Lawmaker proposes taxi stands on business establishments


A lawmaker is currently seeking to mandate all business establishments to put up taxi stands within their premises to ensure safety and ease to passengers.

Rep. Angelina Tan of Quezon province filed House Bill 3371 eyeing to require malls, shopping centers, commercial areas, airport, bus terminal, hotels and restaurants.

To promote security, a security officer from the establishment should issue passenger stubs containing the date and time, name of the taxi company, body and plate number of the vehicle, Tan said that

The stub will be given to the passenger right before boarding the vehicle, she added.

Aside from that, establishments are also required to place a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) near the taxi stand.


Rommel Delima, a commuter, expressed belief that the target of the measure to promote safety could easily be achieved should HB 3371 be approved into law.

However, he said that a known hotel/casino near Manila International Airport Terminal 3, among others, has been doing the same procedure for some time already.

“If the business estbalishments have enough concern to the public, there is no for a law that would mandate them to do such. It is, after all, a small price that would ensure safety of all concerned,” he said.

Ma. Analyn Moises, another commuter, said that it would also cut the probability of taxi drivers refusing to convey passengers.

“We could easily report the taxi drivers who refuse to convey passengers or is putting commuters in a contract. I, for one, would be waiting for this,” she said.

Tan said that filing HB 3371 cam at the heels of reports about taxi drivers who are members of criminal syndicates are preying on their passengers.

Tan said the latest modus operandi of these criminal syndicates is the use of inducing spray that will put the taxi passenger to sleep.

“A complainant narrated her ordeal that while inside the taxi cab she was almost knocked unconscious due to the strong smell of gaseous odor sprayed by the tax driver,” Tan said.

Under the proposal, the local government units (LGUs) would be set to conduct a regular inspection to see if the business establishments in their locality are implementing the proposed Act.

A fine of P300,000 and revocation of their license permit to operate would be slapped on the management or officials of the business establishments who violate the proposed Act. RUBEN D. MANAHAN 4TH


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