• Lawyer suspended over expired notarial authority


    The Supreme Court (SC) permanently barred a lawyer from doing service after he was found administratively liable for notarizing a deed of sale despite his expired notarial commission. Reyman Solbita was also suspended from the practice of law for a period of two years. The deed of sale involved a parcel of land executed and signed by spouses Eduardo and Caridad Gacuya as sellers, and spouses Fernando S. Gonzales Jr. and Marivic P. Gonzales as buyers. Solbita antedated the notarization of the deed of sale to December 31, 2005 knowing that his notarial commission already expired and was in the process of renewing the same for 2006. The petition for disbarment was filed by the Gacuyas. Solbita’s notarial commission was also revoked and he was permanently barred from being commissioned as notary public.


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