Lawmaker wants ban on ‘recycled’ Cabinet members


A member of the powerful Commission on Appointments (CA) is pushing a measure that will stop the President from reappointing Cabinet members who have been bypassed three times.

Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas of Ilocos Norte said once the appointment of a Cabinet member has been bypassed by the CA three times, members of the committee will decide, through a vote, if the Cabinet member can still remain in his or her post. If the CA votes to reject the Cabinet member, he or she cannot be reappointed by the President anymore.

Fariñas noted that most Cabinet members skip the CA hearings, virtually rendering the panel useless since these Cabinet members can be reappointed by the President at any given time.

This was true in the cases of Justice Secretary de Leila de Lima and Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla.

De Lima’s appointment was not tackled for three years but she recently faced the CA and was confirmed last week. Petilla’s confirmation hearing is yet to be scheduled.

“I will file a resolution amending the CA rules on this because as it is, the Presidential appointees who are Cabinet members can easily secure their posts with or without the approval of the Filipino people we represent. The Constitution provides that sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. Politicians pay house-to-house visits, go around a lot of cities and barangays to get the people’s vote, and yet these Cabinet officials cannot even spare time in paying courtesy calls to the members of the CA whose vote is needed for their confirmation,” Fariñas.

The CA recently confirmed Secretary Dinky Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and Secretary Ramon Paje of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


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  1. eltee mulawin on

    >>> Mr.Rodolfo Farinas absolutely right and correct. And those cabinet appointee shall be address or considered as ACTING Secretary ONLY until he/she got a confirmation of COMMITTEE ON APPOINTMENT OF CONGRESS. And also shall not be appointed to any position in government or offices.
    >>> Mr. Farinas should file an ammendment to CA rules immediately now otherwise this will not be done and will be forgotten.
    >>>Also one Veto or one negative vote from a senator shall not consider confirm or approval the Cabinet Appointee and he/shall be bypassed.

  2. I fully agree with the Congressman. Really, those selected by the president and not approved by congress should have the delicadeza not to hang in there and get out.

    Better yet Congressman, if the candidate for the cabinet position is not approved by Congress than the president to pick another one – not his yes men or women cohorts! How about it Congressman?

  3. Rudy Farinas is talking hero. Why did he not initiate this recycled ban proposal years back? Why only now that people rejected already for the nth time like Soliman, Paje, Mendoza and others are already unceremoniously confirmed?


    Congressman Farinas is right. If a bypassed appointee has been bypassed by
    the Commission on Appointments it would be a direct insult on the power
    of the CA to confirm the appointment of people that are subject for confirmation.
    Worst of its kind is the appointment of de lima, soliman, etc. whose appointments
    were bypassed by the CA but Abnoy continued to give them their interim appointment.
    If such is the case, why not abolish the Commission on Appointment. It is of no
    use if their power has always been rebuffed by Abnoy to protect his favored lapdogs.
    Congress should do something unless they now succumb to whatever this president
    would want. Again, this president is making shortcuts to satisfy his whims.