Lawmaker eyes mandatory ILP


A member of the Commission on Appointments has asked the government to mandate all private companies to contribute to the power supply by using their generators instead of getting supply from the national grid.

Isabela Rep. Rodito Albano 3rd was referring to the Interruptible Load Program (ILP), one of the schemes adopted by the government to ease the power shortage expected this summer.

Albano urged the Department of Energy to issue an order directing big companies to participate in the ILP program in light of the projected energy supply shortfall of 745 megawatts from March to July.

“What happens if these identified heavy power users refuse to join the ILP and continue to draw heavily from the national grid? The ILP would then be rendered ineffective and inutile,” Albano, a former executive director of the Joint Congressional Power Commission (JCPC), said.

“The government must make the ILP compulsory to make it work. ILP should not depend or rely on “volunteerism” by heavy power users with power generating capacity,” he added.

The Senate and House of Representatives have yet to approve the emergency powers for President Benigno Aquino 3rd which would allow the government to compensate the ILP participants to the tune of P400 million for five months.

The House version of the Resolution on emergency powers puts the cost of ILP compensation on the government. The Senate, however, wants the compensation charged to consumers.

So far, at least 400 firms have registered with the ILP program.

But Albano said all big private companies should be compelled to join.

“It should be mandatory because this is not about preserving their businesses. Their businesses are imbued with public interest,” he said.


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