• Lawmen clash with bandits in Zamboanga


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Government forces clashed with a group of bandits while trying to arrest them in the province of Zamboanga Sibugay, officials said Monday.

    Soldiers and policemen engaged in a firefight with the group of Amisain Unding in the village of Sisay in Tungawan town. The weekend fighting lasted over 5 minutes, but officials said there were no casualties from both sides.

    Unding’s group managed to escape and left behind assorted munitions, identification cards and a .38 revolver, according to Chief Inspector Ariel Huesca, a regional police spokesman.

    He said security forces were hunting down Unding and his followers Langga Aukusa, Jomar Aukusa, Kasim Unding and others gunmen who are wanted for murders and arson.