• Lawmakers, judges Rody’s next targets


    He has named police generals reportedly serving as protectors of drug lords and ordered mayors involved in the illegal drug trade to surrender. This time, President Rodrigo Duterte’s will train his guns on bigger drug targets: lawmaker and judges.

    In his visit to Camp Lapu-Lapu in Cebu City late Friday, Duterte said his next move will be to expose high government officials also involved in drugs including some congressmen, judges and police officers.

    The President said he plans to release his drug list “in the next few hours or days,” saying that the whole nation is “entitled to know what is happening in the country.”

    Duterte was expected to name the 27 “narco-politicians” on Friday but he did not.

    “If I read the names now, which I will in a few hours, few days, there are judges, police, congressmen. It’s not because I want to ruin their reputation. But it behooves upon me, I have the obligation to tell the Filipino people what is happening to this country,” Duterte said.

    “When I am here, I am the President. I have to do something. I have to do it because nobody is going to do it for us,” he added.

    Duterte said those on the list, even the top officials, will not be exempt from his “shoot to kill” order if they resist arrest.

    The President early this week ordered Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. and his son Kerwin to surrender or they will be shot on sight. The mayor surrendered to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Thursday but his son Kerwin remains at large.

    On Friday, two more mayors surrendered—Mayor Mamaulan Abinal Molok of Maguing town in Lanao del Sur and Mayor Rasul Sangki of Ampatuan, Maguindanao. Former mayor Ali Abinal of Marantao town in Lanao del Sur also turned himself in.

    Duterte said Espinosa was lucky to have surrendered.

    “The Albuera mayor, good thing he reached Bato. I had an order to shoot him on sight like a dog because he is treating the people of this country like dogs. Our children have become witless,” the President said.

    The two operated under a certain “Marimar” and distributed narcotics in Quiapo, Dela Rosa said Molok and Abinal operated under a certain “Marimar” and distributed drugs in Manila, Caloocan and Cavite from 2000 to 2002.

    The President warned those on his drug list to choose a different vice or face death.

    He vowed to maintain his “shoot-to-kill” order against drug dealers while in office and says he “does not care about human rights.”

    About 800 people have been killed since Duterte won a landslide election in May.

    “This campaign (of) shoot-to-kill will remain until the last day of my term if I’m still alive by then,” he told reporters in Davao.

    “I don’t care about human rights, believe me,” he added.

    He said government officials who use their positions to engage in a trade that wrecks the lives of many Filipinos were first on his list.

    Duterte said he was also offering soldiers and police his “official and personal guarantee” of immunity from prosecution for killings undertaken in the performance of their duties.

    The president dismissed critics’ suggestions some of the 402 suspects whose killings have been acknowledged by the police were “salvaged,” the local police term for summary execution.

    Hundreds of others have been killed by suspected vigilantes, according to unofficial tallies.
    The UN anti-drugs office on Wednesday joined international rights organizations in condemning the rash of killings.

    “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime remains greatly concerned by the reports of extrajudicial killing of suspected drug dealers and users in the Philippines,” its executive director Yury Fedotov said in a statement.

    “I join the United Nations secretary general in condemning the apparent endorsement of extrajudicial killing, which is illegal and a breach of fundamental rights and freedoms,” Fedotov added.

    In June, UN chief Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned Duterte’s apparent support of extrajudicial killings.

    But Duterte lashed back at his critics.

    “These NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that are complaining to the United Nations, this is none of their business,” he retorted.

    “I’m waging a war. I am now invoking the articles of war.”

    Duterte said he had no fear the anti-crime campaign would cause his impeachment and removal from office.

    “The Filipino is crying for justice” from crimes committed by drug dependents, he said.
    Police say more than 500,000 people have surrendered to the local authorities and pledged to stop using illegal drugs.

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    1. Those who opposed Digong’s w ar on drug are benifiting from the drug lords n pushers, they never condemn/critisize the drug lord n pusher when they rob, rape, kidnap or kill the innocent law abiding citizen. Du30 has the obligation to protect the majority who want a peaceful and safe community. For better and peaceful environment let us support Digong.

    2. Go Mr President clean the society and clean the government we will support you . . . Eliminate corrupt government official and killed all drug menace and drug lord. Forget this people who are against good governance. Next the Judges and The Congress, The Local Government Officials, The Businesses who ruin environment everything which ruin the society. MABUHAY KA PRESIDENT DUTERTE.

    3. He said government officials who use their positions to engage in a trade that wrecks the lives of many Filipinos were first on his list.

      When is the campaign against the thieves of the pork barrel fund and the DAP fund starting ?

      Napoles list had 120 names of thieves, De Lima arrested 3 opposition senators from that list the 117 no charges and got to keep their kickbacks.

    4. U.n. Personnel should focus their stupidities in Syria,Iraq,Libya,Yemen. These personnel are barking like mad dogs. They will not and cannot help us to control and eradicate illegal drug trade. SHAME ON YOU ALL??

    5. We have been screaming for a long time for change but nobody has the guts to do it. Now that Rody is going all out, we need to support him. Forget about the critics who sits on their buts and do nothing. What has UN did for us? If we don’t clean up our country now, we will just be going to the dogs and the drug kingpin and the corrupt will have a field day. More power to Rody.

    6. But the UN is silent for the youth who are victims of illegal drugs that ruins their future.

    7. Forget the United Nation law…….What is important is Filipino laws and order for the Filipino in yhe Philippines…..Du30 has the backing of the Filipino Nations and peoples behind…….Nice work President Rodrigo Duterte,you can clean the bad elements of the society……..

      • Next to be shot by DUTERTE are JAYWALKERS in EDSA, ROXAS BLVD Etc…WOW ! But DUTERTE dares not to even say the words JUETENG, a MULTI-BILLION PESOS illegal numbers game operated by notorious SCUMS & protected by high ranking generals, elected government officials, mayors & governors ! ANYARE !

    8. We all know that our new president has an enormous job ahead of him and ridding the country of the drug dealers but that is just the beginning. There are also other important issues to address such as the long waits for transactions involving processing of passports, red ribbon process (and huge fees) for documents etc and this extends to almost every other aspect of government business. Local Civil Registry and PSA transactions require substantial under the table payments to have documents expedited.

      The LCR’s take many months to do the preliminary annotation of a document before forwarding it to the PSA for adding to the statistical data base at which time the PSA decide to to question the validity of the court documentation. I doubt that the PSA is a higher authority than a Court?

      The PSA whose mandate is to record statistical data choose to question court decisions related to Muslim divorces despite having a legal court order to annotate a document to reflect the courts decision. They are unwilling to do so without questioning the documents or even worse they just do nothing.

      In essence anyone who disputes a Courts decision can complain to the Supreme Court or make an accusation against a court officer including the judge! The complaint requires that answers are given and even when this is done the SC does not reply except when the complainant files another substantially identical complaint. A process like this simply goes around and around for ever. Perhaps this is why the courts are jammed up and so far behind in hearing cases.

      President Duterte has already instructed directors and officials of all Govt departments to ensure transactions are done in a timely fashion. While there may have been a lot of activity in the beginning nothing has changed for the better.

      I do not believe that the Philippines will improve in the foreseeable future and I have great sympathy for the Filipino people who have to suffer due to the inefficiency of the businesses including the local and central governments.

    9. Those Government employees involved in drug activities shall be subjected to punishment and or dismissal from Government service. All government employees should under go mandatory drug testing (initial testing) then random on a twice a year basis.Keep going with your plans and campaign on “war on drugs” since there will be more young kids wasted if those suppliers, pushers, runners and users are not eliminated…flush them all like shit.The Filipino people should be happy having you as their president making them safer in their community.

    10. Yes – I strongly agree with the President of his campaign to cleanse the country (PH) of nuisance society….the War on Drug Pushers, Users and Supporters. Those people opposing his campaign are sympathizers of these people in the illegal drug trade that’s why their stomach aches. It’s better for sure, they will learn better if they be victim of criminals.

      The people should know that only under President Duterte’s administration this sweeping movement against lawlessness and drug menace is happening. One thing is sure that after the storm, there will be calmness, peace and prosperity in the country. MABUHAY KA MR. PRESIDENT DUTERTE.