Lawmaker to push again for motorcycles-for-hire in 16th Congress


by Ruben D. Manahan 4th, Reporter

A lawmaker has recently said that he would continue to push for the regulation of motorcycles-for-hire in the 16th Congress.

Rep. Pedro Acharon Jr. of South Cotabato said that he is planning to re-introduce House Bill 39, which seeks to provide local government units (LGUs) the authority to regulate the operations of motorcycles-for-hire in their areas of jurisdiction.

Acharon , who recently won the election against Ruel Pacquiao, Sarrangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s brother, said measure woild not only regulate the business operation of , but would also protect both the operator and the riding public.

“It is common knowledge that in many areas in the country, the only mode of transportation is the motorcycle-for-hire. Although commonly accepted as a means of public transport in many areas, motorcycles-for-hire are not registered thus their business operations are illegal and are not covered by any kind of insurance,” he said.

He also said the proliferation of motorcycles-for-hire as a means to transport passengers or goods is detrimental to the riding public, saying that passengers cannot claim any benefit or reimbursement for medical expenses in case of accidents.

“Regulating the business operation of motorcycles-for-hire will give operators the authority to register their motor vehicle as a public transport and are obliged to be governed by the law on common carriers,” Acharon explained.

The bill–be known as the “Motorcycles-For-Hire Act,” if enacted into law–would give the municipality or city the power to receive, process and evaluate all applications for the grant of franchise to operate motorcycles-for-hire within their territorial jurisdiction.


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