• Lawmakers warn vs Rody ‘kill’ order


    Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s remark asking civilians to help the government arrest suspected drug dealers and shoot them if they resist could lead to a more dangerous problem such as a breakdown in law and order in the country, senator-elect Panfilo Lacson and another lawmaker warned on Monday.

    Lacson, who served as chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) during former President Joseph Estrada’s Administration, said that while the law allows citizen’s arrests in which civilians can kill a person in self-defense, ordinary citizens have no proper training to conduct overt operations against criminals.

    “I believe that it is not right for an incoming President of the country to encourage the public to take it upon themselves to arrest and kill suspected drug lords because law enforcement authorities might lose control of the situation,” Lacson explained.

    He pointed out that validating the list of drug suspects and members of other criminal syndicates entails a series of exchanges of intelligence information among different Intelligence agencies called “intelligence workshops” and undergoes a careful and tedious process that leads to an Order of Battle (OB) list.

    Also, the OB is a classified document and declassifying it follows a defined procedure and timeline, hence the public has no direct or indirect access to it.

    Duterte, in a speech during his thanksgiving party in Davao on Saturday, encouraged civilians to help him go after illegal drug traders by arresting or even killing them if they resist arrest. He said he was willing to give rewards and medals to those who would be able to kill the real drug dealers.

    “Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun; you have my support. If a drug dealer resists arrest or refuses to be brought to a police station and threatens a citizen with a gun or a knife, you can kill him. Shoot him and I’ll give you a medal,” the incoming President said.

    Senator’s objection

    Lacson disagreed with Duterte.

    “Private citizens should be encouraged instead to report to authorities the presence of drug pushers and big time drug lords and that is where the incentive of monetary reward should come into play,” the senator-elect said.

    He added that no peace-loving citizen needs or deserves a “Wild, Wild West” environment.
    Kabataan Party-list Rep. Terry Ridon agreed with Lacson, saying civilians should not make arrests based on a mere suspicion that someone is a drug dealer.

    “The license to kill is only for the movies. Hindi puwedeng makakita ka lang ng sumisinghot singhot eh papatayin mo na agad. Hindi uubra ‘yung ganung diskarte (You can’t just shoot someone who is sniffing drugs. That strategy will not work),” Ridon told reporters.

    “If it were a legitimate police operation, then that would be the context. We should always respect human rights in implementing the law and enforcing anti-drug operations,” he said.

    “There are mechanisms toward fighting illegal drugs. I leave it to the incoming President to clarify the manner of engagement on drug suspects and drug dealers,” he added.

    Citizens warned to ‘be careful’
    But Sen.Vicente Sotto 3rd sees nothing wrong with Duterte’s pronouncement, saying citizen’s arrest is not a new policy.

    “But I would advise the citizens to be very careful because these drug lords are also armed, so they (civilians) should be very careful,” Sotto said in an separate interview.

    As for concerns about possible abuse that may be committed by some civilians who will heed Duterte’s call, the senator explained that those who will make false allegations shall also be held accountable.

    “If they cannot prove that they arrested a real drug lord they will also be charged and jailed,” Sotto said.

    Senate president Franklin Drilon declined to comment on the issue.

    The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), meanwhile, expressed all-out support to Duterte’s proposal for citizens to help the government capture the drug lords in the country.


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    1. surrender live …..to fight kill….that is fair…..That is best metnod to dismantle crimes…Crimes it to far now……It needs to be cut….

    2. If there is enough evidence, the whole Barangay could make an arrest, As in MMA, Mayweather Promotions, and UFC, protect yourselves at all times.

      If the Drug Lords are armed to the teeth, ask the Police to the take center stage, let the Barangay officials take the front row, the journalists and newsmen, the second row, and the Barangay UZIs, the back seats near the exits. The UZIs, could bear witness to the spectacle, and may applaud at The End.

      If the villains escaped despite the multitudes in attendance, or the drugs were delivered ahead of schedule, then we know we’re back to zero, change has gone with the wind, and the political lip service is here to stay for the next 6 years.

    3. neil mcnally on

      What Law and Order do we have to break down? It has been broken-down for decades! Subtly..it’s appears that we have law and order..but is an illusion.
      Perhaps Duterte may initiate an improvement and a REAL law-and-order??

    4. In fact those who diplayed negative & utter disagreement to a workable pronouncement battling agains drug lord / pusher is only a decoration for public to call attention about them. They may thinking a low abide Pilipinos will give thumbs-up for them at thier motive. The truth is, the approach is very distructive.

      Why they cant just metion or sudgest: The citezen arrest need to be vigilant when they cooperate battling this flooded drug issues.

      Sometime high ranking member of the goverment turn to be boo-boo.

      • miguel corro on

        I agree ! @CELEZ.and correction please high ranking government officials are boo-boos NOT sometimes, but ALL TIMES. they have no political will ,they are reactive not at all proactive. simply incompetent.

    5. During the presidency of erap, Lacson was being linked with other big drug lords and was reported to be the No. 3 biggest drug lord in the country. Lacson’s comment now would just validate this accusation against him. All duterte is saying are all provided under the law as part of citizenry’s right: the right to exercise citizen’s arrest against wrongdoers, the right to self-defense to protect oneself from danger, and the right to bear arms to protect ones life, property and liberty. What’s wrong with you Mr/ Lacson? Are you afraid that the Filipinos will know how to exercise their rights against hoodlums. Are you one of them?

    6. Mga_imbento on

      Hindi na talaga nag iisip si Digong dito, masyado delikado mga sinabi nya at gusto nya ipagawa sa mga ordinaryong Pilipino. Ginigising nya “darkside” ng bawat isa sa atin. Gaya ng sinabi ni Lacson baka bumalik ang “wild west” here in the far east. Msyado sya hibang sa pagpatay sa criminal at drug pusher. Sa mga adviser nya sana kausapin nyo po sya dahil delikado yan, may 16million p naman syang Fanatic fans

      • The 16 million fanatic fans of Digong endorses killing of criminals. If you are a clean-living individual and law abiding citizen then no need to be afraid of.

    7. Floyd Clingenpeel on

      I agree. While it is imperative for citizens to have the means to defend themselves and their families, they should not be encouraged to participate in vigilante justice
      If someone comes on your property, or enters your home, without your consent then citizens should defend and protect.
      If you see a suspected drug deal going on down the street, then notify the authorities.
      For an in coming president to say what Mr. Deterty said is irresponsible at the least

    8. Jose Samilin on

      As always been the marching order of President elect Rodrigo Duterte, were all in simple words but to carry it out in context should be strategically formulated and expected to be carried out according to law or according to the due process of the law, which must also be true to all orders to every department heads. The reason is, these department heads were all appointed not as robots but as academically and professionally prepared to carry out their duties professionally and lawfully as deemed experts in their own respective areas. Any department heads as duly appointed but short of above expectation should voluntarily surrender such appointment for delicadeza purpose, to avoid future repercussions. Therefore, I believed Duterte’s shoot to kill order is not far from the opinion of the former PNP Chief Ping Lacson who is deemed expert in matters of law enforcement. I would therefore, enjoin everyone to put our trust and confidence to the administration of our President elect Rodrigo Duterte, please avoiding pre-judging him or viewed him as inadequate man. let us give him a chance to prove himself according to his promise.

    9. Our country is becoming like Mexico where there are drug lords with their bodyguards with them. I will warn our countrymen to be very careful because you will be dealing with armed criminals. Drugs are all over. I do not know how to stop this because Pnoy did not push our law enforcement to stop this epidemic. Now even the PO 2 policeman was caught recycling confiscated drugs. That is the result of a weak president. He is not qualified to be the president. Now we have a extreme pushing hard in coming president. Which is better ? Criminality tripled, 90 percent of barangays are drug infested. The courts are extremely corrupt. What is the solution?

      • neil mcnally on

        OK..the US and it’s xerox-copies in the west tried to “fight”, as well as advertise their opposition to drugs,costing trillions of dollars.They have now decided that you cannot fight “illegal” drugs;you can only mop-up and try to cure the survivors.

    10. noong ikaw lacson ang namuno sa PNP wala kang nagawa. ngayon, we have a President who wants to solve the problems on drugs, criminality, and corruptions binabatikos ninyo.

      panfila lacson puro ka lang daldal.

    11. how about civilian killing the corrupt lawmakers and government officials? oh i kind of like the idea. ;-)

      • tony de leon on

        really nice idea. if the police and the lawmakers cannot solve the criminality then the people should do it. o diba iyan ang tunay na people power hindi iyun puro na lang rally. this will be the 2nd stage of people power revolution and that is taking action. lol

    12. Fidel Guevarra on

      I totally agree with killing corrupt journalists for reward.

      But I would like to add the following:

      1) Why don’t we offer cash reward for corrupt judges (5 million for a severed head and 4.999 million if alive)?
      2) Why don’t we offer cash reward for corrupt congressmen/senators (same pricing)?

      So,,,shouldn’t we kill Ampatuans? GMA, etc. etc? Why pardon GMA?

      And we should have killed Corona before he croaked…

      • neil mcnally on

        OK..the US and it’s xerox-copies in the west tried to “fight”, as well as advertise their opposition to drugs,costing trillions of dollars.They have now decided that you cannot fight “illegal” drugs;you can only mop-up and try to cure the survivors.

    13. Is DU30 violating the Philippine Constitution, what law does DU30 violated. If he does, does it warrant DU30 to be impeach?

      Impeach DU30 if he violate the constitution, he must be the one to champion the implementation of the law. Sira ang ulu ni DU30, unable to exercise the function of the President.

      Mukhang Erap Part 2 is DU30.

    14. Tito Sotto is a typical politician who agrees with someone so he can advance his agenda. He agrees with duterte for citizens to arrest, shoot or kill a suspected drug lord. why do we have even a constitution if we agree with this mad man.
      He claims to be a catholic – that’s hypocritical. No one has the right to take the life of a person no matter how bad the person is.
      He will be accountable to God when the time comes.