Law enforcers lauded for catching terrorists, criminals


THE Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) on Monday gave recognition to various law enforcement agencies for arresting criminals and terrorists.

The anti-crime group gave awards to operatives and officials of the National Bureau of Investigation for the capture of two alleged Islamic State (IS) members Husayn Al-Dhafiri and Syrian Rahaf Zina. The two were said to have been involved in the manufacture of explosives and could have staged a bombing in the Philippines.

The group also went to the headquarters of the Manila Police District to cite police in the case of motorcycle-riding criminals caught on closed-circuit television at Pedro Gil Street and Taft Avenue.

VACC founding chairman and president Dante Jimenez said his group will continue giving awards to law enforcers.

“It’s been a long practice, but now we’re doing it locally. We used to do it yearly, only during our anniversary…We will be going to other regional centers, regional directors and stations, especially if there are big accomplishments,” Jimenez said.

The VACC will also give awards to the Bureau of Immigration and the Armed Forces of the Philippines for their assistance in the capture of the suspected IS members.

“Our message to law enforcers nationwide, you really have to focus on your jobs and accomplish missions. You have to focus on the victims from beginning to end. If they are really sincere in helping the victims they should do it from beginning to end. There should be no compromise,” Jimenez said.


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