Lawmaker pushes for medical tourism to generate jobs


Incoming 1-Pacman Party-list Rep. Mikee Romero said on Monday he is helping the incoming Duterte administra-tion in crafting measures that can generate millions of job for Filipinos for the next six years.

Among the priorities of Romero is medical tourism that makes Thailand famous and now contributing USD25 billion in government’s coffer annually.

He said that they had already well-trained and internationally renowned doctors who were just waiting for gov-ernment support to open the medical tourism in the country.

“Imagine if we can get a share of at least USD10 billion worth of medical tourism from Thailand, that would trans-late to about 500,000 additional job opportunities for Filipinos,” Romero said.

According to one of the most successful Filipino businessmen in the country having been ranked 33rd among the 50 richest Filipinos with a net worth of USD 375 million by Forbes Magazine in 2014, medical tourism is just one of the main attraction to entice more foreign tourist to visit the Philippines.

He is referring to expected expansion of hotels and restaurants industry in the country should the influx of tourist arrival starts.

The 41-year-old neophyte lawmaker of the 17th Congress, who holds doctorate degrees in management and polit-ical economics, said that one of his priorities was to promote easing up of doing business in the country to lure more foreign direct investors in order to create at least one million quality jobs in our country.

“As an economist and now lawmaker, one must look on how we could expedite the passage of bills that will gen-erate more jobs for Filipinos. One million jobs is not impossible if we have the right policies in place,” he said.



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  1. If medical tourism is pushed and promoted aggressively the country will benefit a lot. It will not only provide jobs and boast the economy but it will also attract FDI’s. Philippines has the potential to become a major player in medical tourism as it has well trained doctors, location advantage and competitive pricing which could be beneficial for promotion of medical tourism.