Lawmaker wants barangay polls replaced with appointing power of mayors


A lawmaker has drafted a bill that would abolish barangay (village) officials’ election suggesting that the incumbent mayors should have the power to appoint them instead. Rep. Ben Evardone of Eastern Samar, author of House Bill 6125, cited incidents that the practice of electing barangay officials has brought animosity among neighbors and family members and eroded the bayanihan (community) spirit. Under the measure, incumbent barangay officials shall stay until June 30, 2019 in holdover capacity. The appointed barangay official will serve in a coterminous capacity with the appointing mayor but the latter’s incapacity, death, resignation, or removal will not affect the tenure of the appointed officials to ensure stability.


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  1. This of course begs the question :

    “If we get rid of elections and leave it to our Honorable mayors to appoint someone..Who are we going to get”?

    Well We don’t have to be Einstein to work that one out …

    We are going to have someone who will be on the mayors side .

    .If we are too have a real democracy…The answer is not to have public officials, that are hand picked by incumbent mayors …

    .Who will then have local politicians “On side”…

    It is my view that instead of a healthy, vibrant type of government .

    ..This would lead to a stacked deck ..

    .bunch of yes men ..that know they owe their job …not to public support but to the mayor ,,

    ,no doubt , as to where their allegiance will lie …

    thanking you
    for your attention to this matter

    I remain yours
    David M Meyer [PhD Psych}