Lawmaker wants Murad, Iqbal probed


Davao City Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles on Saturday called on the Ad Hoc Committee on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) to look into the allegations of former Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan that Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Al-Haj Murad Ebrahim and MILF peace panel chairman Mohaqher Iqbal are Malaysian citizens.

Nograles said the question on the citizenship of the two MILF officials should be resolved before Congress continues with its deliberations on the proposed BBL.

If true, Nograles said Congress can be held criminally liable for committing acts of treason for selling out the country’s sovereignty to foreign nationals.

“According to former Secretary Rafael Alunan 3rd, both Chairman Murad and Chairman Iqbal travel with Malaysian passports, and are in fact Malaysians. This is a very serious allegation and must be investigated immediately, even before we continue deliberations on the BBL,” Nograles, a member of the ad hoc panel, said.

“I raise this concern because if it is true that we are writing the BBL Law for Malaysians then we in Congress will be criminally liable for acts of treason,” he added.

According to the Mindanao solon, the Ad Hoc committee will have longer time to review the proposed Bangsamoro law and how it will affect the country because Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte decided to “extend the life” of the panel for another two months.

“We are all for peace but we should achieve peace in Mindanao without sacrificing our sovereignty as one nation and one people,” Nograles said.

“I call on our Ad Hoc Committee chairman Rep. Rufus Rodriguez to immediately call the officials of the Bureau of Immigration and subpoena all travel documents of Al Haj Murad Ebrahim and Mohaquer Iqbal to shed light on this matter and confirm whether or not these allegations are true,” he added.



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  1. It is a treason already from the beginning. duh! How hard could be to check those 2 at the NSO if those guys are legit filipinos. Kayong mga namumuno ang tunay na salut sa Pilipinas.Only a handful of politicians can be trusted. even the President is acting like an idiot.

  2. Magkaroon sana ng silbi para sa matinong pamahalaan ang buhay at dugo na ibinuwis ng mga SAF 44 at mga kasama sa pwersa. Mamulat na sana ang isip ng mga lider ng ating bansa na pagsilbihan ang mamamayan ng buong katapatan tungo sa kaunlaran. Dahil ang kapayapaan at kaunlaran ng isang bansa ay magiging mailap kapag ang mga umuugit o tumitimon sa bawat sangay ng gobyerno ay tiwali at mga negosyanteng TRAPOs. Ngayon kung tunay na si Ginoong Iqbal at Ibrahim ay mga Malaysian citizens, si Pnoy at mga kasama sa pagsusulong ng BBL ay napakaling pananagutan ang haharapin nila sa taongbayan.

  3. Yes, find out who iare Murad and Iqbal. They could be MOLEs that duped the incompetent psychopath PNoy

  4. Utak polbora on

    I’m not saying all but most of the muslims especially the milf, biff, mnlf, etc are not trustworthy. Amen

  5. Hoy wake up Philippines!!!!!Must be aware of what is happening around,dapat magbitiw si Aquino Kung Di niya kaya ang tungkulin niya before it’s too late

  6. Wake up filipino people. kung Filipino ka may pakialam ka. nakataya dito ang ating sovereignity ang ating territory na ginagago pala nitong BBL na pinaboran ng ating Abnormal na presidente at ng congress… this must be stop.. and we will declare to the malaysian persona non grata. We dont need malaysian help for our economy. we can stand at our own feet.
    if this is true that these 2 fucking are malaysian people , the president must be charge for treason and betrayal of trust.

  7. Rep.Nograles dont stop until we find the truth on this,what a mess our country is now,China building islands on our reefs,SAF troopers getting massacred and President Aquino is doing nothing about it.This moron and coward P-NOY should go now.Transition government needed.

  8. BBL is at first already unconstitutional. Why still pursue this law to be passed, if the leaders of the MILF lied about their citizenship? We cannot trust a person, if at first, he lied and fooled us. Peace is just their front row but the truth is they only want power.. Everyone wants to achieve PEACE in Mindanao, but BBL IS NOT THE ANSWER!

  9. This rumor should be verified or stopped. Either way the BBL should be junked along with any agreements made with the MILF. No negotiations with terrorist organizations.

  10. Carlo L. Adan on

    The whole MILF leadership, not just Murad and Iqbal, PLUS the chief of the Philippine government panel and her boss the OPAPP secretary to BS Aquino and Aquino himself are all spiritually MALAYSIANS. They are helping Malaysia achieve its aim of (1) making permanent its illegal occupation of Sabah, which is Philippine territory (that’s why Malaysia has never topped paying the Silta of Sulu rent for the use of Sabah) and (2) some day taking over Mindanao.

  11. If these two men Al Haj Murad Ebrahim and Mohaquer Iqbal were said to be true a Malaysian Citizens, it is very clear that the Malaysian government and after having been taken Sabah as their sub-state, they wanted to take Mindanao too, and that is their goal and not Peace.!

    Wake-Up BBL Authors….!