Lawmaker with bad attitude

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

A story about a popular female lawmaker who has a nasty attitude has been circulating in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The lawmaker, who won in the last elections, reportedly fired all the staff of her husband, who was once a ranking government official himself.

Rumor has it too that this lawmaker is so bossy that even her husband is afraid of her. In Filipino lingo, he’s “ander da saya”

She is also quarrelling with her brother over the development of a piece of land that is being managed by her brother.

This lawmaker, according to rumors, is pretending to have a heart for the poor yet in reality she hates being with them.

Unlike her husband who used to live in the sea of garbage because he grew up in the slums, Mrs. lawmaker grew up with a silver spoon on her mouth.

I hope she will soon change her attitude for the better because she is destroying the pro “masa” image of her husband who built it over the years when he was a member of the House a long time ago.


Two brothers partners in smuggling
Two Tsinoy brothers who have etched their names in the entertainment and sports industry are reportedly involved in the smuggling of grains in the country.

According to a ranking official at the Customs Bureau who asked not to be identified, these brothers have a front man in their nefarious activity at the pier.

However, people at the BOC are aware that the siblings are financing the smuggling of rice into the country.

These two have a legitimate business but they recently sold most of their shares to an executive of a corporate giant to make sure that their company stays afloat and use it as a front for their illegal business activity.

According to my source, the two brothers make it appear that their company is making money even though no one is patronizing their product.

They reportedly make almost P100 million in one shipment alone of contraband rice.

My source said that catching these two brothers would be impossible because their connections are deeply rooted in government institutions.

Besides, these two brothers are wily. Right Misters “T”?


BOC food section has to be reshuffled
The smuggling of onions and garlic at the South Harbor would not be possible without the connivance of Bureau of Customs (BOC) Section 1 or “food lane” personnel.

These personnel are aware that using recycled or extended import permits from the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) is illegal yet they openly allow it.

However, because of the oodles of grease money given to them by the syndicate every week, these Section 1 staff opted to close their eyes and allow the entry of the contraband items.

A reshuffle would solve the problem of smuggling in that section.


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