Lawyer confirms LP plot


FORMER University of the Philippines Law professor Harry Roque on Tuesday confirmed reports of a Liberal Party (LP) plot to eliminate Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Grace Poe from the presidential race so that the administration can grab power through a “legal coup d’etat.”

In a statement released to the media, Roque virtually confirmed a Manila Times report on Monday about a supposed LP-backed “black ops” against the two presidential frontrunners. The ruling party’s standard bearer had been trailing Poe and Binay in past surveys.

The outspoken lawyer warned that all signs pointed to the LP using its position in power “to use its influence in the courts to secure what it cannot win for their candidate at the polls: the presidency.”

“The irony of this ‘legal coup’ is that it is happening under the watch of President Aquino, the son of two icons of democracy,” he lamented.

According to Roque, a Kabayan (Kabalikat ng Mamamayan) Party-List nominee, there are rumblings in the legal community that Roxas has tapped Sen. Franklin Drilon and lawyers associated with The Firm, or the defunct CVC Law, to ensure that Poe is disqualified from the race by virtue of her questioned citizenship.

The Manila Times’ sources claimed former associates of the powerful law firm are working with their contacts in various agencies to implement the plot, which would be an easy “power grab.”

Roque confirmed that aside from disqualifying Poe, efforts to imprison Binay and prevent Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from running would go into high gear so that the lone candidate left opposing Roxas would be Sen. Miriam Santiago.

Roque noted that Roxas continues to lag behind other presidential hopefuls despite a non-stop, three-month campaigning.

The lawyer asserted that the only option left for the Roxas camp is to lead a “legal coup d’etat” that would involve the elimination of his rivals.

“The public should be vigilant and closely watch the allies of the administration in the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), the Comelec, and the Supreme Court, because if we lower our guard, their decisions will not be guided by the rule of law, but by the nation’s current rulers,” he warned.

“The Firm” is a term used to refer to CVC Law, which was founded by SC Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. One of his former partners, Avelino Cruz, is a staunch Roxas ally and was part of Aquino’s legal team in 2010.

Roxas and Drilon pushed for the appointment of Cruz’s fraternity brothers in the Comelec — Commissioners Al Parreño and Arthur Lim.

Drilon, Carpio, Cruz, Parreño, and Lim are all members of the Sigma Rho Fraternity of the UP College of Law.

“During the time of President Cory, the threats to democracy were the coups launched left and right by rogue elements of the Armed Forces. Now a similar coup is underway, right under our noses. But this time, it’s generals wear barong tagalogs and its soldiers are armed with petitions and pleadings,” said Roque.

“Kabalikat namin ang mamamayan laban sa coup na ‘to. God save our democracy. No blood will be spilled in this coup, but it will lead to the death of democracy and the denial of one of the most basic rights of our people: the right to choose our leaders,” he added.

Last Monday, LP officials took turns in dismissing the supposed “black propaganda.”

In separate interviews with The Manila Times, Budget secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and LP spokesman Barry Gutierrez denied that they hatched insidious legal moves to have Poe disqualified and Binay jailed.


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  1. wether or not roque is telling the truth. this circumstances will only put roxas to his defeat in presidential race because there is still one contender left to bet if duterte won’t run, and that is mirriam santiago. binay & poe’s supporters might be divided between roxas and santiago.. but the disqualified candidates will not simply accept their fate. they are going to convince their supporters to divert their votes to santiago because they will never believe that the people behind these actions for disqualification should be coming from santiago. and this will bring these 2 disqualified candidates to unite
    forces in order to put roxas down. the derby will only be good if duterte comes in because the divided supporters will be confused who to support. nevertheless, if it will happen that the contest is for roxas & santiago only mds will surely win…

  2. I will be very happy if it will comes true. If that is the way to prevent them to be the president in legal way, many Filipinos will be happy. Who wants to be lead by an inexperience and American woman. And who wants to be lead by a man with his family. who is facing graft and corruption charges and who present as an angel but actually a devil in disguise. Hope and pray that will happen.

  3. I totally agree with the comments of Ms. Nancy Pangit. It’s her way of talking directly to the point.

  4. Evil is printed on the faces of LP Party leaders. We must be vigilant and make the public aware . We must not allow our Democracy be taken hostage .

    • Who is more evil than BInay who facing charges of graft and corruption in every angle and the liar Grace who pretend to be a Filipino.

  5. Nemia Empiales on

    Atty Roque is a very good and brilliant lawyer, and maybe a good politician since he knows how to twist the issue for his personal and political gains.

    • I was hoping you did not use adjectives like good and brilliant lawyer because he is not good and not brilliant.

  6. I agree. The way I see it, when people in power see you as a threat, they will do everything in their might to destroy your image or reputation to destroy the trust of the people in you, so that these people in power may stay in power. Initially, LP was courting Grace Poe over and over and over to be their VP, and no one cared about her citizenship nor her residency back then, but when Grace Poe decided to take a different route, all of a sudden, these resurfaced. It seems to me as if this is black propaganda against Grace Poe. If she decided to run for LP’s VP, would she still be attacked like this? I don’t think so.

  7. The outspoken lawyer warned that all signs pointed to the LP using whatever means possible whether “unfair or crooked” to the extent of bankrolling its Billions of resources and position in power and use its influence in the courts to secure what their “Standard Gay-Bearer” impossible chase of fighting the “Unbeatable Foe” of winning the 2016 presidency polls.”

    “The irony of this ‘LP’s Demolition Job’ is that it is happening under the discreet support and encouragement of Aquino, including their cuddling of expelled INC minister Menorca and uses him as positional advantage to act effectively in order to pressure the INC to yield their support in favour of Mar Roxas group or if not, weaken the solid-voting potency of the INC.

    • Cesar, do you have the facts to support your allegations ? Does any of us believe Atty Harry Roque? Just asking.

  8. It’s sad how these people in the administration are using their power to manipulate the minds of the people and confuse them. Other Presidential aspirants will get disqualified and be out of the race? It’s the easiest thing to do for their candidate to win. Shameful.

  9. What Mr. H. Roque is saying is just BS. He is just “mouthing off” for PR purposes so he gets quoted in the press, and thus increase his “name-recognition” to low-info voters. He is a candidate, after all, whom the public has scarcely heard of.

    Mr. Roque has little or no credibility and whatever he claims should be taken with a grain of salt:

    1. He “confirms” the “black ops ” of the LP, but provides no evidence except the “rumblings of the legal community”. So to him, a lawyer at that, “tsismis” or “washroom gossip” is proof? The only way he can “confirm” is if he is part of the plot, and has decided to turn “whistle blower”.

    2. He is an ally of VP J. Binay. He has defended and supported VP Binay in some earlier interviews. In fact, he had planned and was supposed to run under VP Binay’s party’s banner. But now he is running as a “kabayan” nominee. He most likely realized that VP Binay might now be in more serious trouble than before, and he does not want to go down with a sinking ship.

    3. He is implying that some members of SET, COMELEC and the SC are all under the thumb of the “current rulers” – meaning the current administration. Again he offers no evidence except the “rumblings” mentioned above, and the membership of Drilon, Carpio, Cruz, Parreño, and Lim in the same UP fraternity. Talk about “association” and lack of faith! Does Mr. Roque really believe that Associate Justice Carpio (who just scored a victory in the UN re: the South China Sea question) can be ordered by the current administration or by his former fraternity brothers?

    4. He places a lot of weight on the results of the so-called “popularity surveys” which have been questioned by several columnists (especially by columnists of the Manila Times). So where has he been? Not being current, is he?

    If Mr. Roque truly wants the Rule of Law to prevail, he should stop making “conspiracy” claims, and just let the constitutional proceedings regarding Grace Poe Llamanzares’ citizenship and residency status take place without trying to influence the outcome of these proceedings.

    • constitutional proceedings,

      but our court and the whole administration is being controlled by the yellowtards, the law in our country is unjust and stupid for the mean time, always in their favor (the yellowtards)

    • We, the true Filipinos are much wiser now with the use of multi-media information. We know which are the propagandas and the true NEWS. With the current developments in the NAIA, BOC, Ombudsman, Pushing of BBL and the Budgets with hidden PDAP – WE KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON.

    • You are totally right. Roque is a rumor mongerer. He questioned the lawyers hired by the Philippine govt. in regards to Spratly Islands case against China in Hague. Now he is quiet. He wants to be part of the group of lawyers but he did not prove anything yet as a caliber lawyer except his big mouth. Roque is just an ambitious lawyer who knows nothing except to take advantage of issues to make him popular. He advised his client in the subic case in return for millions of dollars and visas to the U.S. Don’t be fooled by this lawyer. He knows NOTHING except his badmouthing.

    • With regards to Carpio, I will not be surprised because it runs in the family, look at how Conchita Carpio Morales is bootlicking Pnoy. A former Justice of the Supreme Court has lost her dignity and marbles in circumventing laws to choose her victims, all of them happen to be connected with the opposing forces of the administration. Seems like she clears all her legal actions with Malacanang before moves officially.