy job pero hindi pala, kailangan bawat materyal, local or foreign, bawat eksena du’n, dapat tututukan mo.”

    Luke is not a stranger to hard work though. Even his path toward a music career had bumps and humps ahead. “Back in Bohol, I would join every amateur singing contest. I remember having competed with Ana Fegi, siya ang nag-champion. Tapos, nagkita uli kami sa isang inter-Visayas contest where she represented Cebu. Before the contest, nag-concede na ‘ko sa sarili ko kasi I knew she’d win and she did. Sumunod du’n, kami na lang dalawa ang natira sa pagpipilian for the new batch of Smokey Mountain [this was after Geneva Cruz], and it was she who got the part. But I’m happy for Ana, she has a music school now in Cebu.”

    Singer Luke Mejares is now an MTRCB board member

    Luke may not appear in regular gigs these days but he—modesty aside—is a most sought after performer in corporate shows with the audience incessantly requesting for his mellifluous rendition of “Kahit Kailan” (originally sung by his vocalist-predecessor in South Border).

    Incidentally, a few bars of the chard-busting ditty sound very much like his latest album’s carrier single “Aaminin Ko sa ‘Yo.” Luke is the latest addition to Jay R’s roster of artists under Homeworkz Music, which includes Kris Lawrence, Paulo Onesa, and Glaiza de Castro among others.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? These two celebrity sisters (CS) secretly harbor ill feelings toward their mom for being unreasonably wise with their hard-earned money [yes, it’s the mom who administers her daughters’ finances] to the point that they hardly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    The elder daughter (ED) must have heaved a sigh of relief after marrying her boyfriend of many years. “’Yung naipon niya bale noong dalaga pa siya, ibinigay na lang niya sa nanay niya. Now, she’s starting from scratch,” reveals our source recalling an instance when the ED was dying to pamper herself with an expensive Rolex watch. Her mom, however, insisted that she acquire parcels of land. “Huwag ka nang bumili ng Rolex, i-invest mo ‘yung kinikita mo sa lupa’,” she admonished her ED.

    While the mom’s idea sounded more practical, close friends of the two CS don’t seem to understand their mom’s economical way of handling their domestic expenses.

    “Grabe naman kasi ang ginagawang pagtitipid ng nanay nila. Imagine, pati mga kasambahay nila (they have one driver and two helpers), tigalawang pandesal lang ang ibinibigay niya sa almusal? Mabubusog ba ang mga ‘yon in a day’s work?”

    No wonder, adds our source, the two CS look famished just as well whenever they report to the set of their respective work. “You should see them salivate at the sight of catered food on the set. Contrary to their svelte figure, they eat like hungry wolves!”


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