• Lawmaker defends Mayor Binay in Dasmariñas incident


    A congressman on Friday said the security guards of Dasmariñas Village in Makati City were disrespectful to Mayor Jejomar “Junjun” Binay when they refused him entry into the exclusive village.

    In a statement, Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela City, a stalwart of the National People’s Coalition, said the stance taken by the security guards of Dasmariñas was uncalled for since the village is not “an independent state.”

    “The actions of the security guards totally disregarded the authority vested on Mayor Binay as the father and leader of the city. As the city mayor, the entire Makati is under his jurisdiction, including the Dasmariñas Village. The security guards should have realized in that they are talking with their mayor and as a matter of showing respect and courtesy to him, they could have easily given him and his group free access to leave the village premises” Gatchalian said.

    The Binays have denied reports that they ordered their police escorts to arrest the village guards.

    A security camera footage showed that guards of the Right Eight Security Inc. did not raise the gate’s iron barrier, enforcing a village policy that no vehicle will be allowed to pass through after 10 p.m.

    Gatchalian said it is within the mayor’s powers to call the police who subsequently removed the barrier.

    “If a mayor cannot enter or leave a property within the area of his jurisdiction because of a supposed rules and regulations that were drawn and implemented by a group of private individuals, then this would surely diminish his effectiveness as the leader of his town or city,” the lawmaker said.


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    1. “The actions of the security guards totally disregarded the authority vested on Mayor Binay as the father and leader of the city. As the city mayor, the entire Makati is under his jurisdiction, including the Dasmariñas Village.

      eh under naman pala sa jurisdiction mo eh bat d mo kayang e follow ang isang simpleng rule? you of all people should know. pati grade 1 alam yung saying na “a good leader is a good follower” can u be more stupid? idiot gago i hope u read this.

    2. Ignorance about the law, notably Local Government Code, is shown here by Rep. Gatchalian. Worse, he used to be a mayor. A mayor executes laws and local ordinances but such power is not a grant to abuse the same. In the scenario here, Binay was not performing his duties as mayor. There was no peace and order problem for him to resolve or address that calls for his intervention. He was simply a visitor in exclusive subdivision with certain policies to comply with. Being a mayor is not an automatic license to be exempted from the policies of an exclusive subdivision. The action of the guards is not about Dasma Vill being an “independent state” but sheer compliance of subdivision policies which to my mind are not violative of existing laws.

    3. Due respect to the Mayor of the City be given at all times. When in doubt, the security guards should get consent from his supervisor for proper disposition, if the Mayor is entering a gated private property/community.

    4. Another idiot to Binay’s rescue! Our country has really deteriorated. Imagine having this kind of politicians & this congressman!!


    5. Homeowners Association’s policy ang sinusunod ng mga guwardya. Sila ang nagpapasweldo sa mga guwardya kaya walang karapatan ang sinuman na baliin ang policy kung walang pahintulot ang Homeowners Assoc. officials. Dapat pinatawagan na lang sa guwardya ang Official para pahintulutan silang dumaan. Kawawa naman ang mga guwardya, siguro di sila taga- Makati kaya di nila kilala si Mayor. Sabi ng COP ng Makati, kinumbida daw nila ang mga guwardya sa Presinto dahil may argumento. Di ba dapat na kumbidahin din nila ang grupo ni Mayor para malaman nila ang sides ng both parties.

    6. This Gatchalian still has the wang wang mentality. If we want this country to move forward then think twice before putting this kind of people with this mindset in the government service. They still have this mentality as the masters rather than a servant.. Poor people of Valenzuela …

    7. Makati is modern metropolis. It about time this gated exclusive villages to open their gates to traffic. After all their drainage and sewer are connected to the national water system. These gates are sign of anarchy. During yabut time these gates were opened to ease up traffic.

    8. Wait till his father becomes President and we’ll have to kneel everytime they pass. They want to be treated as royalty.

    9. Gatchalian is defending a Makati Mayor who does not try to follow rules and regulations on a private property. The show of arrogance, power, and force on lowly security guards is nothing but insane among learned and powerful individuals. Mayor’s escort being showed cocking his small arm and another holding a long arm, and the Mayor himself, being cuddled with a huge umbrella (baka masipon si Binay Boy) calling his policemen to dismantle the security guards. Then, three reinforcement security guards came but was instructed to fold on a dark corner and threatened to stay or else! Then, some were invited to the [police Station and were kept for four hours. And they claimed this is normal!

    10. Lahat kayong may hawak ng pansamantalang kapangyarihan na ipinagkaloob sa inyo ng mga tao ay mapagsamantala. Ang iniisip ninyo puro kapakanan lang ninyo. Para kayong mga langaw na nakatuntong sa kalabaw na kung umasta ay malaki pa sa kalabaw. Kung si Mayor Binay ay talagang may pagpapahalaga sa delicadeza bilang puno ng Makati, dapat sumunod siya sa lahat ng mga dapat sundin. Kung tumawag siya bago sila dumaan doon, OK lang. Dapat nga siya ang humingi nog paumanhin sa kanilang ginawa. Kinawawa nila ang katayuan ng isang maliit at hamak na security guard. Kaya ikaw Gatchalian sa mga itinuring mo lumalabas na isa kang abusadong tao. Isa kang langaw, kaya tumahimik ka na kung wala kang sasabihin para sa ikabubuti ng mga tao.

    11. I think may mali talaga kay Mayor Binay, kc kahit ikaw pa ay mayor dapat isaalang alang nya ang mga simpleng batas. Dapat kc ahead of time nag inform sila sa subdivision na dadaan sila don, siguro wLang magiging problema. Parang hari naman ang dating nya, porke ba at security guard lang kakaya kayanin nya? Maging makatao naman sana siya. Siguro ang mali lang ng security guard ay sumunod lang sa tungkulin nya kc mahal nya trabaho nya. Yun lang po.

    12. what are talking about mayor of valenzuela, this is a private property and they have implemented that rules and guidlines to their security guard, ibig mong sabihin basta nalang silang papasok o lalabas sa isang private property ano mang gusto nila, talagang aroganti yang mayor na iyan, natatandaan ko nag wala siyang respeto sa nasirang dilg sectary robledo, sa is informa settler sa guadalupe, yang mga binay na yan masyado na kayong matagal na naghari sa makati, kung may political dynasty dapat sila ang unahin

    13. mali at katwiran ti Gatchalian. dapat bang lang mga plitoko ang manguna sa pagpapatupad
      ng batas para ang taong bayan sumudon sa kanilang tapak
      kung sila pa ang hindi susunod walan manga yayari as bansa

    14. Mali ka Gatchaillan.

      Unless the Mayor is on a opisyal business and his security group has prior arrangement with sekyu agency that his convoy will be passing by at that gate then perhaps, yes.

      Pero, hinde bigla na lang silang sisipot sa gate. At tapus sasabihin puede ba silang dumaan duon. Abuso de kompyansa yun ganuon.


      • You nail it bulls eye! Mayor Binay is totally wrong & I cannot understand why this stupid congressman is defending an indefensible…clearly an abused of authority.

        It is simply a rule to be followed from a “private property” that applies to everyone even to a person of authority as the Mayor.

        Again, private property po yan at wala sa official business ang meyor so hindi cya pwede dumaan…period!

      • Franklin gujol on

        I agree. If it is official business , for example, in an emergency which needed the mayor to attend to, then it’s Ok. But it’s not. Binay went there as an ordinary citizen. Simply put it, it’s just abuse of power. Gatchalian’s statement that as mayor, he can go anywhere, is wrong. The police cannot even enter a property without a warrant- if the owner is not willing or will not give them permission.

      • The rules says after 10 PM, nobody is allowed to exit on that backgate Including President, VP, Senators,Mayors and others, etc. Are you saying, just because he is Mayor of Makati, he should be given a privilege to take that backdoor. No matter what time it is? That a very stupid law, In the eyes of law, everybody should be treated equal. If you give lawmakers too much power, they tend to be corrupt as they are now and always above the law. As a matter of fact, too much above the law. Binays and Gatchalian, we are watching you all the time. God bless the Philippines from these crocodiles. .

      • yah i agree 100%! in the first place, the mayor should not have attempted to pass thru the exit knowing its already closed after 10pm for security reasons. alam naman yun ng kapatid niyang babae na senador na kasam sa grupo, eh bakit nagpumilit sila. the security guards are just following instructions in the course of doing their job. abuso talaga ang ginawa nila……… e mayor pa naman siya. dapat he should show a good example!