Lawmakers face plunder raps


AT least 10 government officials, including some senators and congressmen, will be the first to be charged with plunder for their involvement in the misuse of public money, according to lawyer Levito Baligod, who assisted in the preparation and submission of documents coming from Benhur Luy, a former employee of Janet Lim-Napoles.

Baligod expressed confidence that the documents that they will submit to the Department of Justice (DOJ) will be sufficient to incriminate a number of senators, some members of the House of Representatives and former officials of Government-owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs).

Baligod met with Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Friday night. He confirmed that they are in the final stretch of preparing plunder charges against some personalities before the Office of the Ombudsman.

“Sa lunes tapos na po kami, ready na kaming isubmit (evidences) sa Department of Justice,” he said.

De Lima said she checked the preparations made by Baligod if it’s in line with their schedule.

“I wanted to know the level of the preparations because we have an internal target ng deadline. Tinignan ko kung kumpleto na talaga ang sworn affidavits ng mga whistleblowers,” the Justice chief said.

According to Baligod, “more or less 10 personalities” may be charged with plunder, a non-bailable offense. However, Baligod’s camp is still determining who received P50 million from Napoles’s bogus non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but they are certain that close to 10 will be charged with plunder.

“Ang tinututukan namin ngayon yung plunder cases muna. Yung mga umabot ng P50 million and above, yun ang makakasuhan ng plunder,” the lawyer said.

He said that it is possible that the DOJ will be able to file the charges after the September 11 rally.

More than 2,700 pages of accounting records were examined by Baligod’s camp from 2004 to 2010. According to him, the records will prove that the daily transaction is not less than P10 million on the average.

“Nirereview lahat ng pahina ng accounting record ni Benhur. Sa isang araw ang transaction on the average is about P10 million to P15 million,” he said.

Baligod added that two former GOCC executives who appeared before the Senate blue ribbon committee received commissions from Napoles.

“Ang sabi ng ibang executives ay naloko sila ng mg NGOs ni Napoles. Hindi ako naniniwala dun. Ang mas accurate siguro ay kasama sila sa panloloko sa kaban ng bayan,” he said.

Baligod noted that they have documents to support their claim.
“May mga cash vouchers na napirmahan. At si Benhur Luy, hindi nya irerecord ang isang financial transaction kung walang pirma ang cash voucher,” he added.

Meanwhile, Malacanang said that President Benigno Aquino 3rd wants cases filed against all those liable in the unlawful transfer of government money to bogus NGOs in the next three years or within his term.

on Saturday in response to queries if the Palace is worried that
the alleged P10 billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) would deter the gains under the Aquino administration such as continued economic growth and improved competitiveness ranking.

“The President wants the cases filed against those who are liable within his term. This is not a challenge unknown to the
President. He was always saying, let’s uncover the landmines.

We have to appoint competent, trusted and honest people to government offices that serve as part of the checks and balances of government, and it is a challenge we face and accept,” Deputy presidential spokesman Abigail Valte said in a radio interview.

All the charges, Valte said, would be based on evidence and will not target political foes.

“Conviction is not within the Executive’s power. It is within the courts. But the resolution that we want is accountability, that we put those liable to task. That is the goal,” she said.

Valte also defended the measures being taken by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to ensure Napoles’s safety.

The police installed six Close Circuit Television cameras to monitor the businesswoman who is detained at Fort Santo Domingo in Ste. Rosa, Laguna.

“The PNP is doing this for transparency because a lot of people are interested in the case. The updates [as a result of the CCTV]is also being used by the media. I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving updates on her [Napoles],” Valte said.

The police said that Napoles’s blood pressure slightly shot up on Saturday.

After her regular morning check-up, Napoles had
breakfast—lomi (noodles in thick sauce), hard-egg, fried dried fish (red snapper) and rice. For lunch, she had ‘laing’, fried fish and rice.

During her first night at her bungalow, the businesswoman had an anxiety attack triggered by her “claustrophobia” and her sugar level and blood pressure shot-up.

With a report from Anthony Vargas


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  1. sana nga may makulong na dis time tulad ni gloria arroyo. lalo na mga senador at congressmen. pagkatapos yan umpisahan na naman imbestigahan ang mga governors at mayors. kasi multi million din ang kinukurakot nila. ang may kasalanan naman dito ay mga auditors eh lalo na sa local government. sila na dapat ang mag bantay sa pera ng tao bakit nagagamit ng mga localofficials ang IRA kahit walang papeles. sana makulong din sila mga auditors masyado sila pabaya o part sila ng katiwalian sa pag nanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

  2. Atty.Levito Baligod isa kang huwaran na abogado hindi kagaya ng iba diyan na mga big time criminals ang kanilang ipinag tatanggol para lumikom ng milyones sa attorney’s fee kagaya nina, Lorna Kapunan, the Fortun brothers, Estilito Mendoza, at marami pa diyan. Dapat sa iyo ay magkaroon ng magandang posisyon sa gobyerno at ipagpatuloy ang iyong magandang gawain tulad ngayon. Mabuhay po kayo.

    • This will be his shining moment where he shall have an opportunity to defend those helpless, poor and under-privileged witnesses. When we are successful in jailing those politicians and government officials and some civilian accomplices, that’s the time the country shall shine again. And when the country shines, so shines this Attorney – Levito Baligod.

  3. Tuwa ko lang even at least one of those politicians will be put in jail so they can experience how hard it is when freedom is curtailed.

  4. Please lang, huwag maging ala Maguindanao Massacre na pagkatapos magsampa nang kaso, inabot na nang siyam-siyam wala pang resulta. Mahalagang matapos nang mabilis ang kasong ito upang maipakita natin na kung kakandidato ka ay siguraduhin mong mag-silbi nang maayos at di pagnanakaw nang pondo ang yong aatupagin. Kailangan natin itong gawin kaagad.

  5. Evelyn Patterson on

    That will be the happiest day of every Filipino,s life.Finally justice will be rendered to every Filipinos on earth who were robbed blindly by all those untouchable thieves
    Who lorded the Senate and Congress halls and live like the rich and famous.

  6. magingat sana ang mga imbertigador sa mga bogus na “witness”baka pakawala ang ilan sa mga yan..halimbawa tetestigo kuno maykasama pang documento…pero sa bandang huli ng imbedtigasyon mapapatunayang hindi pala totoo o gawagawa lang ang lahat…kaya sa huli ang simpatya ay kay janet na peste…kaya ingat lang …

  7. Tama lamang kasuhan ang may matitibay na ebidensiya laban sa kanila. Kaya lamang hindi tamang iyang first batch pa lamang na sangkot daw kay kay Napoles ang makasuhan. Dapat busisiin ang pork barrel ng lahat na elected officials sa Congress at Senate, pati na rin ang sa Presidente for at least the past 10 years. Failure to do so will mean selective prosecution which may result in the court throwing out the cases filed against those lawmakers associated with Napoles. It is good to rush in filing cases but it should always be complete with authenticated evidence and not with hearsays as was the initial condition when the impeachment case against CJ Corona was filed. A number of those supposed to be connected with Napoles supported Pnoy in the impeachment of Corona. There is a likelihood that a number of those currently allied with Pnoy will also be prosecuted in the future by Pnoy after they had been used up or when Pnoy feel it will no longer benefivial to him and the Liberal Party to be allied with non-original LP. So hearsays and manufactured documents must be prevented from being used as evidence. Only the vigilance of the people and by acting as non-partisan will the real corrupt officials be removed.

  8. as per the filipins “wheels of justice”? if there are 10 corrupts being tried one by one you are looking at 100 years of hearings. using the 10 year multiple how long will manila be on trial?

    400 years? 500? any clear thinking responsible leader would see that a new court is needed to prosecute only politicians with new rules of incarceration. build a new jail and create a new court. create a new government.

    the filipino people deserve better than the get even from their president who himself could fall into this mess if he isnt careful i think. once thieves start talking in manila there will be no end to it i think.

  9. with so much corruption in the fils , why is the justice dept, so under manned? where is the EXPEDITE BUTTON?

  10. Amado F.Cabaero on

    Romula Neri and Coarazon de la Paz past SSS heads should also be prosecuted for pocketing millions of pesos in illicit bonuses and perks paid by Philex Miniung as directors representing SSS in Philex board.

  11. Fernando Habito on

    For more than five decades the PHL became a “Lakas,Lagay,Lusot Society”..No wonder the people do not trust the government anymore.Filipinos want change and it’s overdue.The people wanted to see those plunderers,looters and thieves of the people’s money to be locked up on jail and fired. But naturally most of the Filipinos are “Mapagpatawad at Malilimutin” that’s why the Marcoses,Estrada’s and the Arroyos are still free roaming around enjoying their loots,money and power to manipulate the people again.Now here we are again hoping for a change and as usual focusing the blame to the current administration.It’s also time to examine our Filipino Culture,.How did our educational ,,political,judicial,legislative,executive systems even religious institutions failed in building a good Filipino society? Why are we so divisive.?

  12. dapat makulong n mga yan na mga nagpapataba ng bulsa nila mga gahaman swapang d marunong mahiya kapal ng mukha… cge pnoy tuloy tuloy mo na yan

  13. cge, wag nyo titigilan yang mga magnanakaw na yan. pagulungin nyo ang ulo ng lahat ng mga nagpapahirap sa bayan. kung maaari ay i firing squad sa luneta para di na pamarisan pa. ipagpatuloy mo pnoy ang tuwid na daan na sinimulan mo at sanay ma convict ang mag yan sa termino mo o wag ka na munang umalis sa puwesto para magpatuloy ang pag asenso ng bayan
    wag nyo tigilan mga kababbayan ang protesta at ipakita natin na sawa na tayo sa panloloko ng mga politikong ito. gumising na rin tayo at wag nang iboto ang mga trapo. mag isip tayo nagyon na.

    • George, panig at hanga ako sa komentaryo mo. Sana hwag gagawa si PNoy ng anumang kilos na hindi tugma sa sinabi nyang Matwid Na Landas. Hwag ihinto hangang nasa kulongan at kunin, bawiin ang mga pera ng convicted lawmakers pati ang kuhorts ni Napoles.

  14. Kung totoo si pinoy, let begin with the liberal or kkk first.doon lang natin malalaman kung sincere si pino,y. Eh kaso, pag kkk siya pa nagpipiyansa. At sana, lifestyle check lahat ng mga hepe sa gobyerno…dpwh,bir,boc,dbm,etc. at lahat ng local govt. books. Aminin na natin na lahat sa gobyerno corrupt. Magsimula sa barangay hangang national, Lahat ng hepe lifestyle check nyo. Huag na tayo magmalinis at lahat
    yan malalaman nyo na kahit kaunti, o maliit gumagawa ng pera within their power. Unahin na natin ang coa, kaya nakakalusot eh, sila dapat ang unang nakakaalam.

  15. Pustahan tayo, selective prosecution lang ang gagawin ni Leila de Lima. Kung meron mang macha-charge ng plunder, iyong Opposition legislators lang ,at sa panahon lang ni Gloria Arroyo, wala sa panahon ni Noynoy.

    At kung meron mang ma-charged ng plunder, walang makukulong diyan. At 50 taon na sa korte ang mga kaso, wala pa rin resulta dahil nabibili ang mag judges! Haaay buhay, itong Department of Injustice natin, puro arte, puro pakulo. Merong bang big crooks sa Pilipinas na nakulong? Mga pobre lang na kriminal ang pumapasok sa Munti! Ang lesson, kung ikaw ay crook, mag-senador ka, walang kulong – guaranteed

  16. i agree with keeping janet lim napoles safe but im afraid her medical treatment would be just the same as any other prisoners, her food would be just the same as any other prisoners, her living conditions in her isolation would be just the same as any other prisoners. Are other prisoners allowed daily visits, if nt why is she. Treat her as the common criminal she is. Dont show her respect as she deserves none. If i were in charge she would suffer every day she was in prison. She wouldnt in any way be feeling like a princess. I would also have her make her statement & i think from that they will be able to tell if she will be truthful with them. They have so much paper evidence & computer evidence already so if she wont co operate then put her in main stream prison & let her take her chances there. The same with these senators & lawmakers as soon as there is enough evidence jail them. No special treatment for them none at all. Show these people no mercy as they have no mery for the poorest people in this country. They care only for themselves & their families. Their needs are more important to them than the needs of the people of this country.

  17. Filing a case is easy. It’s proving it that is hard. Look where they are now with the cases against GMA.

  18. Maricar Carlos on

    I do not know whether to applaud or not at this news that the lawmakers involved in the theft of pork barrel funds will finally be indicted. I remain cynical that the guilty ones will ever be locked up, and their billions of pesos in loots will ever be recovered. Remember the Ampatuan Maguindanao Massacre case? It’s been three years since that horrifying incident, yet our courts have not resolved that case up to now and witnesses are getting killed one at a time. This pork scam case could go the same way, 3 years and counting with no resolution in sight.

    The sad fact is that in our country, the politicians and the powerful can get away with murder and theft with impunity and live luxuriously enjoying their loots. They are above the law.

    In country

  19. Dang, I was salivating at the food menu that Napoles had…she had a “red snapper.” I am lucky if I get two black tiny tuyo’s, I usually can only afford one tuyo and a handful of cooked rice – that’s it!! Please, arrest me….take me….jail me, please.

    • Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

      Sa USA youn mga criminal ay may air conditioned cells, libreng three meals a day with snacks pa, medical check-up, sex change etc ,gastos ng tax payers., while yuon mga senior citizens ay wala ng nitong ganitong benefits at pambayad sa home for the aged. Isang nag advise sa mga seniors na bumili ng anim na revolver at pumatay ng anim na lawmakers para makulong at lahat ng benefits ay meron sila. Bakit di mo gawin ito, Juan para di ka maglaway sa kinakain ni Napolice ??? Di Ba ho???

  20. I just hope,those politicians who will be charged with plunder would go directly to jail.Let them face the opposite side of abundant life.I really trust this administration in clearing the corrupt politicians.I hope this may not become spasmodic.

  21. Go for it. Time to make these people accountable for rape of the nation. They should convicted and imprisoned for life after that join Lolong.

  22. thedevilinyouisuppose on

    lie these people on the road and i wanna bulldoze them one by one with a fuc king bulldozer……especially BONG REVILLA ,JINGGOY ESTRADA,and rotten enrile

  23. If this thing happened in a Marcos-GMA administration…nothing will happen! Thanks to PNoy “straight path” and transparency policies…they (SenaTongs & Tongressmen) are now being prosecuted!

    • Baka isa rin yan si pnoy na paabutin pa ng siyam2 angnpaglutas ng mga kaso nila hanggang sa makalimutan na naman ng tao, sana naman tuparin niya ang pangako niyang linisin ang pinas, bakit papatagalin pa o papaabutin pa ng 3 taon ang kasong ito? Naiwas lang yata yan si pnoy dahil mga kaalyados niya yata itong mga nasasangkot kaya ayaw niyang sa watch niya makulong ang mga ito…kung makukulong?
      Ngaun nabulgar ang pagnanakaw ng mga nakakaraming mga nakaupo sa gobyerno at kung tuluyan alisin yan pork barrel, meron pa kayang mga artista o mga taong walang naman mga degree na kakandito bilang senador o congressman? Yan lang naman ang pakay nila kaya sila nagpapakamatay na magkaroon ng puwesto sa gobyerno kahit wala silang nalalaman. Sana magising na tayo ng umasenso naman ang pilipinas at matulungan naman ng gobyerno ang mga taong mga kapus palad.

  24. The government is “against the wall”; the Filipino people are fed up and they expect charges, convictions and incarceration of those guilty members of Congress and other government officials, lest worse consequences. The government might have gone away ifrom these corruptions in the previous years, but not now with the active social media.

  25. Mahal na Pangulo,kahit isa lang ang makulong sa mga corrupt officials ay maligaya na kami (mas maganda kung lahat)…..

  26. KUNG sakaling may makulong nga sa mga akusado…marahil ay yon na ang pinaka maligayang araw sa buhay ng bawat manunumbalik muli ang nawalang tiwala sa pamahalaan ng bawat Pilipino..Taas noo naming ipagsisigawan sa buong mundo na kami’y Pilipino w/c we did not do before…God Bless the Philippines..

    • Reynaldo De Guzman on

      Sana nga ay may maipakulong si Pnoy, kahit 50% lang sa mga magnanakaw na lawmakers. Kahit walang pagasa na mabawi ng bayan ang nakulimbat na pera tulad ng panahon ng mga nakaraang administration (Gloria,Estrada,Mckoy) ay mababalik na ang tiwala ng bayan sa kay PNoy tunggo sa DAANG MATUWID.

  27. I agree with how Janet L. Napoles is treated, it is with in the purview of the Palace, the security afforded to her to ensure that she is going to be in court at the time, when needed. I won’t be surprise that a few of these persons accused of plunder will want her dead, for obvious reasons. When she starts to sing, she will bring them down to jail with her. It is going to be interesting how these cases is going to be prosecuted, I hope it will be broadcast on T.V. for all to see, like the impeachment of CJ Corona. When all is said and done, all those who demonstrated against PDAF, must vote wisely in 2016 presidential election, be sure that the next President is not an ally with the accused to pardon them, better yet, push for amending the constitution for no pardon for any person accused of and convicted of plunder. Abolish political dynasty, and make FOI to become law, and ban vote buying, which encourages corruption.

    • At least 2700 pages of accounting records were examined and more documents to be examine then if the judge will read only 10 documents per trial then cross examine, how many days will complete the trial. hope it will take 5 years?

  28. Really? The long-stuck wheel of justice under Noynoy will finally move some and get some senators and congressmen implicated in the pork scam charged with plunder? I don’t buy it. Powerful, corrupt politicians don’t get jailed in our forsaken country and only the poor criminals get behind bars. This is nothing but a trick show to appease the protest marchers at EDSA TAYO on Sept. 11.

    • God look at the heart of president Aquino.
      Nakikita ng Panginoon ang katapatan niya
      bilang Pangulo. That’s why God is helping him
      na matupad ang minimithi niyang matuwid na
      Landas para sa ikabubuti ng bansa
      God bless the Philippines