Lawmaker seeks passage of ‘all-inclusive’ Anti-discriminatory act


DEPUTY Speaker Sharon Garin, AAMBIS-Owa partylist representative, pushed for the passage of House Bill 3541 or the Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Act saying that protection from various forms of discriminatory practices must be all-inclusive. Garin, author of the bill, stressed that the measure recognizes the inter-sectionalities and layers of human rights abuses, and does not give entitlement to any specific community, but assures that violations or threats to human rights are addressed. She said indigenous people are denied access to basic services because of prejudices against their cultural expressions. Also biases against one’s sexual orientation or gender identity result in the denial of one’s right to work or education, she added. The proposed measure, pending before the Committee on Human Rights, provides protection against various forms of discriminatory practices such as inflicting stigma, denial of right to education, right to work, and access to goods and services, among others. If approved, anyone found guilty of discriminatory practice shall be penalized with a fine not less than P100,000 or imprisonment of a minimum of two years, or both at the discretion of the court.


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