Lawmaker calls for inquiry into state of PH volleyball


Taguig City Rep. Lino Cayetano has filed House Resolution 1778      which tasks the House Committee on Youth and Sports Development to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, into the recent actions of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) concerning the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) and their formation of the PVF team, and to review the current state of Philippine volleyball.

Cayetano noted that the POC wants to disband the National Women’s (Amihan) and Men’s (Bagwis) Volleyball Teams which was formed by the PVF on October 2014 for the Singapore Southeast Asian Games in June even if the POC is not mandated to form a team under the PSC law.

“The PSC Act bestows upon the NSAs [national sports associations]the responsibility to select members of the national team and to adopt, in coordination with the POC, training programs for the development of athletes and their preparation for international competitions. [But] POC stepped in with the intention of forming a five-man committee to take over PVF and its functions, including the replacement of the national team and holding tryouts anew, among others,” Cayetano, who played volleyball for the University of the Philippines during his college years, said in his Resolution.

Cayetano added that the PSC law grants NSAs an autonomous status, and that it is the PSC, not the POC, which has the supervisory and visitorial powers over the NSAs in connection with their sports promotion and development programs with respect to which financial assistance is extended by the PSC.

The POC, led by Jose “Peping” Cojuangco who is the uncle of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, initially wanted to dissolve the Amihan and Bagwis teams by citing that the PVF officials who formed them are squabbling.

Such move to hold another set of tryouts for a formation of another team failed to get support from the country’s top players.

The POC then revised its strategy and questioned the PVF’s legitimacy this time, noting that the POC cannot recognize PVF’s legitimacy because of PVF’s alleged double registration in the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Philippines is slated to host the 2015 Asian Under 23 Women’s Volleyball Championship to be held on May 1 to 9, and Cayetano warns that the controversy involving the PVF, POC and the PSC could affect the country’s bid to host the tourney.


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  1. Here come the destroyer, peping cojuangco has nothing to do for PVF and yet peping keeps overstepping in the affairs of an NSA which violate the IOC Charters, but this guy peping has never stop interfering in all NSA functions, all peping cincerns is his own self and not for sport, peping thinks he stay foreverand leave a dirty footprint in the sports, pepping is the worse person to cime to sports and never learn his bad habit, days are counting in his greediness. Ever since peping enters sport, what he had achieve d has nothing to be proud of, peoples who are just afraid as what perceived the devil inside his mind should be stop at all course. Halleluya…..

  2. Make sensible bills Congressman Cayetano. Asking for a house inquiry is just a waste of money.

    Let the PSC and POC do their job without any interference from you.