Lawmakers give ‘Bato’ another chance


THREE days after Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez called on Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa to resign, the House leader made a turnaround, saying the police chief deserves a second chance.

Alvarez’s change of heart came a day after he attended dela Rosa’s birthday party on Sunday in Camp Crame.

“I have said my piece and I would agree that we should give the PNP chief a chance to fix the problems in the PNP. At doon ay, yun nga, alam mo naman, napag-usap-usapan, biruan nang biruan (During his birthday, there was ribbing). I said, okay, and told him he should do what he is supposed to,” Alvarez said in a radio interview.

On Friday, Alvarez said dela Rosa should immediately resign over the killing of Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo to save President Rodrigo Duterte from embarrassment and restore respect to the office of the PNP chief. The Speaker noted that the “commission of a heinous crime right under his very nose is not only an insult but a clear indication that he has lost the respect of his people.”

Alvarez had two birthday wishes for dela Rosa: good health and to rid the PNP of scalawags.

Party-list Representatives Sherwin Tugna of Citizens Battle Against Corruption and Alfredo Garbin of Ako Bicol shared Alvarez’s sentiments, stressing that dela Rosa should prove that he deserves to lead the 160,000 police force.

“When somebody was murdered beside your office and you went on watching a Bryan Adams concert, then it does not speak well of a PNP chief who is supposed to lead the 160,000-strong police force. Let us give him a chance, but he should shape up and prove, within 60 days, that he deserves the trust of the President by cooperating with authorities,” Tugna said.

“General Bato should assess his leadership, if he still commands respect from his subordinates. At the very least, those involved in the killing of the South Korean should be summarily dismissed,” Garbin pointed out.

“What happened was the height of ineptitude. The PNP chief should be able to investigate his men on their involvement in extra- judicial killings,” Garbin added.

Discipline him
But anti-crime advocates on Monday called on Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno to discipline dela Rosa for his apparent failure to cleanse the organization of scalawags.

Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), said Sueno should control dela Rosa so that the latter can focus on his duties.

“Dela Rosa has practically failed in cleansing the PNP and DILG Secretary Sueno must take action,” Jimenez said in an interview.

The VACC head noted that Sueno should address the issue because the President has so many things to attend to.

“We can see the PNP chief busy attending ribbon cutting ceremonies, singing and watching concerts. I think it’s time for him to shape up,” Jimenez said, adding that he does not support calls for Dela Rosa to resign.

But he insisted that the PNP should not be involved in the investigation of Jee’s case. The PNP, he said, should cooperate with the Department of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation instead of conducting a parallel investigation that may only cast doubt on the impartiality of the probe.



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  1. I agree that every government official should have their own time to relax and unwind because of the stressful occupation but definitely not in the middle of what they say as a “DRUG WAR”. Leaders don’t go noontime show hopping, ribbon cutting, parties, inaugurations, concerts and Boxing match abroad while engage in a WAR!!!! Si kalbo kase may ambition mag senador kaya pumapapel na.

  2. All these unrealistic expectations are getting the best of Gen. Dela Rosa and he has reached the breaking point where he wanted to walk away from all of these. However, few people, such as the President is encouraging him to stay and continue the fight that the President has started. Level headed or real people understand that Gen. Bato is also a human being and a government employee that needs to take a break, such as go on vacation with his family, watching movies or going to a concert to maintain his sanity, and they call it rest and relaxation.

    A huge and complex organization such as the PNP is not easy to lead, manage, and supervise and what happens to the killing of the Korean are beyond his control. The kidnapping and killing of the Korean was very unfortunate, and it was done by few law enforcement officers, because of greed. The highest commander or supervisor of that particular unit is to be blamed and the offenders should be prosecuted. Now there is an on-going investigation and they should get to the bottom of this. Gen. Bato, himself, should not be blamed for this.

  3. To: PNP Chief Bato De la Rosa, kung may natitira pang kahit kakatiting na delikadesa sa value mo, the most logical things for you to do is to “R E S I G N” be a true officer & a gentleman. Stop dragging Duterte into your mess. My goodness you’re a commanding officer of PNP to act like that. Honestly, it seems you lost control of the PNP.

  4. Bato is clueless, he said so himself during the senate investigation of Espinosa’s murder

    (Sometimes, I just pray to God for help in the PNP. I just want to make reforms in the PNP. But I am already really tired),” Dela Rosa said in between sobs.

    Sounds like he doesn’t have a plan, Why doesn’t the Philippines look worldwide for someone who knows how to reform a police dept force ?

    Appointing friends that don’t have any idea how to reform a dept is not going to work.

  5. I still maintain that Bato should resign! The reason he’s the PNP Chief is because D30 says so. He has D30’s trust. That’s all. But he should have resigned right away and not wait for D30’s decison. What happened with the Korean is the most gruesome crime ever happened in Pinas! All involved should be locked up for good! Too bad we don’t have death penalty in Pinas . This should be one of the reasons why we should have DP! Out of delicadeza, Bato should still resign and let a new leadership handle the PNP. He has lost the trust and confidence of the PNP . He’s just hanging in with a thin thread that would snap off very soon. Bato, please write a letter of an irrevocable resignation now to D30 & start packing your personal effects from the White House.