Lawyer, casino financier ‘killed’ by Jessie Carlos


A reputable source has confirmed to The Manila Times that Resorts World gunman Jessie Javier Carlos was also the suspect in a shooting incident in Paco, Manila on June 1 that killed a lawyer and a former policeman-turned-casino financier.

The victims were identified as Elmer Mitra Jr., 38, and Alvin Cruzin, 43. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage retrieved from Resorts World showed that the two, along with Carlos, entered its premises around 4 p.m. The source said they had coffee in Maxim Hotel.

The requested CCTV of the group’s exit from the hotel was said to be held because of a-then ongoing congressional investigation.

In another CCTV footage of Barangay 674 along Paco Park, the three were seen riding a gray BMW (XDX 993), with Mitra driving.

Witnesses said shots were heard while they were on the road before the car turned over and hit the gutter.

A man was seen crawling out of the car from the backseat at nearly 10 p.m, wearing blue T-shirt and cargo pants, of medium build and about 5’9” tall.

The source said the man was identified as the same person on the CCTV footage of Barangay 339, the man who arrived at Felix Huertas and San Lazaro Streets, where Carlos’ residence is located.

The gunman was seen again on the CCTV at past 11 p.m. leaving his house and wearing his attire apparently for the Resorts World attack with a black bag.

Police recovered four 9mm casings, six bullets and a 9mm pistol with serial number Z04575 in the car.

Mitra is the son of former Pasay City prosecutor Elmer Mitra Sr.

Cruzin worked with the Manila Police District and retired from the police service in 2009 and ran for Pasay City councilor last year.

The senior Mitra said the two, his son and Cruzin were close pals, adding that he advised his son to cut connection with the ex-policeman as he was allegedly involved in drugs.

The source said one of the possible angles that led to the Resorts World carnage was that the two were pressuring Carlos to pay his debts but this could not still be confirmed.


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