• Lawmakers got ‘pork’ – Lacson


    SOME senators and members of the House of Representatives got billions of pesos in “pork barrel” under the General Appropriations Act of 2017, Senator Panfilo Lacson claimed on Wednesday.

    Lacson made the revelation after learning that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) regained the P8- billion allocation slashed from its budget and even got an additional budget of P497 million.

    The senator said he learned about the P5 billion “pork” of some House members from Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) congressmen who talked to him during the plenary debates on the proposed 2017 budget.



    The ARMM congressmen, Lacson said, explained their side on the specific allocation embedded on the DPWH’s budget intended for projects to be implemented in the eight legislative districts of the autonomous region.

    Lacson, during the budget deliberation, pushed for the return of the P8.3 billion to the ARMM budget which the House of Representatives transferred to the DPWH and the removal of the P3.6 billion from the DPWH budget intended to fund infrastructure projects at ARMM.

    Lacson said the transfer is not allowed under Republic Act 6734 or an act providing for an organic act for the ARMM.

    “If you add the P8.3 billion and the P3.6 billion the House of Representatives allotted to ARMM and divided it for the eight legislative districts in the region, it would mean that each ARMM congressman get P1.5 billion worth of projects in 2017,” Lacson said earlier.

    The ARMM congressmen, the senator said, told him that the P1.5 billion worth of projects each of them were asking for their respective districts was small compared to the allocation given to some congressmen who were allowed up to P5 billion in projects.

    “Change is coming? Maybe, but it’s pork allocations changing hands from LP (Liberal Party) congressmen to those from Mindanao,” Lacson said.

    The lawmaker admitted that some of his colleagues in the Senate also got P300 million worth of projects but he did not name names.

    Lacson said that he did not submit his list of projects to be funded by the P300 million.

    He said two senators approached him after learning about the P1.5 billion being sought by ARMM congressmen and told him that members of the House were asking too much considering that senators were only allowed P300 million each.

    “Senators Tito (Vicente) Sotto 3rd and Kiko (Francis) Pangilinan approached me on separate occasions to inform me that they too did not submit. I don’t know who else among my Senate colleagues likewise did not submit their list,” Lacson said.

    He clarified however that he is not saying that those who identified their projects in the 2017 national budget would get commissions from contractors.

    “What I’m trying to say is Filipinos are made to believe that the PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) is dead after the Supreme Court (SC) ruling in 2013. I am not stupid. Filipinos are not stupid. They are just resigned, I think. After all these years that I and my staff scrutinize the budget books year in and year out, I know pork when I see it,” Lacson said.

    The senator’s efforts to have the P8.3-billion “pork” removed from the DPWH budget failed since the agency was able to regain the said amount and even managed to get an additional P497 million at the expense of the calamity fund.

    Lacson said the additional funding increased the 2017 DPWH budget from P445.766 billion to P454.721 billion but led to a huge cut in the budget of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (NDRRMC) or Calamity Fund under the Special Purpose Fund.

    From an original budget of P37.255 billion in the National Expenditure Program (NEP), the calamity fund was reduced to a mere P15.755 billion in the GAA or a reduction of P21.5 billion.

    “What is unfortunate is that with massive devastations brought by recent calamities starting with Pablo, Yolanda, Karen, Lawin, and Nina, to name some, most of the victims might be left to fend for themselves instead of getting sufficient government assistance,” Lacson said.

    He cited the Yolanda rehabilitation program that still needs at least P100 billion to complete.

    He noted that when he was the presidential adviser on rehabilitation and recovery, he recommended funding of P167.8 billion but up to now, based on the annual budget being appropriated for the purpose since 2014, the amount has been a drop in the bucket compared to the total budget required.

    “What is sad here is the thought of sacrificing the victims of calamities for political favors and alliances. The details of the DPWH budget and other agencies are not yet out. Once we get hold of the budget books, we will diligently scrutinize them,” Lacson said.


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    1. @Joros, it is your every right to freely express your views, but the English dictionary has many decent words to choose from ,to express your views and sentiments to the subject matter. Peace.

    2. Sir lacson many are grieving to what is happening around us. A few good men left behind by a handful chosen, hand picked by the present administrator a shameful years we need to endure. We all thought change is coming yes, sure IT CHANGED A LOT for a short period of time but the effect is astronomical.

    3. Senator Lacson, if what you’re saying is true and since PDAF is against the law, why not initiate an investigation and elevate these anomalies to SC para matigil na ito at this early stage otherwise malaki na naman ang mawawala sa ating mga pilipino.

    4. “After all these years that I and my staff scrutinize the budget books year in and year out, I know pork when I see it,” Lacson said.

      Naisahan at nabola ni alleged whistleblower Jun Lozada ang mga senador sa NBN-ZTE controversy na inimbestigahan ng Senado. Sinabi ni Jun Lozada na kinidnap siya ng mga police pagdating nia sa airport. Iyon pala, makikita sa CCTV na malayang naglalakad at sumama si Lozada sa mga police na sumalubong sa kanya.

      sa ibang insidente na nasa youtube, maririnig ang pag-uusap nina Jun Lozada at Joe de Venecia tungkol sa payola upang makuha ni de Venecia ang kontrata ng NBN project ng gobyerno.

    5. Remove congress and senate then, these are the bottomless pits of greed that consume the country’s resources and return nothing but promote chaos to smoke screen their self interests. Big useless spenders of the country’s much needed funds, whose output are noisy grandstanding and fooling the people. (Just look at the comelec, erc, lto, bsp, amlc, you name it – did congress and senate investigated these big bunch of incompetent, treasonous, corrupt institutions? – no, completely useless c&s! same feathers!)

      Then iron hand for the corrupt and incompetent government agencies and staff, swift unhindered elimination of bad elements.

      Just two decades of an efficiently functional, competent governance; without the comelec cycle of changing of the thieves in congress, senate, lgu; removing the fake system of “democracy and justice”, can perhaps make possible the changes we want, in ourselves and our country.

    6. It is truly heartening to know we have someone like Senator Lacson whom we can really depend on to scrutinize the budget for us. We are confident he will never allow any anomaly in the budget. Who else has the moral fitness to speak aloud on a matter like this one? Where are they?

    7. Figures, that if Law enforcers have an Oplan Double Barrel, so our lawmakers think they deserve a “Double Pork Barrel”

    8. While we appreciate the diligence of Senator Pinky regarding his claim that there is still Pork in the 2017 however he should investigate before ha makes these claims. Understand he is talking about figures but we suspect that talking about figures is not his expertise because he is not a CPA, economist or a finance man. His expertise in police work so he should use the same to find out where and who exactly is receiving pork as what he claims. Or he inquire from the DBM if his suspicions are correct. Wait for pogi-points later.

      • Your are an idiot. Why do you have to mock Sen. Lacson, for exposing this anomaly, he is just doing his job as a senator. Sen. Lacson hates pork barrel because it is the source of corruption. Sen. Lacson has employed professional working for him that is why he knows what he is talking about, not just police work like you were saying. So SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Who do you think you are?

      • You donT need a CPA to figure out if there’s porks that come along with the budget. Its simple plusses and minnusses and if the numbers does not add up there’s the extra money for their own used. CPA are only needed during audits and filling of income taxes other than that CPA’s are just manipulitor of numbers.

    9. change is coming! lolz

      sila sila din namang mga magnanakaw ang nandyan, iba lang ang presidente at mga gabinete.

      sino mas baboy ngayon, si delima or ang mga baboy na pinamumunuan ni alvarez? lol