• Lawyer sees fair ruling on INC case


    THE Department of Justice will be impartial in deciding the complaints filed against leaders of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and all parties concerned should not fall prey to “conspiracy theories” but wait for justice to take its course, senatorial aspirant Lorna Kapunan said on Sunday.

    She also cautioned the lawyers involved in the case not to engage in “forum-shopping to the media” if the ruling does not favor their clients.

    “It’s very easy and tempting to create all sorts of conspiracy theories which the media and public is all too willing to feast on. We don’t need that. What we need is for us to educate the public about how the law really works,” the lawyer said.

    She expressed confidence that the Justice department under Secretary Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa will rule on the INC cases fairly because the new Justice chief is known for his integrity.

    “The Samson complaint has attracted a lot of attention, and I’m sure whatever decision the DOJ arrives at will elicit strong reactions either way,” Kapunan said.

    She added that Caguioa gives the DOJ credibility “since he does not have a political agenda.”

    “He (Caguioa) has no reason to curry favor with any of the parties involved, and probably does not care if he is criticized or praised after the DOJ rules; that should reassure both parties in the case,” she noted.

    Ex-INC minister Isaias Samson has accused INC officials of harassing and detaining him and his family members. Samson alleged that he was punished on suspicions of exposing corruption within the INC.

    “It’s important that the issues raised in the complaint are carefully threshed out, and Caguioa is known to be a very meticulous, thoughtful litigator; he can be trusted to rule in accordance with the law,” Kapunan stressed.

    Caguioa obtained his degree in Economics (Honors Program) from the College of Arts and Sciences of Ateneo de Manila University in 1981 (Honorable Mention), and graduated with honors from its College of Law in 1985 ranking fifth in his class.


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