• Lawmaker, fugitive run illegal gambling?

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    What’s this I hear that a lawmaker from northern Luzon and a Canadian fugitive have teamed up to run a big time illegal online gambling in the country?

    The story goes something like this: Mr. Canadian fugitive, alias “Mr. CWA” arrived in the country a decade ago from the United States.

    He is wanted by both the Canadian and US federal agents for operating a million-dollar illegal gambling in the two countries, embezzlement and tax evasion.

    ”Mr. CWA” is a renowned online illegal gambling operator in the world. Surprisingly, he found a connection to a lawmaker who owns a license for gambling operations in northern Luzon.

    Thus, “Mr. CWA” and the lawmaker teamed up and opened up a million dollar online gaming in the country.

    The lawmaker is aware that his partner is a wanted man but this did bother him.

    According to the same story, the fugitive online gambling king has opened online gambling in Makati, Mandaluyong, and in Quezon City despite knowing that the license he uses is only good inside an exclusive area in northern Luzon.

    Surprisingly, the lawmaker allowed the illegal operations outside of the area specified in his license.

    Last week, authorities raided the illegal joints in Metro Manila. However, “Mr. CWA” and the lawmaker got off the hook and the authorities are mum about it.

    Paging the FBI assigned at the US embassy.

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    Calauan police chief needs retraining
    The chief of police of Calauan, Laguna has to go back to the academy for retraining.

    Chief Inspector Marilyn Lozada either does not have any idea of the standard operating procedures of the PNP or had totally forgotten what she learned at the academy.

    The problem started when a couple went to TV5 to complain about two abusive policemen in the said town.

    Based on their complaint, they figured in a motorcycle accident with two motorcycle-riding police officers last week.

    They claim that instead of helping them, the police officers mauled the male victim. Not contented, the cops arrested him and put him behind bars, evidently for figuring in an accident with the police officers.

    So last Friday, I called the chief of the two abusive cops too ask her if she has taken disciplinary actions against her men.

    I almost fell off my seat when Maj. Lozada said she has not disciplined the two since there was no complaint even though they clearly abused their authority.

    Also, when asked why she disallowed the family of the victims from taking photographs behind bars, Lozada said it’s PNP policy.

    Lozada probably does not know that I was a police reporter for a dozen years and have done rounds on police stations to gather news.

    I pity this young police chief because she sounded stupid during that TV interview.



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    1. If found ignorant, she should be suspended to teach her and other PNP officials like her a lesson.

    2. I like it when the Tulfo brothers help people specially the poor who are being abuse by other people specially those in a higher position in government or the private industries including the abusive rich and powerful. However, I hate it when they report and fail to name names. It’s like, they show that they are tough and not afraid of anyone but their behavior of not naming names shows that they are really weak and afraid and subscribe to hearsay or tsismis such as what happened to Erwin in his column here.