• Lawmen earn honors for brave feats


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Police awarded its personnel who worked hard and painstakingly combed the villages in Zamboanga City—affected by three weeks of street battles between security and rebel forces—and collected unexploded ord-nances, explosives, firearms, cadavers and other dangerous materials without regard for their own safety, but civilians.

    Several members of Philippine National Police composed of personnel from Police Regional Office 9, Special Action Force, Regional Crime Lab 9, Regional Public Safety Battalion 9, Zamboanga City Police Office, Explosive Ordnance Division from Police Regional Office 9, Zamboanga City Police Office, Armed Forces of the Philippine, who are members of Task Force Suyod were given awards and commendations by Police Director Carmelo Valmoria, of the PNP Special Action Force and the Task Group commander, and regional police commander Chief Supt. Juanito Vaño Jr.

    The members of the Task Force Suyod were awarded Medalya ng Kagalingan, Medalya ng Papuri and Medalya ng Kasanayan for “having demonstrated exemplary efficiency, loyalty and dedication to duty in providing immeasurable support to the operating troops during the implementation of Task force Suyod as well as for their meritorious and invaluable services rendered as members of Task Group Suyod.

    The task force members conducted clearing and recovery operations in the villages of Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara, Rio Hondo, Mariki, Talon-Talon, Kasanyangan and Mampang from September 29 to October 20.”

    The awarding ceremony was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Police Regional Office at Camp Abendan in Zamboanga City.

    “The Philippine National Police always recognizes the good deeds and feat of its members, be it in times of war or peace, because of their remarkable contributions towards the accomplishment of the assigned missions and tasks,” Chief Inspector Ariel Huesca, a regional police spokesman, told The Manila Times.


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    1. Instead of awarding an investigation or probe by the Senate as to Why there was a FAILURE OF INTELLIGENCE on the part of the AFP/PNP/NICA/Mayor Salazar. Accordingly the MNLF started to Stockpile Firearms and Ammo since January 2013 until the actual attack by the MNL on September 2013. Since then the AFP/PNP/NICA/Mayor Salazar doesn’t have intelligence information regarding the movement and activities of the MNLF. Where is the Millions of Intelligence funds Generals ARDO,VANO,NICA Dir Salazar husband of Mayor Salazar? Why did this war happened under your watch and you did nothing to prevent this to happened. See now there’s a lot of people who are suffering from your stupidity and negligence of your duties! Jail them and refrain from glorifying this people because they are traitors and they let this war happened.

    2. OMG! The Zamboanga City Police was awarded for a good job during the Sept Siege? Guys if you happened to see in your TV on how this Zamboanga City Police reacted at Mampang wherein the innocent civilians are running away from the MNLF and this Zamboanga City Police led by COL CHIQUITO MALAYO started to react as if they are not train to face and search and destroy the enemy. While COL MALAYO was in the Mangroves allegedly facilitating the Surrender of 24 MNLF in exchange of Malik’s escape from the war zone those innocent civilians are running away from the MNLF and it so happened that this Lousy Zamboanga City Police Pers are on the road and started to PANIC and shouting and even poking their Firearms to the civilians who are also running for safety. Those ZCP did not care to advance and face the MNLF but immediately started to drop along the road like a group of DUCKS/CHICKEN and are so afraid and Panicked. OMG! A certain PO1 Silva was interviewed by ABS CBN reported was just seating down together with his ZCP DUCK/CHICKEN Force doing nothing but having a story telling. This PO1 SILVA was so OBESE. OMG! And they were awarded by a Lousy PNP Gen VANO who did nothing to prevent this siege to happened. It’s so clear there was a FAILURE OF INTELLIGENCE on the part of the AFP/PNP,NICA and ZC Mayor Salazar. Insteadt of awarding this Zamboanga City Police they must be sent back to undergo a retraining in the PNPSAF training school because what they have demonstrated in the actual combat and was seen nation wide in the TV are not worted to be a Policeman but a BOY SCOUT! Very Very LOUSY Maneuvers it’s like they are just having a good time drinking in a Beerhouse. Let the undergo a retraining and they are so LOUSY SEATING DUCKS/CHICKEN! ZCP SHAME ON YOU!!!!!