Lawmakers condemn HK official


Hong Kong leaders should condemn the philandering husbands instead of haphazardly judging Filipino household service workers as seducers of their married male employers.

House Deputy Majority Leader Sherwin Tugna of Citizens Battle Against Corruption party-list and OFW party-list Rep. Roy Señeres were reacting to a statement made by Hong Kong executive councilor Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee that the Filipino workers ultimately turn into home wreckers.

“She [Ip] should bear in mind that our fellow Filipinos are there to work, not to seduce Hong Kong men. She should castigate these Hong Kong men as they are using their moral and economic ascendancy over our fellow Filipinos to abuse them,” Tugna said in a text message.

He and Señeres noted that the Hong Kong councilor’s own husband had left her.

Señeres said Ip should first explain why many Filipinas in Hong Kong and other parts of the world have become victims of sexual molestation and other forms of violence before pointing an accusing finger at Filipinas as marriage destroyers.

“From all indications, this could be her bitter reaction to the lies that her philandering husband has been telling her. Somebody has to tell her not to take her husband’s word as gospel truth whenever she sees him womanizing,” the former labor attaché and later ambassador to Middle East countries, pointed out.

“I will not be surprised that [Ip] is bitter and was replaced by her husband because she looks down upon other human beings and discriminates [against them],” Tugna said.

Filipino household service workers, according to Señeres, are the ones being abused as shown by a huge number of Filipino victims of rape, acts of lasciviousness and physical injuries committed by their foreign employers.

“Apparently, she [Ip] is not aware that many male employers have been taking advantage of their ascendancy to seduce Filipinas. Despite offers of money and good life, Filipino women resist such advances, thus, are often punished with sexual molestation, if not fired and sent home to the Philippines,” he said.


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