• Lawmakers delay passage of bangsamoro bill


    The House of Representatives has scrapped its self-imposed March deadline for passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

    Cagayan de Oro City Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, chairman of the ad hoc committee on the BBL, on Tuesday said it will be impossible for the chamber to pass the measure since the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) failed to submit substantive reports on the Mamasapano clash in Maguindanao that killed 44 members of the PNP-Special Action Force (SAF).

    “Frankly, we will not be able to meet that [March] deadline. We still have to receive reports from the PNP and the Armed Forces on the incident, as well as the OPAPP and the ARMM, by February 9. We have to discuss such reports and invite certain people here to verify the reports,” Rodriguez told reporters, referring to the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

    “We need these reports in full because these will affect many BBL provisions,” he said.

    In a news conference, Ako Bicol party-list Rep. Rodel Batocabe, spokesman for the Party-list Coalition Foundation Inc. (PCF), said their 39-member bloc has agreed to call for the suspension of committee hearings on the BBL until such time that the investigation of the Philippine National Police’s Board of Inquiry (BOI) of the incident has been concluded.

    “Our coalition urges the committee to suspend all deliberations until such time that the culpability of those responsible are determined. There cannot be peace without justice,” Batocabe added.

    The panel asked the PNP for a copy of the organization plan of Oplan Wolverine, the top-secret mission for the pursuit of the international terrorist Marwan, as well as the post-operation report on the incident and the decommissioning pact for the MILF’s gradual turning over of arms to the government.

    Muslim lawmakers, however, called on their colleagues not to use the Mamasapano incident as a deterrent to peace.

    The joint statement of Muslim legislators was signed by Deputy Speaker Pangalian Balindong of Lanao del Sur alongside Representatives Tupay Loong of Sulu, Jim Hataman of Basilan, Bai Sandra Sema of Cotabato City, Ansaruddin Adiong of Lanao del Sur, Maryam Napil Arbison of Sulu, Zajid Mangudadatu of Maguindanao, Ruby Sahali of Tawi-Tawi, Raden Sakaluran of Sultan Kudarat and Sitti Hataman of Abante Mindanao party-list.

    “As representatives of the different Muslim political constituencies, we renew our commitment of support to His Excellency, President Benigno Aquino 3rd, in his search for meaningful, lasting and sustainable peace as we also assure not only the concerned families but the entire Filipino nation of our willingness to support any investigation or measure that will give justice where it is due,” the group said.

    “We condemn the incident as highly unfortunate in the wake of our determined and sustained effort to promote genuine peace, more particularly in Muslim Mindanao, through the enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law that intends to give flesh, essence and substance to the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro,” the lawmakers added.


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    1. The Mamasapono Massacre clearly showed to us that to maintain peace in every corner of the country, the Philippine Military (including police) shall be the sole authority. We could not allow a fragmented entity like the MILF to have the responsibility and authority to maintain peace in a territory that they can hardly control. Do away with the BBL. Our Muslim brothers shall learn to live under Philippine Military authority with the President as the Commander In Chief. Anyone who can not agree with this condition is free to go anywhere that suits him. Staying in the Philippines without acceptance of the authority of the Philippine government will just bring a disastrous life to everyone. Accept and learn to live by the law of the Philippines. Otherwise, leave the country. First move, SCRAP the BBL.

    2. Scrap the BBL all together, otherwise this will haunt the entire nation in the years to come. BBL is not for the interest of Filipinos but for the interest of Malaysia, it’s all over the wall. Anyway God Bless the Philippines.

    3. if not scrap totally and make a more acceptable peace treaty that is acceptable to all, it is necessary to review the provisions of that BBL to ensure that they are within the bounds of the Constiutions and any provisions that is deemed violating equal rights of any or all of the affected people in that region should be revised or deleted and the integrity of the country should be maintained.

    4. Concerned.lang.Po on

      Scrap totally doomed BBL

      Mga Obispo, tumahimik na lang kayo muna at baka maisama po kayo sa listahan ng corruption. Totoo naman di ba? Oh, baka tinamaan wag po kayo magalit, katotohanan lang po!

      Miriam, stil the same behavior and attitude in all her actions. dahan-dahan lang po Mom Mriam, Dami rin po kayo gumawa ng kapalpakan noon.

      Various old politicians are now going against PINOY, because they challenging its leadership for the cleansing of CORRUPTION.

    5. Concerned.lang.Po on

      Now, they the corruptors are taking advantage of the Mamasapano incident and trying to put down Pinoy.

      Should the Filipinos will bite this current issue. ? And dami po natin problema..Nandiyan ang kalamidad, bullying ng China, NPA, MILF and other terrosists group at iba pa…

      San pupunta ang ating bayan kung tayo tayo nagkakasiraan?

      Kung sinuportahan po natin si Manny Pacquia ng ilang taon sa laban niya sa boxing, dapat po suportahan naman natin si PINOY sa kanyang leadership upang maging maayos ang ating bansa..Ganun lang po ka simple yun!

      Minsan natalo rin si Manny sa kanyang kalaban, pero hindi po natin siya iniwan ng ating lubos na suporta. Ganun lang po ka simple yun!

      Minsan ang isang Boksingero ay wala sa kondisyon, Ganun din po ang ating Presidente, nagkakamali rin po….Ganun lang po ka simple yun!

      • tama ang sianabi at hindi naman ako basta sasangayon na ang BBL na bibigyan ng kapangyarihan ang mga TERRORISTA ng kanilang sariling teretorya na hindi kayang pumasok ang sarili nating law enforcer…ano sarili nilang mundo na hindi sakop ng national goverment…..
        pagisipan na mabuti kung tama sa iyong paningin…

        mabuti pa si hindi pumayag sa kanilang kahilingan dahil ayaw niyang sila ang masusunod, di dapat lang sila ang sumunod sa batas hindi tayo ang sumunod sa batas na gusto nila…

    6. PINOY, you did well in the 2014 Zamboanga seige even the MNLF position themselves right in the heart of the city infested with thousands of residents. Hundreds of Houses burned there.

      Can you apply this in Mamasapano, it’s an urban place. If you cannot do this, maybe you have “Utang na Loob sa leader ng MILF”… I can feel and see that….

      Was there already an immediate action to be after to those who killed the 44 SAF?

      It’s too slow to decide…..when??????

    7. I gave the order last time for Mindanao.–ERAP

      State of Emergency to expel rebels in Camp Abubakar and other various camps they MILF occupied…

      And this Emergency-Response-Answers-the Problem……ERAP

      The influential politicians and GLORIA placed them back in control to all those areas. Our Brave Soldiers lives loss during that time.

      They even jailed me. Then, I accept it for years, And then the supreme court now summarized my case that I did not put down the Filipinos.

      So, PINOY please use all the possible means and resources to make my dream come true…..there will never be peace in Mindanao if Muslim rules will be implemented soon in ARMM. Don’t put your whole trusts with these people. they are traitors among traitor. They will give food and let you eat infront of them. But, remember this they will stab you at your back…..be careful..snakes bite fast!

    8. Forget any delay nor put into passage the BBL, It is not the answer to the cause of the majority. The content of the BBL is not the true opinion from the majority of Filipinos.

      If they the MILF won’t get this, they will say that the Filipinos want to embrace WAR again, it’s an old blooping statement. It’s a scaring tactics to achieve their desires pretending to talk peace for sometime. But their position just tends to moving upward to the ladder until they will get what they want. Own the Mindanao. make a separate state. Let it recognized to the whole muslim world.

      If the bangsamoro/MILF leaders and followers will realised and respect that there is only one Philippine governance. Perhaps, and surely PEACE in Mindanao will be achieved.

      But these bangsamoro loves the ideals of Koran bad commands, they love killings, they love iron arms to protect themselves. they occupied peaceful places and implemented Sharia_law. do you think Satan will abandon them?. the answer is NO.

      Their terror acts will only end unless the ultimate solution will be an anti-terror.

      Problem solve if their terror acts will stop forever……without any conditions and live among poorest, contented and happily enjoying as true Filipinos.

      Please doomed and scrapped BBL….otherwise you’re just creating a new world within a WORLD.

      Duterte is dreaming again, I remember former Senador Pimentel proposes such FEDERALISM in the past. But later realizes that it does not work among Filipinos.

      Instead, focus on how we can build an effective security around our teritorial integrity. CHINA will soon be captured all our islets. It’s already happening.

      Call for all Filipinos to be united, stand strong, moderate and build something to protect our nation from bullying by big country.

    9. delay the BBL for another 10 years then scrap it is the best solution. meantime start the pacification campaign against the moro rebs before they become stronger. government and intel agencies should identify who their financier are and detain them for rebellion charges.

    10. Carl Cid Inting on

      Dahan-dahan bago ipasa yang BBL na yan. Better to be safe than sorry. Haste makes waste. In the meantime, our government forces are pointing fingers at each other on who bungled the reinforcement of those SAF troopers. AFP vs. SAF, fighting among each other to the delight of the MILF!

    11. Ang dami na natin binabayaran na bills, ngayon gusto ng gobyerno na maipasa na naman bagong bill?

      TAMA na SOBRA na!

      PINOY, please use your true balls otherwise you will be like your mother hiding under the bed.

      If you want to stay longer in your terms, do for what the majority desires.

      Forget the Nobel Prize, it is not a fame but it is a shame to all Filipinos.

      You will only realised at the end that the voice of majority is god’s voice.

    12. NO need to visit the scene for further investigation where the fallen 44 SAF gave their lives. Otherwise, in the future our enemy will increase their knowledge on how our operatives mission is launching.

      Start planning and mobilising all military and police personnel and after with those moro rebels who fought and killed those SAF.

      You just imagine we had currently a christian majority in government, if our country is governed by Muslim, do you think they will formulate a fact finding committee in the incident. I said NO..NO..NO..they will not do that. Only they are a peaceful people but they still believe and follow the bad commands in the Koran.

      Immediately, the attitude of the Muslim is revenge. In 24 hours they will avenge because it is not acceptable in their Koran. That is the truth.

      Without any words or blaming with each other as muslim, they will immediately launch an attack with all the occupied christian villages and will burn, shoot and kill them all (the christians and infidels)

      Well, to avoid this in the future..better to scrap the BBL…non sense to the majority.

    13. It very sad and inhumane that these providers of security to the Philippines have to pay the ultimate price because of intolerable mistakes of leaders. Why were all the “T’s not crossed and I’s not dotted? Incomprehensible; lay people can do better.